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A Euphoric Surprise
H. B. Woodrose
by Rob
Citation:   Rob. "A Euphoric Surprise: An Experience with H. B. Woodrose (exp110938)". Jun 17, 2018.

8 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose


My only drug experiences before this were caffeine and weed edibles twice, though one of them caused no noticeable effects. I had received these seeds about three weeks before, after doing a fair amount of research online. For about a year before I had a great interest in psychedelics, so I dove into the experience positively, and without much anxiety. I knew my dose was on the large side, but I felt I needed to quench my curiosity and take that much. I did them at my girlfriend's house. I'll call her Kate, and we were together for about two years at that point.

I put the seeds in my mouth, and was met with a bland dirty taste as the shell touched my tongue. I tried to bite down, but realized they were too hard and had to soak for a bit. I bit down after a minute, and was met with an awful taste. Like onion, garlic, and jalapeno Chex Mix had been blended together and left in the sun to fester for a week. I realized I couldn't keep them in my mouth to absorb the LSA sublingually, so I swallowed them and washed it down with milk. I expected to vomit and milk always makes it hurt less.

I start feeling a a surprisingly comfortable coldness through my body, that I've felt every time I've done these seeds since.
I start feeling a a surprisingly comfortable coldness through my body, that I've felt every time I've done these seeds since.
It's hard to explain and I don't see it talked about much, but it's almost like how my chest feels when I go into a cool swimming pool. Kate had a small amount of a pot brownie before I arrived, and she was obviously high at this point. I laughed at her laughing and grinning and it made me feel better about what I saw going to experience.

I feel a heavy feeling slowing me down, as my thoughts began feeling different and my brain becomes confused. I start feeling nauseous, but it's gone in five minutes. I explain to Kate how I feel, and she asks me a few questions to keep me thinking.

We put on some music, a band that I had discovered about 2 weeks prior called Liquid Sound Company. I had listened to one of their albums twice, but none of the other two. As it begins playing I can feel my thoughts speeding up as I begin to peak towards the end of it. As the music was playing, I felt as though my head became a landscape. A large sunny and orange desert, with a sort of temple nearby. The music was very desert sounding, and the large bare light on the ceiling made me think strongly of the sun. An interesting effect was how I percieved the music. One thing I noticed beforehand was that the music, though beautiful, didn't convey and emotion too strongly to me. When I heard it while tripping, it was almost as though I could see through a sort of cover and each song was filled with joy and bright feelings. An unfamiliar album by the same artist came on, and this desertscape in my mind became a little more detailed as I felt more connected with the world around me. I was confused because some songs sounded exactly the same as the last ones. I found out later that many of the tracks were the same, which explains a lot.

I felt like this drug was explaining to me how other psychedelics would affect me, and what a bad trip and a good trip were. It explained to me that a bad trip is absolute horror, and that if I listened to it things would go pretty smooth. In my brain I saw a timeline that went from LSA, to LSD, then mushrooms. There were substances past that but they were foggy and unclear.

I felt more nauseous than I ever have in my life. If I moved a fingertip I felt like I was gonna vomit.
If I moved a fingertip I felt like I was gonna vomit.
Kate had to stay five feet away because even her clean smell of her shampooed hair made me feel worse. Any smell or touch multiplied what my stomach was feeling.

I was laying there nauseous, trying not to focus on anything. I knew I was gonna vomit at one point, and within two seconds I was. Most of it went into a trash can, luckily. I heard that once you puke, the nausea goes away. That was not the case. I kept vomiting because the smell of the seeds and the sandwich I ate earlier were coming from the trash can. I was crying and puking and felt overall awful. Luckily it wasn't painful, I'm so glad that I had milk. It was not what I had seen earlier in my mind that was a bad trip. We got food for later, but surprisingly Kate wasn't hungry so everything stayed downstairs. I could smell beans and onion and it made me puke more, but Kate swore it didn't smell like that and that I was hallucinating. I got caught in this thought loop of 'You're not gonna vomit.... Never mind', and she asked me if I was okay once in a while and I nodded my head yes.

I haven't looked at a clock since maybe 3. Kate tells me what time it is, and I start laughing as she says 10:45. It feels like an hour at most. The biggest mindfuck I've experienced in my life was this. I felt like time had been slowed down through the whole thought loop part, but 10:45? What the hell. I stand up, and my nausea is mostly gone. I rinse my mouth with milk to get the awful taste of puke out of it, and Kate comes back into the room a few minutes later with microwaved Mexican fast food. I take one bite of my burrito, and it tastes exactly like what I smelled earlier when the food was downstairs. We chat a little bit and go to sleep at maybe 3.

This was a great start for me into the world of psychedelics. I learned what good and bad trips meant and I knew to take the advice I was given while I was on these seeds.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110938
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Jun 17, 2018Views: 941
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