Glimpsing Mythological Realms
Citation:   Kaleida. "Glimpsing Mythological Realms: An Experience with Gabapentin (exp111012)". Feb 17, 2018.

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600 mg oral Pharms - Gabapentin
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This was my eleventh experience with gabapentin, and it was my most hallucinogenic yet, so I felt compelled to write a report about it, though the meat of it won't be incredibly long. In between this and my first gabapentin report, a retrospective about my first handful of times and the hallucinogenic effects I received from them, I used the drug four more times in small doses for non-tripping-related reasons, and for this reason there wasn't a whole lot to report from them, though there was one thing of note: during my ninth experience I was watching American Dad! and sort of nodding out in one of my living room chairs, and as I had my eyes closed I suddenly found myself completely submerged in a dream scene wherein I was having dinner with my parents while that same episode was playing in the background, and then the show ended I got up from the table to do something but suddenly snapped back to being awake in my chair. Afterwards, I was mostly just mildly high again, but was briefly able to call up some transparent but vivid quasi-psychedelic imagery with eyes closed, such as a ghostly scene of a bar at some dance clubs with many patrons of all varieties sitting on the stools and moving around. Though this experience was short, it definitely had me very excited go back into the higher dosages with this substance, and so not long after I found myself coming up with the plan to dose for this current trip.

I was almost out of the bottle of gabapentin I had obtained, and thus I wanted to use it in the best way possible. Because my most recent high dose hallucination attempt had been somewhat rushed, I decided to stagger this one more thoroughly, and dose in 600 mg increments every forty-five minutes, until I had finished all 5400 mg, but as with past experiences I ended up falling asleep before totally finishing it up, and I later ended up taking the 1800 mg for a more recreational experience, so I now have none left. But, thankfully I was still able to get a worthwhile experience out the 3600 mg I did manage to take this night, and it's definitely left me very eager to explore more with gabapentinoids in general whenever I am lucky enough to have some in my possession again.

T+0:00 - My first 600 mg dose of gabapentin is taken orally, with the setting being my pretty much just lounging in my bed in my room, ready to go into a meditative state to bring out the visual effects when need be, but currently just with the lights on and listening to music.

T+0:45 - Second dose of 600 mg taken, still just waiting for things to kick in and listening to music. I wasn't really taking notes at this point so I can't say much else.

T+1:30 - Starting to feel the first couple doses really kick in by this point, but still nothing too notable yet, as is common for me with gabapentin. Third 600 mg dose taken.

T+2:15 - Fourth 600 mg gabapentin, feeling like things should really get going soon.

T+2:30 - Around this point I started texting a friend about the experience I was having, and I made note that I was starting to get some mild open eye visual effects even just sitting around in my room in the light, thought they were mostly light motion effects not unlike being on a dissociative or alcohol
I was starting to get some mild open eye visual effects even just sitting around in my room in the light, thought they were mostly light motion effects not unlike being on a dissociative or alcohol
. I was starting to feel pretty good at this point but mostly in a sedated way.

T+3:00 - I take my fifth 600 mg dose of gabapentin, and by now I can tell that things are definitely going to get stronger for me than they have before. Similar to the first time I took 1800 mg, I notice that when my eyes are closed there are very quick flashes of dark neon human or animal imagery appearing mostly in the peripherals of my vision, and the visual static I normally see behind closed eyes has increased in intensity enough to cause same mild colorful auras floating around the edges of my perception.

T+3:35 - At this point I noted to my friend through text that my open eye visuals were starting to become deliriant-like, or at least like diphenhydramine, the only deliriant I have significant experience with. The same sort of motion effects from before were still present, but had increased in intensity to the point that they were starting to produce this running river texture effect that I always get on diphenhydramine, combined with the same sort of grainy and largely color-draining but also somewhat yellowing and greening visual effect to everything that it always gave me, and as I have felt before on gabapentin I definitely felt that these were some of the visuals most alike diphenhydramine in ways that the majority of drugs are not that I had ever seen. I closed my eyes to allow them to build further, and I one effect I got was pleasant but expected for this state, and the other pleasantly unexpected: the first was that the quick flashes of human imagery I had been getting before that for an brief instant I felt as though they were actually another living person talking to me, and could almost remember their mumbling, very, very much like I have experienced on diphenhydramine, and the second was that, just as quickly as the other hallucinations would come and go, I would get very rapid flashes of actually quite beautiful and complex static psychedelic-like circular technological patterns, so faint and fast that you might not even notice them if you weren't looking, but nonetheless when focused on they were very clearly detailed and quite remarkable given that the substance I was on was not a psychedelic at all. Needless to say, at this point I was quite eager to see what else was to come.

