Psychedelic KO
Selegeline & 2C-T-2
by Explorax
Citation:   Explorax. "Psychedelic KO: An Experience with Selegeline & 2C-T-2 (exp111017)". Sep 16, 2017.

T+ 0:00
1 mg insufflated Pharms - Selegeline (daily)
  T+ 0:00 4.4 mg insufflated Pharms - Selegeline (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:00 17.8 mg   2C-T-2  
  T+ 12:00 0.5 mg   Etizolam  
  T+ 15:30 0.5 mg   Etizolam  


If you are familiar with these drugs and their pharmacology you could skip to the last paragraph for a short summary, however the full text contains context about my experience and the rationale behind the combination.

It is worth noting that doses of over 10mg/day of selegiline can inhibit MAO A, and the inhibition of MAO A has been linked to health concerns with 2C T 2. Oral doses under this level only inhibit MAO B.

Selegiline has long interested me as a drug, originally coming to my attention as a potential way to reduce the neurotoxicity (and dose) of MDMA by reducing its breakdown in the brain. I used it however, to increase the effects of stimulants during my studies. I found that a regular dose could halve the amount of any amphetamine (2 FMA, Adderall, methiopropamine etc) and slightly increase the duration, which helped me feel better about my regular use (2-4 times a week) and reduce the amount I needed to buy. I used selegiline nasally due to the increased bioavailability at a maintenance dose of 1mg per day.

During this time I had tried a small dose (10mg nasally) of 2C B and found the qualitative effects identical but it lasted around 50% longer than normal, and realised this was not a coincidence but due also to the inhibition of MAO-B from selegiline. What I didn’t realise was that it was likely stronger than expected from this dose, but with little nasal experience of 2C B and a low dose, I only now see that in retrospect. I avoided the 2C x series while I was on selegiline after this, not wanting to deal with the potentially unpredictable potentiation. I have taken tryptamines while using selegiline many times with no modification of the experience. I continued to use selegiline on and off over the following years, believing it to have some health benefits and also continuing to enjoy its potentiation of my now once-a-month stimulant use.

On this particular day I had planned a one night getaway in a holiday home quite deep in the British countryside with my girlfriend. Our plan was to take a psychedelic at a higher dose than we had done together before, though both of us had had very strong psychedelic experiences in the past. We would then go for a mushroom hunting walk and retire to the home to enjoy the peak effects with some music and privacy.

My planning was not as good as it could have been, and as such we were undecided on the precise compound to take and only decided that morning, while I was still trying to catch up with my to do list. We discussed the options a little and settled on 2C T 2, a compound I had tried and enjoyed very much twice before at low-medium doses
We discussed the options a little and settled on 2C T 2, a compound I had tried and enjoyed very much twice before at low-medium doses
, but never had time to explore further.

My selegiline use had been very sparse, just 2mg twelve days ago, but I bore it in mind nonetheless. And here, my lack of care and attention became dangerous, because I suggested that we take a significant dose of selegiline to reduce the amount of 2C T 2 needed, despite the fact that I believed it only increased duration significantly. Some part of this was to see whether it would work as normal, being taken just 2 hours before, but really most of it was just lack of thought about the combination. We each took 4.4mg of selegiline nasally, dispersed on 40mg microcrystalline cellulose to facilitate handling and insufflation. We also took 5mg metoclopramide each to minimise nausea and body load.

I then weighed the two doses of 2C-T-2 using a precision balance at 17.8mg for myself and 18.6mg for my partner as she has a slight natural tolerance. I had had 19mg before on both occasions and found this to be quite mild, around 24-27mg of 2C-B equivalent with nice visuals and polite enough to allow me to socialise well with other trippers.

We drove to the holiday home and took our doses at about 5pm. We then put on some music and ate a small meal and she began to feel effects quite strongly, which lead her to stop eating and put her meal in the fridge. I finished mine, feeling basically nothing.

After a short thunderstorm I was excited to go outside but was disappointed to find that my partner already had effects which she felt were much too strong to allow us to leave, within just 30 minutes or so. We went to lie down in the bed and closed our eyes quietly as I began to feel effects too.

We lay for a while, not speaking much as I came to realise that I was quite high, even if I had very few CEVs, as my mindset was very distinctly psychedelic. At this point, with no clock in the room time had lost meaning but we spoke a little and hugged each other, which quickly lead to an incredibly intense sexual experience and very powerful climax.

Once I had time to collect my thoughts I realised that I was tripping incredibly strongly, and had open-eye visuals that were almost causing things to simply look blurred. I immediately thought about the use of selegiline and realised that I had been very foolish to dismiss its ability to potentiate and extend, and continued to slide into what was already one of my three strongest trips ever. Although we had etizolam to hand, I wasn’t sure if I could express my need for it, could get it myself or even whether I really needed it, as I was “happy” to have a challenging experience, so I simply laid and allowed my thoughts to flow.

The music sounded incredibly crisp, with every layer becoming apparent and appreciated, however the presence of some darker instrumental tracks in the playlist fuelled some anxiety about whether it should be as loud as it was, and fed into the anxiety I had generally too.

We occasionally spoke through the next few hours, but in reality I was barely capable of conversation, with my thoughts outpacing my mouth by a hundred to one. Any time a question was asked I got lost in thinking about what the appropriate answer was
Any time a question was asked I got lost in thinking about what the appropriate answer was
, given that I had plunged my unsuspecting partner into a much stronger trip than she anticipated too.

This gave rise to some anxiety, as I considered that I could not be certain whether the trip would be extended by 50% and prevent sleep until 5-7am, thereby making it unsafe for us to drive home at the 11am checkout time. My normal reputation for being able to completely prevent issues like this through my thorough approach meant that I didn’t feel able to disclose this concern and potentially trigger anxiety in my partner, so I decided to hold the thought.

We did leave the bed a few times to use the bathroom or eat some of the fruit we had bought, but didn’t achieve any more than that until 1am – I adjusted the music to be a little louder and removed the tracks tagged with “dark” from my playlist, in my rush this was another oversight on my part.

By this point I was already exhausted and quite ready to stop tripping, but I still had swirling, blurring open eye visuals which were now causing my eyes to struggle to focus on things, probably worsened by the tiredness. We returned to the bed and lay for another two hours, chatting a little bit more as I was almost able to fluently expel sentences. During this time I still had no real CEVs, which isn’t something I’ve had before.

At about 3am I felt able to use my phone so I looked up the checkout time which was 1pm, not 11pm. We resolved that we should take etizolam to get some sleep to ensure that I could drive home, as I am a bad driver when tired and I was completely exhausted. I took 0.5mg which is a fair amount for me, set my alarm for 11, got changed and then tried to sleep. I woke up some hours later (before sunrise at 06:30) having rested but not really slept, and upon opening my eyes I realised I still had noticeable visuals but felt very wobbly from the combination of tiredness and etizolam. We both had another .5mg of etizolam and the next thing I knew I was waking up feeling not-very-rested to the sound of my alarm at 11am.

So the conclusion to this tale is that selegiline is a strong potentiator of a variety of phenethylamines and it would be fair to say that it seems to halve the required dose as a rule of thumb. Even though we had not been taking it for the days before, its potentiating effects were very significant and though I would happily try the combination again to make a limited supply go further, I would probably prefer the predictability of using drugs in the 2C-x family unpotentiated. I had very little nausea during the comeup and would also use metoclopramide again as an antiemetic, and I think this might have even been more effective than the ondansetron that I would usually use.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 111017
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30 
Published: Sep 16, 2017Views: 2,631
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2C-T-2 (53) : Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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