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Lysergamide Blind Test
Citation:   Psychastevic. "Lysergamide Blind Test: An Experience with AL-LAD, ETH-LAD, 1P-LSD, ALD-52 & LSD (exp111016)". Sep 18, 2017.

  sublingual Various
The long awaited blind Lysergamide test!

I'll start by telling you I've done an extensive amount of self research in the Lysergamide family of drugs; if I had to take a guess I'd say I've taken at least a sheet and a half to two sheets worth of these substances. I've always stated that I feel I could tell these apart in a blind test, and others have said most are indistinguishable. I made it my goal to acquire two, 100 microgram tablets of each of the most common Lysergamides, 1P-LSD, 1A-LSD (ALD-52), AL-LAD, ETH-LAD, and, of course, LSD-25.

Route Of Administration

My body chemistry with these substances might be different then most, and remember ymmv when taking these substances. As for 200ug it takes me about 7-8 days for my tolerance to be completely baseline again. Due to this, I gave each test 12 days in between just to be sure.

To take the substances without knowledge​ of which one I'd taken I had my s/o mark down the order in which I'd be taking the tabs, she then placed them in separate label Mylar foil bags and kept them to herself. She was to place the tab on my tongue, and I was to keep each one in my mouth for exactly 45 minutes then swallow. All tests other than 1 were done at exactly 5 p.m. to test part of the trip during the sunlight hours and part at night as it gets dark around 7:45 where I'm from. I also fast for 6 hours before each trip, and am on no other medications or substances at the time of the trials. Note that I take what most would consider heavy doses quite often
Note that I take what most would consider heavy doses quite often
so the effects of 200ug to me, while still noticeable, feel rather lackluster than to your typical person. All of my tabs except for the LSD (which was tested to be 100% positive) came from the same source. The following is a recount of my 5 tests, some by recollection of memory and some were quick notes jotted down during the experience:

Trial 1:

I'm excited to get this test underway! After long back and forths on BL as to whether or not these substances could be distinguished I've finally got the chance to truly see for myself! The mood for the day was uplifted and happy, I'd just gotten home 45 minutes earlier after working a ten hour shift with 7 hours being overtime, cha ching! I took a quick shower and tidied my place, prepared some fresh sliced fruit and awaited my tabs.

5:00- My girlfriend came, extended the tab outward and placed it on my tongue, off we go!

5:25- Minute body high/tingly feeling? Could be placebo at this point.

5:39- Nope definitely a head change, body feels slightly heavy but nothing dramatic

5:56- First sign of visuals, I went to the restroom and while standing over the toilet my marble floor started to expand and contract ever so lightly. No change in body high.

6:20- The substance definitely has that trippy headspace, makes me question the little things I do before actually doing it, also making me reflect on past decisions and wondering how things would be different, really got deep in my mind thinking about the butterfly effect and how the smallest changes in detail could've shaped humanity a different way. Visuals are still at a minimum, really have to zone out or look for them and make them happen, but the mental aspect of this one wants to make me rule out AL LAD or ETH LAD, still too early on.

7:00- Body load has completely lifted, still stuck in a weird in between headspace of not fully tripping but almost there, questioning things, answering things, expecting the substance to hit me full force but feeling something's missing.

7:35- Visuals picking up slightly. My grass hasn't been cut in a couple weeks so there's plenty of little creatures flying and crawling around, I'm sitting outside and every now and then one flies past my head and there seems to be 5 or 6 that follows in a blur. I would assume I'm at the peak of this one and not much more is going to happen

8:30-9:30- I was correct, slight visuals have stayed consistent for an hour, sky's taken on a red hue, red seems to be the dominant color in this trip. Closed eye visuals are more pronounced than open but still not spectacular, I decide to go watch TV.

10:45- I've been watching Cosmos for the past hour, Neil Degrasse Tyson is truly spectacular, I'm still getting abstract thoughts, i.e. camera pans through New York City, I think about how there's millions of people going about their lives at the same time as me, all their lives are just as important to them as mine is to myself, I wonder if they all do similar things when alone, struggle, love, endure.

11-2:30- Ate my fruit with the GF while watching Fear & Loathing. Comedown came fast and actually left me sleepy at the end of the movie. Had no problem falling asleep at 2:30.

