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Amazing - No Other Words
by K.D.
Citation:   K.D.. "Amazing - No Other Words: An Experience with Etizolam (exp110937)". Sep 19, 2017.

2 mg   Etizolam (pill / tablet)


So after going back and forth and not really making a decision (mostly due to the steady supply of other benzos) I decided to wing it when I got my bonus from work and order some Etilaam-1 etizolam tablets. Got to me within 7 days, in a box neatly packaged and pressed and blistered to perfection. I got 100 1mg tablets for about $60. Cue the report!

8am: After some research I decide on 2mg of etiz to start off. I've heard its supposed to be similar to 1-2mg of xanax or 15-20mg of Valium. So I'm obviously excited to see if the hype is true.

8:07am: I can already feel it. I shit you not, this is not placebo. I get the warm benzo-like fuzzy blanket mind and I can feel my body going into relaxation mode. Not much in the way of euphoria, but I wasn't terribly stressed either. I feel that 50 or more percent of the 'euphoria' is just the annihilation of the stress and racing mind. I'm still super sharp in my thought processes though. Very very relaxing body 'high' at this stage. And its only been seven minutes.

8:25am: This is some next level shit. It's like Valium and Xanax had a baby. It's the euphoric Xanax feeling in the head, albeit a little less potent, but DEFINITELY noticeable, with the body relaxation of Valium. It's absolute bliss. I was not expecting this at all. Ten minutes ago I needed to reassess and take my mind off thinking about the etizolam to see if any part of this coming up of the effects was placebo, and I'm absolutely certain it is NOT.

9:30am: This drug has just lingered nicely. It hasn't worn off, it hasn't got stronger, it's just stayed nice and just....there. It's a beautiful beautiful compound and I'm actually annoyed I didn't get this earlier.

Side note: Something extremely interesting to note about my experience with etizolam is that other benzos (and I'm aware that etiz is a thienodiazepine and not structurally a benzodiazepine) tend to numb the stress and anxiety and in general numb emotion. Etizolam tends to let the good happy emotions through, which definitely feels unique. It's very hard to describe but is almost a euphoria on its own, the stuff is brilliant.

In summary, I was shocked by etizolam. When I ordered it I thought to myself 'what have I got myself into', and I was right. I don't know that I'll enjoy another GABAergic drug the way I enjoyed etizolam. This was amazing.


Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110937
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: Sep 19, 2017Views: 9,762
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Etizolam (568) : First Times (2), Unknown Context (20)

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