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Panic and Despair
Cannabis (Edible)
Citation:   Pinkie. "Panic and Despair: An Experience with Cannabis (Edible) (exp110913)". Oct 8, 2017.

14 oz oral Coffee  
    oral Chocolate  
  2 Tbsp oral Cannabis (edible / food)
Scary Nutella Experience

I was staying in a rental house on vacation. It was a beautiful old one, with a pretty kitchen and nice rooms. That night we had gone to see a light show type thing.

We got to the rental house at around 9:30. I made a drink shortly after arriving home (a little under 2 cups of coffee with a Swiss Miss pack). I had eaten an early dinner, and decided I was going to have some cannabis-infused Nutella. I was told by the person who made it to 'start slow' (her words) and I thought that 2tbsp was indeed slow. It was not. I spread it on a graham cracker and ate it!

I retired to my room shortly after. In around an hour it started to hit me. There was no clock in the room- so all times are approximate!

I was laying in bed when the pain began. There were several sharp 'strikes' of pain on my lower legs, like I was being stabbed in the calves multiple times. It was so bad I began to cry, but it slowly faded, leaving a dull ache then a sort of numbness or tingling, like my legs were asleep. I couldn't move them, and kept crying. I started feeling sick, like I was going to vomit. I didn't though. I looked at my legs, and they looked normal. When I shut my eyes I could see that they looked bloody and had several grayish red, swollen spots. This made me panic more.

I was drooling a lot for some reason, because I couldn't seem to close my mouth or make my tongue move. I couldn't really move much at all at this point, and I remember feeling so thirsty despite the excess salivation. I was so hot, even though it was about 70 out. Feverish, hot and thirsty, it was like being baked in the sun (no pun intended!). There was water on the nightstand, and I tried to reach for it. My arm literally gave out halfway through and I gave up trying to get a drink. After that it no longer seemed that I was in a bedroom; I can't describe where I seemed to be.

That was when a strange OEV began. My vision got soaked in different colors, but red was the predominate one.
My vision got soaked in different colors, but red was the predominate one.
Everything became a field of red static, and I laid down. Something felt so wrong, but I can't describe it at all. Just panic and fear. I thought I was dying. I tried to relax by using the last of the strength I had at this point to flop over onto my side, and even doing that was an immense struggle.

I was just relaxing with my eyes shut, or trying to anyway. I couldn't focus on anything, and kept thinking of blood. The more I tried not to think of blood, the more I thought of it. When I closed my eyes, I'd see bloody bodies and scenes. Gunshot wounds were a recurring themes, along with knife wounds. I saw a man getting shot execution style. I saw a lot of bloody glass.

Later I felt a pain in my chest. This wasn't an angina-type of pain, but on the skin. It was absolutely searing, and I of course cried again. The panic and despair got worse and my vision got worse. I got nauseous again, and this time threw up a little in my esophagus. I was openly sobbing, albeit quietly, by now. My vision soaked again, but in black. The room was wavy, and when I shut my eyes I could see oozy black and white checkers.

I shut my eyes and tried to focus on the image for a bit, then I had my only auditory hallucination. It seemed to be a male voice, older. He shouted one time 'We're losing this bitch, hurry up!' As he said it, white flashed all around me. Normally that'd bother me because I got called that by various abusive people in my life, but I didn't get anymore upset than I already was.

I laid down for what seemed like an eternity. I curled into a ball, and got so hot that as soon as I could move, I took off my shorts and shirt. I looked at the tank top and it was soaked in sweat. I got a third soak, this time as purple. I started feeling very good after that, almost euphoric. Every one of my appetites was stimulated; food, sex, music. I also needed to quench the nagging thirst, so I reached for my water bottle finally. I downed the whole 16 ounces in less than a minute, and ate a fruit-nut granola bar. The purple soak faded to lavender, then went away totally.

I took that as I sign I could walk around, but I fell on the floor as soon as I put weight on my legs. I laid there for a minute, looking under the bed to pass the time. There was an untouched Marlboro, and a metal bead that had dropped from my hair. I started to crave the cowboy killer for some reason, and couldn't put it down. I turned it in my hands and wondered what had come over me. It still wasn't light out, and I walked down to the kitchen to borrow a lighter and have another bottle of water.

I went to the enclosed porch and only smoked half the cigarette before I cherried it. It was still a feat for me; I could never smoke anything, but this felt okay for the most part. I laid down and listened to a bit of music. 5:30 AM. I just chilled, put everything in its proper place, and laid down. I caught two hours of sleep, then woke up very refreshed but a little traumatized.

I had heavy thoughts for the rest of the week, and am still thinking. Was I having visions of a past life? Was I just hallucinating? I still do not know what was going on.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110913
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 17
Published: Oct 8, 2017Views: 2,752
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Cannabis (1) : Alone (16), Overdose (29), Difficult Experiences (5)

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