My Guess: Due to the fact that the visuals we're minimal, but I did get the introspective headspace, and it lasted about 9 and a half hours, I guessed this substance to be 1P-LSD.

Trial 2:

5:00- Tabs placed under the tongue, me, myself, and I was off to the local conservation area, for a 6 mile hike. I pack up my 3 bottles of smartwater, one Gatorade, teddy grahams, and 2 oranges and hop in my Jeep. It was a 25 minute drive to the trail.

5:27- Get to the trail, make sure everything's in order, vape, snacks, hydration, and hit the dirt path. The view is beautiful as there's wispy clouds covering the sun and the trail wraps around the edges of a local lake.

5:42- First noticeable signs. Colors getting very sharp and pronounced, starting to see blues and greens with my eyes closed, slight queasiness in my lower stomach. I note that the queasiness and stomach gurgling/burping usually comes with the LADs. Snacked on a few Teddy grahams while walking. No loss of appetite.

6:15- OEVs becoming pronounced. The sea of grass is slowly becoming a sea, I look forward 10-20 feet and the ground seems to take on a water like texture, liquid looking and flowing. Trees bark suddenly becomes alive and the clouds are shifting. Colors are getting more and more bright. No noticeable change in headspace yet.

6:52- Been walking for awhile now and sit down to enjoy an orange and a water, as well as the scenery. I laid out a small blanket I'd brought along and everything came alive, the clouds opened up on themselves, trees growing/shrinking. The visuals tend to take on the form of faces/eyeballs. Feeling great at this point.

7:30- Decide to get back on the trail, while laying down and getting lost in the clouds, my vision was completely engulfed in electric-like visuals for a good 10-15 minutes. Blissful feeling throughout my body.

8:30- Forgot to jot down some notes over the past hour as I've picked up the pace and have just been enjoying myself throughout this walk, about a mile and a half to go and the sun's gone down, clear sky and the stars are out, looking at the gets mildly overwhelming, well, not necessarily overwhelming but they are shifting and dancing around so much that it's giving me a seasick feeling. Earlier in the path I noticed a vine laying across the path and for the life of me my brain couldn't decide whether it was a vine or a snake until I touched it with a stick. Have the feeling that the comedown has begun and will keep the pace up to not be out so late.

9:10- I've finished the trail and am back at the parking lot/fishing area. The comedown was quite rapid as over the past 45 minutes I've lost most of my visuals other than the typical 'breathingí of objects. Still going to wait around for another 15-30 before driving home just to be safe.

10:00- Had a great conversation about how the land her has changed over the years with and older man who was out fishing on the pier. I feel as if I've returned to baseline now, visuals are bare minimum unless I really focus and make them happen, time to drive home.

10:28- Ate a light meal of beef stroganoff upon returning home, very minute noticeable sign of the substance still in my system but had no problem going right to sleep. All in all a great experience.

My Guess: AL-LAD, hands down I feel 100% sure, kept my appetite the whole time, plenty of visual activity, no change in headspace/introspective thoughts, and the minimal come up/peak/comedown time. No doubt in my mind but we'll see at the end of this experiment​.

Trial 3:

5:00- Got home from work about 30 minutes ago, showered, and had my s/o place the tabs on my tongue. Today's trip was to take place at my best friends house, we'll call her C for this story. She lives about 15 minutes away, so I head to her house before this chemical kicks in.

5:18- I arrive at Cís house to find that she had also dropped a 125 mic tab of her own LSD and would be enjoying the night in the same headspace as I. We say our Helloís, shoot the bull for a second as she'd just gotten back from her trip to Colorado (we're on the east coast) and she proceeds to roll up a blunt for herself.

5:40- We spent the first 25 minutes looking over pictures of Colorado, reading the lab tested labels on the medical marijuana containers she'd brought back, and reminiscing about our old trips; C is my most trusted friend and has been my psychonaut-in-crime since my early tripping days. By this time I'd almost forgot about the tabs on my tongue.

5:52- The first signs of the substance come on, we're in her living room, watching the Netflix show F is for Family, and every joke said on the show ends up in one of us erupting in laughter, causing the other to burst into laughter because the other is laughing so hard, and so on and so forth.

