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Citation:   jonny. "Blissflip: An Experience with LSD & MDMA (exp111028)". Aug 23, 2019.

T+ 0:00
  oral LSD (liquid)
  T+ 4:15 70-80 mg oral MDMA  
  T+ 9:00 5 mg oral Pharms - Diazepam (pill / tablet)
T + 0:00 200 Ķg LSD oral Liquid
T + 4:15 70-80 mg MDMA oral Pill/Tablet
T + 9:00 5 mg Diazepam oral Pill/Tablet

Body weight: 70 Kg

This experience took place at my house, during a Friday night. I was willing to embark on this journey since a while and I was just waiting for the right conditions. It was the end of July and I just concluded three months of full-on study and working in a university research laboratory. The weather was beautiful, the house was empty and I was free from any direct responsibility for at list one week. On top of that a week prior during the weekend I dropped 100 Ķg of LSD both to test the potency and to refresh my memory of the substance since it was almost one year, since last time I took it. The 100 Ķg felt very energetic but very little visuals and in about 8 hours it was done. I prepared the liquid LSD simply dropping a 300 Ķg blotter into 10 ml of H₂O in a dark vial, let dissolve and then with a pipette just take the desired volume and ingest. I found that this solution was better for having a more accurate dosage and more surprisingly for me this method reduced the nausea almost to zero, it is just a matter of swallowing a small amount of water rather that keeping that blotter under the tongue, which even though its tasteless it causes to me, stomach discomfort.

The mindset was perfect and I was confident that I would have had a great time, the substances were obtained from a very trusted source, were tested with three different reagents and passed with very good results. The Diazepam was pharmaceutical grade and the days prior, during the experience and afterward I took antioxidant supplements.

I experienced with many substances, particularly with hallucinogens but always proceeded with baby steps, under my belt I had mushroom, LSD, 2CB, MDMA, ketamine, cocaine, salvia divinorum, weed, heroin etc. The reason I tried all this stuff was simply that I was curious and after my first mushroom trip, where I felt myself merge with the universe and explode in an endless ecstasy, I became an avid psychonaut.

The reason why I was cautious, was due to the fact that I would like to get the things right. I got the message very clear by those many disastrous trip reports. This, in my case, together with much work to do, held me back from experience with what I think is the right dosage for psychedelics: enough to fly into the realms of my mind and explore places that I never visited before. Those many experience that I did were very funny and provided many insights in what I was doing, who I was and the environment around me but always lack that spiritual spark that light up a full psychedelic experience.
For this reason, this time I wanted and I was prepared to take a step further.


T +0:00
Itís about 21.00 pm I drop 200 Ķg of LSD. Iím in my house just by myself, with my red cat and we are ready to trip together. Before feeling any effects, I prepare comfy couches, water, computer with music and I switch on a light which morph in many rainbow colors. I also prepare the MDMA dose in such way that if I want, at the right time I only have to swallow the material.

Already after 20 minutes I can feel a shift in colors, it is not kicking-in super hard, but it is harder and faster than I experienced before. For about an hour I have this feeling of something building inside me, it isnít something unpleasant but I can understand why sometimes the come-up can be difficult. I just let go and experience these feelings without judging, Iím a spectator of what is happening and I already gave-up completely to the LSD.

The pattern on the walls are very vivid, the shifting color light enhance a lot the visuals producing areas of light and shade which are perfect for let the imagination complete those spots. The close eye visuals are even better, Iím relaxing in a world of sounds and colors and it is very beautiful. The body though, is a bit tense and it feel like if Iím rolling and moving inside my own skin, I canít find the right spot to relax without moving every 5 minute to change position on the couch.

During the come-up the time felt stretch like crazy, ten minutes felt like 2 hours and for this reason the classic thought passed through my mind, but I know it very well ďhow long does it takes to finish? Will it ever end??Ē I donít care, I let it pass and go without giving it a second look.

I decide to stand up to stretch and move my muscle to release the tension. I start to move in rhythm with the music, following the energy flowing through my body, I can feel every fiber, every muscle, energy rushing through my limbs, chills of pleasure running down my spine. That crazy psychedelic grin appears on my face as I feel the raw power, dancing at the center of the room transported by the music on the way down from the peak. At this stage the feeling that was building inside me has dissolved and I feel light, most of the thoughts that were passing by before now I cannot see them anymore, I feel free, completely immersed in this liquid music.

I lay down on the carpet and let myself dive deep into my mind, I find myself into an infinite dimension, completely relaxed. I wake up, as I felt asleep for a few seconds. This happens few times in a row, I start to forget where and who I am. I understand that Iím slipping away from myself and entering into the universal consciousness, Iím ready, I want to, Iím here for that, I push my thought away and in a glimpse I found myself looking at the same things but from another prospective. Nothing new, this is a place that I very well known. I focus on the prospective, as things are the same, only the observer must have changed. I realize that Iím something or someone else continuously changing but the feeling of being me is still there, I let it go and it culminates in an ecstatic feeling, Iím everywhere, Iím everyone, Iím infinite. This state lasted for quite a long time, I wanted to stay there, I was complete, that missing part of myself was found, those questions were answered.