T+3:45 - At this point I took my sixth 600 mg dose of gabapentin, bringing me up to my total for the night of 3600 mg. I had started getting a little bit of a headache by this point, but it wasn't too bothersome, and I was also starting to get a very nice warm blanket kind of feeling throughout my body, so I decided to finally take the first opportunity to really try to explore this state, and turned off the music and the lights and attempted to just go inward.

T+4:15 - About twenty minutes after going into my meditation, I came back out and communicated what I could to my friend. Unfortunately, much of what I saw was fleeting, and even harder to grasp in memory now that it has been some time since this experience.... I wish I could say more of what it occurred because I recall it being quite phenomenal, but I will at the very least describe what I can, which was the most emotionally significant part of the experience for me and therefore stuck with me a bit more, though it was abstract enough that it's sort of hard to say why it was so significant, other than being so intense. Basically, what occurred is that I had been lying there for a bit watching various images flash by behind closed eyes, when suddenly my field of vision erupted into a flat but very bright golden yellow psychedelic tapestry, filled with all sorts of particularly orange and red details to produce geometric imagery completely on the level of any other beautiful and strong psychedelic experience I've had, and from the side of my vision a long dragon came charging in and flew over the tapestry as it scrolled by me....

I watched this vision until the dragon suddenly flew off, and as the tapestry pulled away I found myself floating in bird's eye view over a completely vivid and realistically rendered island all alone out in the middle of the ocean, so far away from me that it looked to be about the size of my thumbnail, but I could see the tops and edges of all the plant life on it that would be visible from such a distance, and felt that the island was definitely inhabited with life even if I could not see it myself. Rather than going in to explore this anymore however, I was simply left to hang in the sky, pulled so far back that I could see the curvature of the Earth off in the horizon, and I vaguely recall experiencing one of the same neon people that I had seen in flashes earlier, only more constant and existing as an absolutely colossal benevolent deity of an entity watching over this lonely island and the planet as a whole, and I felt as though I was getting a very precious glimpse into the nature of reality by getting to view this scene from their vantage point.

Shortly after this I found myself opening my eyes again in awe at what I had just seen, and that's when I told my friend what had occurred and decided to go back in for more. I was incredibly intrigued, and I had to see what all mysteries this wondrous substance truly holds....

T+7:40 - And, of course, once again, I passed out. I woke up still high, somewhat disappointed with myself, but happy to have experienced what I did. I still felt very relaxed in the body at this time and wanted to make sure that I got a good night's sleep, so I let myself fall back asleep and have when I noted to be an abstract video game-like dream, which I unfortunately cannot recall now.

T+9:55 - I woke up again from sleeping on my arm and having it go numb, and while I up I wrote the note 'Chewbacca visuals' in my phone. I have absolutely no idea what this refers to, but really wish that I did.

T+10:55 - Wake up again, not for long.

T+11:40 - Woke up again, this time from a vivid dream where I got to reconnect with an old friend, and I even started telling him about my gabapentin hallucinations from the previous night. It was a little bit of a mindfuck when I first woke up and realized this. But anyway, after this time I got up and went to the bathroom and finally ended up staying up for real, though I was still a little bit high and generally relaxed and in a good mood for most of that whole day.

So, as I've said I am now left without any more gabapentin to work with for the moment unfortunately, but I am quite happy to have had the experiences with it that I did, and I'll very much be looking forward to going deeper into that more fully hallucinogenic level that I managed to experience this time in the future whenever I do get the chance. Even though what I did experience was brief and hard to recall after the fact, it was so impressive and intriguing that I simply can't ignore it now, this is a class of hallucinogens I definitely want to understand as deeply as any other.... Sadly it will probably be some time before I have the opportunity to do that, but I am happy to submit this report along with my previous one as evidence of what this molecule and possibly those closely related to it can truly do, and in the hopes that it may draw in others who have experienced similar things and are willing or wanting to talk about it as well. The more people we have exploring this novel hallucinogenic realm, certainly the quicker it will catch on and the sooner we will start to have a better grasp of it....

But, for the moment, that is where my exploration of these novel hallucinogens, the gabapentinoids, will have to be put on pause, so I will end this here. However, I will very much be looking forward to hearing more about others' experiences with these very unique molecules in the meantime, and will surely return to this exploration myself as soon as I possibly can!

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 111012
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 26
Published: Feb 17, 2018Views: 22,702
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