6:13- First visual signs appear; Cís living room is very hippie-esque, all sorts of Mandela and bright trippy colored tapestry line every wall. Each is starting to dance and spin in its own way. Cís skin is starting to look cartoonish to me. I can't really explain it other than she started to look vaguely like a character in a video game would, where you can tell they're human but they have that digital look to them. Appetites completely lost, won't be eating until well into tomorrow.

6:25- We've spent the last 30 minutes sitting on the couch, blacklight on, listening to electronic music. It seems the visuals are pulsating to the beat of the songs. C has a mask we had made last year of the DJ Marshmello, it's made of a thin cheap white 5 gallon bucket we carved into; we put a multi-colored strobe light under the mask and watched it illuminate. The more I looked into this Marshmello head, the more his happy go lucky smile started to seem ominous and sinister, to the point to where I felt uncomfortable. I had trouble sitting still so I decided if C was okay with it, it's time to go for a walk and enjoy being outside. Here's where this trip turned south.

6:35- this section will be longer due to the fact that I could no longer keep track of time and had to focus on my surroundings so it's all recollection of memory.

We're outside walking at this point, the visuals are completely different from the previous trips. Not only are they toying with my vision, but they're tricking my mind causing some anxiety. C and I live in a nice city, more or less a city where rich people or older folks who are retired stay, there's quite a few cops that patrol at night, you're guaranteed to see them if you walk at least a block. An example of the mind tricks the substance was playing was every car that passed seemed to take on the shape of a white crown Vic with lights on the top, and I'd stare down the long street to see it stretch endlessly and at the end itíd spin clockwise extremely fast, throwing off my equilibrium. At one point a we passed a man sitting on his porch enjoying a cigarette and I was sure he knew we were tripping and was for sure going to let the police know. I felt everything getting overbearing but kept walking and kept it to myself to keep from worrying C. A few more minutes of this goes by, Crown Vic, Dodge Charger, Yukon, too many police cars that aren't police cars, too much anxiety. Then, C turns to me and says 'wouldnít it be crazy if a cop stopped to talk to us', and at that very moment a REAL crown Vic pulls up from a street adjacent to us and pulls onto the grass right beside the walkway. He gets out of his car, and by this time I'm frozen, have the feeling of pure terror, I couldn't string strong worded sentences together when talking to my best friend, how in the world am I going to do it while being put on the spot?

Below is a close dialogue of what was said:

Me: C please talk to him

'officer walks up, shines flashlight directly in my face causing all sorts of flashing color patterns to go throughout my vision, I try my best not to turn away to act as normal as possibleí

Officer: Evening, where are y'all headed to tonight?

C: Just taking a walk officer, anything wrong?

Officer: Nope just checking up, you guys have any ID on you?

C: No sir unless there's something wrong we don't have to present ID, I live in the area and we're simply taking a walk. We're actually headed home so unless you need us to stay we'll be on our way.

Officer: Nope all set here, you guys have a good night.

The whole time this was going on I was in awe of how well C handled the situation, as well as shocked how stereotypical the cop looked, big guy, super trooper moustache, all he was missing was a coffee and donuts.

By the time we got back to walking night was starting to set, my heart was still pounding after the police encounter and I felt I was on the verge of a downward spiral in trip
my heart was still pounding after the police encounter and I felt I was on the verge of a downward spiral in trip
, every noise I heard I thought was police and I now thought every car was trying to secretly tail us home. We decided to get back to the house as soon as possible to clear up the bad vibes in a safe environment, we got about 100 yards from her house, we heard a huge rustling sound in the woods right next to us. It might've been the acid playing tricks, but it sounded WAY bigger than any animal in our area, definitely not a cat or dog. C and I both looked each other in the eye and without a word spoken, both took off full sprint at the exact same time to her house.

8:10- We finish our sprints in record time and enter her house, lock the doors, and start listening to some Shpongle. I'm definitely on the downward spiral now with my nerves getting the best of me, my mind was still playing tricks on me making me think the police were coming through the door any minute. Audio hallucinations were present as well, I could hear voices outside the windows of her home even though there wasn't anyone there. I must've looked like I was tweaking, every window I passed I poked my head out just to make sure. I had so much energy in me, as well as being so nervous that I paced for a good 45 minutes before taking a seat.

