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Death of Ego and Its Rebirth
Spice-like Synthetic Cannabinoid Product
by rezony
Citation:   rezony. "Death of Ego and Its Rebirth: An Experience with Spice-like Synthetic Cannabinoid Product (exp110978)". Oct 1, 2017.

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Me as an experienced user in many drugs including mostly opiates, thc, psychedelics etc. Have to say that these herbal spices have evolved a lot from 2011. I've tried major drugs except PCP, dmt, ayahuasca although I tried syrian rue tea but this is much stronger than anything known to me.

I started with synthetic weed when I couldn't get real stuff back in 2011. They had no label, were probably sprayed sold on the street. In 2008 there were K2 but I never took them before. I tried a variety of different spices but I found about this one by my friend. There are also some milder varieties in their store but I think this one has the most perfect mix. Like, I don't know what's really inside.
Like, I don't know what's really inside.

It so fucking strong that I can't even explain. When I touch the bag I feel the sensation of what is about to come. Like my body is getting ready. One smoke I'm really out. More than for example [product names]. This is some unexplainable stuff. It's not even so pricey its really cheap like 7 euros and you have bunch of chemicals. I can literally put so little and I will be blown the whole day. If the THC is like telescope where you experience happenings in the universe, this is kicking you in the face directly above earths orbit while you watch and disintegrate and realize your vanishing all the time and lose every bit of ego, or fight not to lose it. And fall in circles on your bed.

I don't recall being able to remember what I'm doing here. It's really not social, but one of their spices is great even for that. They have a bunch of good weaker and more different spices. I was just curious what was in [product name] because I have an emerging need to try it again. What type of chemical is in there and how will it affect my brain after some pause? I stopped for 3 months and now I feel really clear and THC is really strong. Soon as I start taking this, THC is so weak. It can't take me this far.

Its not so broad like real weed, but is heavy. Really like clean THC without CBD. Noticed after effects are similar to when I come off normal weed (THC CBD mix).

I can say that it's really interesting. Pixels like they came from LCD monitor in a game in front of the pc (but in front of the eye) is the most interesting part. Like I'm part of the PC game, and everything changed colors. I shifted from standing position to lying like teleport, no falling down. Changing pictures. And rushes of emotions. Interesting chemical and by far the strongest mix of any incense I've tried.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 110978
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29 
Published: Oct 1, 2017Views: 2,712
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