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First E at 35
MDMA (Ecstasy)
by Pajazzo
Citation:   Pajazzo. "First E at 35: An Experience with MDMA (Ecstasy) (exp110906)". Sep 22, 2017.

1 tablet oral MDMA


I would like to share this while it is still fresh. I am just a normal guy. A long time ago I tried speed and I loved it. Second time I loved it more. And decided to never take it again because I would surely get hooked.

I never planned to try ecstasy. So on august 12th 2017, I went to a bachelors party not expecting anything special to happen. Crowd was great, 20 or so people that know each other, great conversation, light drinking, overall pleasant evening. At some point we moved the party to a club. That’s when it got interesting. One of my best friends, the groom, came to me and asked if I wanted to try ecstasy. He knows me well, I told him about my speed decision, we did light drugs together (he is experienced E user) and knowing all this I decided to trust him and try it. Heard about effects, possible problems, and all. I have a great heart. Wife and a kid, stable income, nice life. I love other people. So in my mind, I was not doing anything special. Take a pill (I think it was blue, really have no idea, I completely trust that friend), feel the rush and go home. How wrong was I. Everyone knew it but me. My friend told the entire crowd, it was around 15 of us left, that it is my first E and they should help me go through with it.
My friend told the entire crowd, it was around 15 of us left, that it is my first E and they should help me go through with it.
I needed that.

First impression (I bit it accidentally) was – chemistry, yuck. Followed it with a lot of water to wash down the taste. In my mind that was all. 10 minutes passed. 20 minutes. A few of friends asked me if I felt OK and I was perfect. Nothing at all. What happened next will be told from a personal perspective so please forgive me if it is not coherent 100%.

It kicked in. Stage became brighter, music became so in sync, I think I will never again hear such a perfect tune. In my mind I knew what is happening, and I welcomed it all. I knew that it is not real, but I observed and enjoyed it. The club was next to a river, so I saw people piling up and flowing over the river. I saw colors that were not there a minute before. Mostly blue, I am not sure why, but everything had a blue tint.

At that point one of my friends approached and told me that he can see it kicked in. How? I was holding on to a metal bar so hard that my hands were white. He said, I will try to quote: “You know what is happening, I can see that you are not freaking out. There are two paths. One is to cringe and waste the trip. Second is to let it go and ride on the wave.” I understood completely. Every word, every tone in his voice, I understood and hugged him. And let go of the bar :D

Words really can’t describe. It is a ride, literally. Going up, up, up, faster and faster, and at one point you are at the top. You see everything, you understand everything. You LOVE everyone. I hugged, kissed, apologized, hugged again... It started in my stomach and pulsed over my body.

But, I had a problem. Had to pee. No one told me how hard that would be. Friend took me to the toilet and I went in. Unzipped and started searching. Nope. Nothing. I am a guy. And there was nothing. 20% was a trip, 80% was physical. When I am on E my genitalia shrinks dramatically. NO ONE TOLD ME! I freaked out! Sat down, did what I had to do, went out all scared and started asking frantically “Where is my penis????” Friend laughed hysterically. He said, look tomorrow :D It came back the next day.

To sum it all up, it can’t really be described. But be careful about who is with you. That is so important, I can’t emphasize it enough. It meant the world to me.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110906
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 35 
Published: Sep 22, 2017Views: 909
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MDMA (3) : First Times (2), Club / Bar (25)

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