9:00- I've gotten a lot of the energy and shakes out of me, but I'm still feeling the overwhelming sensation of being on the verge of a panic attack, I still haven't said much about it to C as I was sure she was feeling the same way after what had happened, I finally sat down beside her and put on spirit of life by blackmill, which is my go-to in a bad situation. When the song peaked I closed my eyes and was almost instantaneously brought out of my state of panic, beautiful closed eye visuals brushed me through a field of neon green fractals and imagery, it was almost as if I could picture an image in my head, for instance on a mountain top, and instantly be transported there.

10:00- We spent the next hour in silence, once again, listening to music on Cís couch, enjoy the tapestry melting away around us. At one point C asked if I wanted water and, when I looked at her, her face started shift counter clockwise. Quite weird but humorous at the same time, I told her and we laughed it off.

10:44- I feel that the comedown has started, I'm started to lose interest in the visuals and while my mind is restless, my body is physically exhausted. I decided then to drive home as I felt I was able to, being only minutes from home and the roads aren't busy in our neighborhood. The drive was mellow, a few cars passed and I could almost swear then that all had their brights on, I know now it was just the color intensity.

11:02- Just got to the house, my s/o is already asleep so I just grab a water from the fridge and turn on National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation; I'm still under the effects of the drug. I'm sure if my s/o could have heard me downstairs she would have thought I was a lunatic as I had quite a few outbursts of laughter during the movie. The characters were also growing and shrinking on the television which made it even funnier.

12:30- The movies over now, visuals have gone down to a minimum, but I still have a restless mind, even though I don't have an appetite I grab a pecan spinwheel and a glass of milk, scarf it down, and decide I'm going to make myself sleep. Not. I spent the next three hours tossing and turning in my bed, half focused on the closed eye visuals, half deciding sleep is a lost cause and surfing through Bluelight. The last time I looked over at my clock it was 3:23 and I drifted off to sleep for 9 hours.

My Guess: Due to the sheer mindfuck and intensity of the substance at hand, I had to go with the one, the only, LSD 25.

Trial 4:

Due to me working multiple overtime weeks in the past 4 months I accrued plenty of vacation time at my job, and on a last minute whim me and my s/o decided to take a 4 day mini vacation to New Orleans to visit some family of mine and enjoy the city. Shulgin be damned if I was going to let that keep me from my experiments! The day after the grueling 10 hour drive we planned a day to ourselves in the city, I was going to take her to the Audubon zoo, City Park, and then we'd walk the French Quarter later on.

9:00- I woke about an hour ago, had my shower and morning coffee, and received my tabs at 9. Once the tabs were on my tongue we set off for the 45 minute drive to the zoo. It had been a year and a half since the last time I'd been in the area and I was amazed at how rapid the city of New Orleans was changing, new building being put in, old neighborhoods and homes that were once ghettos were renovated. It's becoming beautiful again.

9:47- We arrived at the zoo, to my amazement, not many people were here. The Audubon doesn't open till 10 but usually there are long lines full of tourists, locals, and school kids on field trips building up an hour or so before the kiosks open. We parked and as soon as I stepped out of the car, I noticed a change in my headspace, the ground was already starting to ungulate back and forth ever so slightly. I noted how fast this substance has already begun to take effect. We waited, second in line, behind a family of four for ten minutes until the attendants opened their kiosks for entrance, paid for our tickets, and entered.

10:05- It was gearing up to be a hot, humid New Orleans day, already in the low 80ís and was forecasted to climb as the day progressed. Before we started our adventure I decided to get a tall lemonade to carry along and slowly transferred it into an empty smart water bottle I'd brought along to put it in my sports bag and not have to tote it around. My visuals we're already prominent, and although aware of my surroundings, my head was definitely in a different place. My girlfriend would say something to me and it'd take quite a few seconds for me to process it, I noticed a lot of what was happening around me, people ordering hamburgers and hot dogs, which I noted was odd at 10 in the morning, teachers telling school kids to stay in groups in front of them. The first exhibit you see when walking into this zoo is the display of 20-30 flamingos right in the front, I watched them for awhile, noticing not only how the flamingos interacted with one another but how there was an abundance of other species in this display, frogs and tadpoles in the water hole, many different types of bugs in the small patches of grass and smaller birds of a different species that seemed to follow these flamingos around, the giant birds were exceptionally bright pink, and I noted how each had its own aura around it. Very interesting.

