The Child Sage
Salvia divinorum
by OMJ
Citation:   OMJ. "The Child Sage: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp110944)". Sep 29, 2017.

1.5 g smoked Salvia divinorum (dried)
First of all, Iím pretty sure I didnít breakthrough, but I definitely reached the doorstep of the Salvia trickster god-kid in this adventure.

I ordered some Salvia divinorum out of a dutch headshop and as soon as it arrived I tried to build a setup to smoke it. Since I didnít have my bong with me at the time, I tried to quickly build one using a bottle and tin foil, like a good old crackhead, but since I was so eager to try it, I didnít cared. The water bottle bong came up extremely poorly due to the lack of materials and I ended up even getting a deep cut in my left hand.

So, after the monstrosity was built, I proceeded to fill it with a little less than 1 gram of plant material. Sparked it and held the flame as I inhaled in order to burn the Salvinorin A. The bong had plenty of unwanted air flow and I couldnít even taste the thing on my first hit, but after a few, I ďrealizedĒ I was feeling something. Realized was put in commas for the simple reason that I didn't realize I was high. This factor was reminiscent of past experiences with dissociatives, I would call it as a slight odd feeling, barely noticeable. The high was barely noticeable, but this doesnít mean that I was not feeling it. Itís tricky to explain it but itís like the effects were incorporated in my normal self, like they were always there. After burning through this first gram I thought that I could go a little bit deeper, I know Iíve said that it was hard to feel it, but having had multiple experiences with classic psychedelics and also having read a substantial amount of trip reports, I knew this was way too mild.

This time, I decided to try a different method, so I quickly rolled a fat joint after having eyeballed the same amount that I tried to smoke in the pipe of failures. Since the effects from the previous attempt were still lingering (I rolled the joint in less than 30 seconds including breaking the leaves into small pieces and rolling the crutch, probably the fastest I have ever rolled), I knew that I could reach a different state of consciousness. Once again, knowing that Salvinorin A has a high vaporizing point I held the lit lighter while I inhaled. The first pull did not have much effect, I then held the smoke and proceeded to toke it again, this time I was back in the same place that I was when hitting the bong and I knew that things would get interesting.

After holding for 20 seconds I toked a third time and held the smoke for a while, I canít recall how much time I kept the smoke inside, but I know that after this I dropped the joint and exhaled inside the room (I was sitting by the window exhaling outside since I was sharing a room and didnít wanted to stink the room with smoke fumes). I remember I couldnít hold it anymore. I pretty much couldnít hold anything. I even do believe that I drooled over my shirt.

I had my eyes completely closed and the following events are extremely hard to put in words. I could say that itís harder to explain than an intense psychedelic trip, maybe because I have past experience and know a lot of terms and lingo used to describe psychedelics but this thing was otherworldly. I remember feeling 3 presences if I could say so. One was motherly and caring, a feminine presence in my human standards, the other 2 felt like kids. The feeling was odd in ways that I canít put in words, but at the same time, it felt soothing and nostalgic. For a brief moment I felt like this was invoking a memory from the past, not a visual memory, but a feeling from other ages (after thinking about it after the experience, I recalled that a lot of people do have this feeling of reminiscence of a past memory). After a while mesmerized by what was going on, I opened my eyes to see where I had dropped the joint, cause I got worried that I might have dropped it on the floor or in my bed, also I feared that I might have dropped the bong and this would be not ideal. Everything was kinda blurry and shaky.

When I was looking at my surroundings to identify if any damage was made I realized that I was the motherly presence, I even could feel myself in a kind of a feminine way of sorts. This feminine, parenting, watchful and kind presence manifested through me. That was not a reminiscence, that was simply myself, I was the mother. I was the kids. This realization came because when I had my eyes closed, I felt that I was one of the kids and thatís the reason I initially felt that ďpast memoryĒ feeling. I know that I havenít truly had a breakthrough, but I got extremely close. About 1 hour later I found the joint (I gave up searching after a couple of minutes when the effects were still going and just layed in my bed with eyes closed for some time and thought about my ego and how it gets different when I ingest a substance, do I become a different ego? Do we have multiple egos?) and I saw that ľ of it was still left, perhaps enough to get to the other side if I kept smoking it instead of dropping it. But I was pretty satisfied with this experience, so I just saved it for a future salvia trip not worrying too much of what I mightíve or might have not missed.

This was by far, the most unique experience Iíve had. Iím not saying that other substances are not unique, every single drug is capable of causing singular effects, but most of them could be compared to other drugs of the same class. Itís clear for me why so many people try to classify Salvia in its own category of drugs. Unusual activity in opioid receptors alone should make this stand out on its own and after experiencing it, I became sure that this thing is definitely one of a kind.

Safe travels, tread lightly.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110944
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Sep 29, 2017Views: 1,013
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