I bathed in this ecstatic energy cleaning myself and observing the universe, I remember very vividly that I follow a female diver in her last moment where was killed by a shark and I was with her. I felt her let go and fuse with me, I felt the pain dissolve and her consciousness entering mine, I welcome her giving complete, unconditional love and acceptance.

I control the phone and I see a message of my sister, she is 1000 km away now, in her holidays, she writes me that she had some flash of me running free in the mountains ahead of a pack of wolves, leading them. I do not talk I only growl, I have on my head the head of the old alpha that I beat in a duel. The crazy thing is that at that moment I was listening to the album Skywolf of Kyoto which as a cover has an old man half wolf, half astronaut. I send her a pictures and she said that she has imagined exactly that. Crazy coincidence or higher connection, honestly I donít know.

This was a period of complete joy where I mastered the ability to enter into my personality or let go and enter in the universal consciousness. As I did this I understand that Iím able to remain in this ďsuperiorĒ state of consciousness even if I move and look around, I integrated this new part of me into the previous myself. The straightforward thought that come from this realization is that if Iím able to keep this state or to reenter in this state by my own will, without the help of a substance, I will be divine, I will be the universe showing itself thought itself. Now I understand the respect of people in the Tibetan culture for Buddha. But I guess is not such an easy thing to achieve!! Probably a lifetime or more lives of complete dedication and discipline.

T + 4:15
Drop the MDMA, about 70-80 mg, brief consideration on the timing and dosage, after extensive research I decided to proceed in this way for a series of reasons. I think that the LSD experience needs to be ďpureĒ, needs to be understand and the sweet final needs to be deserved. In such way first I got out of LSD what I wanted and then adding MDMA I could steer the experience to another direction
first I got out of LSD what I wanted and then adding MDMA I could steer the experience to another direction
bringing with me what I have learned before. Regarding the dosage with M I prefer to stay low, avoid hard crash and enjoy the experience without been too greedy, moreover considering that mixing the substance they should potentiate each other, is better for me to stay low.

I feel the effect only after 10 minute after ingestion, Iím suddenly more awake and the visual are amazingly crystalline and colorful, I walk to the bathroom and look in the mirror, my eyes are black, only pupils. The equilibrium is almost gone, stumbling I lay down to pet my cat and talk a little bit with him which seems more fucked up than me. He is super excited, running around and talking to me, I can feel the connection and I can understand what he is communicating to me. For a little bit I follow him in the garden where he shows to me some places and some potential preys. It is very funny and he makes me laugh hard. The period of the come-up was a little bit annoying to me because the body load was clearly present but I couldnít feel the bliss, and before I took it I already was in a blissful state.

After about one hour I start to feel this fabulous energy waves though my body. Form there I had four hours where I was just listening to the music completely lost in a blissful dimension, again. I found that with the effect of MDMA is even easier slipping in the universal consciousness because is easier to accept it and let it go. On the other hand, toward the end I found disconnected thoughts like burning arrows passing into my mind and bringing me back to ďrealityĒ. I donít know if this is normal when you come down and you come back to yourself, but I felt like that the MDMA was overpowering the LSD at this point.
I walk outside to watch the sunrise, Iím hot from the MDMA and the fresh air on my body is awesome. I stay a little bit with my cat, definitely coming down off the M, that blissful feeling is gone and Iím only mildly hallucinating. Probably I would have had another two hours of comedown but at that point I wanted a little sleep.

T + 9:00
I took 5 mg of Diazepam and laid on the bed, in about 5 minute I was sleeping, wake up fresh after 5 hours of sleep, the day was easy and I felt good. Now that are passed 6 days from the experience I still feel the afterglow, it was a very important experience for me, very positive and difficult to forget, I hope.

The experience in my opinion was fantastic, both for the visuals, the feelings and the spirituality, I look forward to a repeat but with some adjustments. For example, I would prefer a higher LSD dose letís say 250-300 Ķg and a lower dose of MDMA about 50-60 mg (I know that I will sound ridiculous to many used to take 250mg of M), my aim is to have a profound experience from the LSD, without the MDMA cutting out the deepness and spirituality.

Moreover, at least for me, with no tolerance, already with this dosage of M I had my eyes rolled back in pleasure for most of the time which I think I find difficult to achieve with only 150mg of M alone which is more than double the amount.

Regarding timing, I think that if I repeat with the same dosage I will take the MDMA little bit earlier at about T+ 3:30
if I repeat with the same dosage I will take the MDMA little bit earlier at about T+ 3:30
. If increasing the dosage of LSD, I think that T+ 4:00/4:30 should be good, because in this case it needed more than one hour to fully kick-in. It's also true that the higher the dosage the faster it kicks-in.

The day after and the following week I felt normal, with at moments, beautiful and clear emotional flashbacks, mostly while listening again to some tracks. No side effect from the MDMA use, which I think is due to three factors, the low amount consumed, the combination with LSD and more importantly the antioxidant supplements.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 111028
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Aug 23, 2019Views: 4,000
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LSD (2), MDMA (3) : Mystical Experiences (9), Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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