10:40- We take our time at each exhibit, and after leaving the dimly lit amphibian house, I realize how much the visuals have actually picked up, everything seemed very cartoon like and animated, swirls and tracers appear with every passing person, and the sun's brightness forces me to put on my lennon style sunglasses.

10:53- We decide to head to the primate path, I always find these animals fascinating due to how intelligent and close to humans they act. He first we pass are the orangutans, my favorite primate of them all. I sit in the nearby bench and watch in awe as they display different signs of emotions we use everyday, one gets a watermelon and screeches in happiness, and the other rushes over to try and get a piece of the watermelon action, causing the first to pick the melon up and run, ensuing an action packed monkey chase that could have made it into a Jason Bourne film. After this we follow the primate path enjoying the many types of monkeys.

11:22- We walked the primate and Savannah exhibits, the giraffes were absolutely enjoyable, their patterns swirled and danced all over the place as they stood mere feet from us eating vegetation. I decided we should go to my favorite part in the zoo, the reptile walk. I've always loved reptiles, especially whilst tripping, their scales feel so unique and the way they move and act is absolutely incredible. The reptile walk is in a dark building lit only by the lights behind the glass in each exhibit. Being so dark, my mind and eyes started to create color in the darkness, colorful swirls and patterns lined the ground in amazing impossible shapes. We ventured through as a gawked at all the snakes and lizards in every display, while my s/o stood behind me in disgust at them.

11:55- After the reptiles we decided to get something to eat, my s/o got a chicken tender basket that I looked at in a similar way she looked at the snakes, I just settled for vanilla ice cream. We continued throughout each exhibit over the next two hours without my visuals inclining or declining, I stayed pretty plateau'd with long tracers and crazy shapes forming.

1:57- At this time we decide to beat the heat and head to city park. Being in the air conditioning is an unrivaled feeling to any other at this point, I'd gone through 3 lemonades and 3 waters throughout the zoo experience. While on the interstate I feel as if I'm on a spaceship in hyperdrive, the tracers got even better on the ride with each passing car.

2:40- We arrive at city park, our first stop was the botanical gardens, which was incredible, the flowers and wildlife were so vibrant on this mystery substance and the leaves/vines undulated with every slight breeze. The clouds and wind had picked up then and it felt amazing to be out in the open, a truly beautiful day. I had a few awkward moments of not knowing what to do with myself when others would pass by or stop right beside me, putting my sunglasses on stopped this and put me in my own little world.

3:27- A nice walk in the gardens, a few stops at benches to admire the scenery and we were off to the museum of art and sculptures, another path to walk showing of amazing sculptures in the New Orleans landscape. It was very enjoyable to see the modern art, many animals made out of oddly fascinating materials, I recall this one sculpture resembling a giant spider, a bit unnerving but amazing nonetheless. We continued our walk here for an hour and a half, once again stopping at benches to occasionally get hydrated and enjoy the scenery.

5:35- After seeing the sculptures we made our way to the famous, or infamous depending on how you look at it, French Quarter. By the time we got here the visuals, although still present, were beginning to decline rapidly. My psychedelic headspace was still very much present, I was still very aware and cautious of my surroundings, noticing things I wouldn't normally notice. The massive amount of people was almost overwhelming, as before I put on my safari-style hat and shades to escape the alluring gaze of those around me. Since my trip was definitely on the comedown, we decided to go to a bar in the quarter called Tropical Isle to get the ever famous Hand Grenade drink, great frozen beverage, comes in a nifty hand grenade plastic cup. This tasted amazing, and the fact that it's a slushie texture made it all the better, we walked around the quarter for the next two hours enjoying the sight of many drunk people, street artist and preformers, and the French style architecture New Orleans is so famous for. Music appreciation was great on this mystery substance, probably the best so far at 200ug.

8:10- My comedown was complete, I was lacking visuals, energy drained, and we were ready to head back to my family's house. Upon arriving an hour later we sat around a fire and had good reminiscent conversations for about thirty minutes then went to sleep shortly after.

My Guess: Due to the weird super aware yet super giddy headspace and all around mellow-ness of the trip I'd have to say this one was ALD 52.

Trial 5:

My mind wanted to say I was in for the ETH LAD trip today, yet something told me it might take me by surprise and I would completely flunk my experiments. The setting for today's trip is with a friend of mine, he'll be A for this trip, at the conservation area that my supposed AL LAD trip had taken place. This time we wouldn't be taking the long trek around the lake, but we were taking another route about a mile into the woods that opens up into a park/sitting area with a great views of the water, hills, and open fields. A was planning on taking 250ug of AL LAD, and because of this dose, we decided to have my girlfriend drop us off at 5 and pick us up at 9 to avoid being left in the dark.

5:00-We arrived at the trail moments ago, 2 tabs under my tongue of a mystery chemical and 2.5 of AL LAD under Aís; we each had CamelBak'stellar with iced water and I had two packs of fruit gummy snacks to munch on if I felt inclined. We headed out on our journey, it was about 45 minutes to the sitting area where the destination is, so the plan is to get there around the time it starts to kick in. 40 minutes in A mentions how he has a major, almost awkward, change in his headspace and is already seeing wavey patterns over the grass, still nothing for me.

5:47- We get to the picnic/sitting area and claim the two park benches immediately. A lays flat on his back looking up into the clouds, while I sit double lotus with my eyes closed and begin to meditate to the sounds of nature, the occasional airboat flying past in the near waters startles me.

6:02- My serene silence is disrupted by A, now saying he's tripping quite nicely and can tell it's going to be a rollercoaster for him, I usher him to put on any music of his liking, and he plays Robert DeLong. I start to think I'm feeling a euphoric high but am not quite sure yet, could be a placebo or just getting out of a trance-like state of meditation. Ill have to wait it out more to tell if what I'm feelings real or not

6:13- I've definitely got some euphoria from the substance. My vocal abilities have changed now, as in, I've known A for awhile but we've been more of acquaintances than anything up to this point, and I find it hard to keep steady conversation and find the silence even more awkward, so I oddly just bob my head to the music and forget about it. He seems to be in a world of his own anyways at this point.

6:35- My high has increased, not necessarily a headspace but just a body load feeling. I've been watching A and trying to keep a friendly manner about myself. He had chain smoked 3 or 4 cigarettes in a row, I watched him zone off in the woods nearby while his cigarette, still in his mouth and burnt to the filter, went out. He realizes this a minute or so later and instinctively pulls out his lighter and tries to torch it, realizes that there's no cigarette left, looks at me and realizes I saw what just went on and we had a good laugh about it. It was one of those you had to be there moments.

6:47- All this buildup to this point, 6:47. It was like the extended by high and load we're all building up to this point, and the visuals dropped like a brick. I closed my eyes for a good minute or so and kind of drifted away and when I opened them I noticed long tracers coming off nearby dragonflies, intense flowy patterns on a stump next to my bench, and an overall crisp, HD like filter in my vision. Everything was so bright and clear, I was glad to join A in this journey now, and laid on my back looking into the clouds as he was again. The sky was so intensely blue and the sun was beating down on us. The clouds seemed to jolt to one side of my vision, and when I'd look at where it had moved to it'd jolt back to its original position. Very unique and stunning visuals for 200 mics, and I don't feel much stimulation at all, it's rather sedating if anything.

7:10- I've been lost in these visuals since I've gotten them. The sky is just amazing. Trees are amazing. Everything's just amazing. Music appreciation has gone through the roof, I feel absolutely blissful on this substance. The occasional butterfly would flutter right past my head and leave an imprint of 5 more that seemed to follow it. Tracers are great, I ask A how everything's going for him, and he tries to explain how the few dragonflies above us we're creating so many tracers for him that he thought there was a swarm. It didn't quite come out that way but I could tell what he was trying to say, oh, and in case you were wondering, there was only 3 dragonflies.

7:41- I'd been in meditation mode for the past half hour, sometimes eyes closed enjoying the incoming patterns of electricity like visuals rushing past my eyelids, sometimes enjoy the nature around us. There's not much more to say about our time in the park area, I had no change in headspace and was rather clear minded, but felt amazing and the visuals we're stunning. We decided to head back to the parking area so we'd be there when my girlfriend arrived to pick us up. Halfway down the path we encountered a kingsnake, as well as a baby alligator that was crossing the trail to enter the marsh on the other side. How rare that encounter must have been? While spotting a snake an alligator 2 or 3 feet walks past not 20 yards from us, unfazed by the fact that we were there. Pretty cool sight, only in the southeast.

8:40- After a stop or two we made it back to the parking area, and I called my girlfriend to pick us up, who said she'd be there in 15 minutes. We decided to wait on the nearby pier and spoke about trips we'd had way back and the visuals on this trip, while looking over the water, I shit you not, we spotted another alligator. This one had to have been 6 or 7 feet long. He laid motionless, his whole upper half of his body out of the water he was in, revealing to us how massive he truly was. We watched in awe until we saw the lights of my girl's car pulling up, and we got in for the rides home and told her our nature encounter stories.

9:26- Me and the girl are now back home after dropping A off at his house. I'm still tripping nicely at this point. Visuals still overlaying our countertop and wall textures, causing everything to morph around me. I gulped down a glass full of ice water, and that couldn't have been a worse decision. For some strange reason it was as if I felt the entire glass of water go down my throat and all the way through my body, the weirdest feeling I'd ever had. It landed like a rock in the pit of my stomach and immediately made me sick, I rushed to the bathroom only to dry heave for a good 15 minutes as I hadn't had anything to eat earlier that day.

9:46- After hovering the toilet bowl for what seemed like an hour, my stomach finally returned to normal. I decided to lay down on the couch and turn on a movie since my girlfriend had gone upstairs to read a book during my episode. I think to myself, what's something good to watch while on acid? Fear and Loathing? No, I've seen it too many times. Rick and Morty? Hell no, I'm not stooping that low. After looking online I decided on a movie called enter the void. I won't go in depth into the movie but it's on my must watch whilst tripping list now, low budget, but good storyline and great visuals. I was sucked into this 2 and a half hour film, and it passed by so fast that when I actually looked at my phone post-video. I didn't believe the time was correct.

11:21- The substance was now on a decline. It was different than the others whereas with them I felt drained once the chem started to wear away. I could just tell this substance was fading. I still never got a change in headspace or any introspection, the crispness in my vision just started to decline along with the fluid visuals. I decide to get in the shower, the warm water felt so amazing I actually sit down under the stream, enjoy what was left of the CEVs and really meditating, wishing I could bring them back at that point. This one has a more depressing comedown to it, not necessarily a sad feeling, but you just simply don't want the beauty in everything to fade. I dry off and head to the bed to join my girlfriend in sleep.

12:56- After an hour and a half of getting sidetracked by everything BUT sleeping I manage to force myself to bed. The visuals had gone to sleep and so had everyone on bluelight. Nothing more for me to do so I call it quits.

My Guess:
ETH-LAD, no doubt in my mind, along with keeping a clear head throughout the whole trip, ETH LAD's visuals are very unique and as I defined it, 'crispí. There's something about this chemical that's truly magical.

9:00- The morning after the 5th trial. I awoke to my alarm, letting me know I had an hour and a half till work, so I muttered a few curses in my half asleep stupor and slipped out of bed. I started breakfast for me and my girlfriend who had followed me downstairs with a piece of paper, which read:

Trial 1: 1P-LSD
Trial 2: AL-LAD
Trial 3: ALD-52(1a)
Trial 4: LSD
Trial 5: ETH LAD

For science, babe!

I thoroughly enjoyed doing this blind test, and while they may seem drawn out and very basic trips, do remember that my regular dose of any Lysergamide is in the 4-600 mic area. While I do still get the effects under 200ug, I feel there's not really any 'magicí left there for me.


Blindly took one of each Lysergamide: LSD, ETH LAD, AL LAD, 1P LSD, and 1A LSD. I was able to discern all but the 1A & original LSD, with I thought were one another after each trip with the two.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 111016
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Sep 18, 2017Views: 27,397
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AL-LAD (603), ETH-LAD (688), 1P-LSD (682), LSD (2), ALD-52 (748) : General (1), Public Space (Museum, Park, etc) (53)

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