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King of the Spaztastic Rainbow World
by Torchlight4
Citation:   Torchlight4. "King of the Spaztastic Rainbow World: An Experience with LSD (exp111037)". Sep 26, 2017.

3 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)


1355 - 3 tabs of acid for breakfast. I was in a good/happy mind when I took the 3 tabs I was sick and miserable so I might as well have fun while I am sick.

1430 - get home started having panic attacks/feeling happy, lay down to take a nap sleep for about 2 hours while I was having auditory hallucinations, when the fan in the room I was in vibrated weirdly. It produced a kaleidoscope fractal effect, and I was exploring the various rooms of my mind. I was talking to it the thing that makes every thing while I was exploring the rooms in my mind.

1630 - Don't remember much, I do remember grabbing the trash can in my bathroom. I was surrounded by darkness, I remember grabbing it. I opened my eyes to a super bright black and white flashing of nonsensical symbols with a pyramid with an eye on the left side of my vision. Lay back down. I remember feeling hot/slightly warm with my left hand feeling cold.

1700 - I wake up feeling terrible my whole body in pain, I drank some water and went into my sisters room. I grabbed a trash can and a fucking ice cream cone, I puked up the water I just drank then downed the ice cream cone. After I was done with it I put a cherry hard candy in my mouth and it was like tasting the color red, I bit down on it and my mouth started to hurt. This was in a red and blue haze.

1745 - It begins I am the master of time I could see 24 seconds into the past and the future. I eat a steak that still tasted like steak had a wierd fuzzy texture. I was in a red and blue glitch world with the ability to control time. After I was done with my steak I was waving my fork around and there was a trail coming off of it and I named it bob the trail snake and with him I started wandering around my house. I drank 1/2 a coke and I threw that up but not my steak. The coke tasted like fucking dirt.

1945 - Bob was gone and I was in a world of vivid colors and spaztastic rainbows. I don't remember much other then I met a dragonfly that was about 12 feet in length made of pure fucking rainbows in all of its epileptic glory. I watched some anime and played osu a rhythm game. It was like I was on adderall and snorted 4 lines of cocaine spazing out doing shit at 400 miles a second. My trip was like this for a while.

0300 - I finally clam my tits, I am staring at my floor rolling and shaking, I stare at it for about 30 min.

0330 - I cooked some macncheese because I was feeling hungry, it tasted weird somewhat like a creamy lemon flavor but wasn't unpleasant so I eat it anyways. I am feeling dirty after I ate so I decided to take a shower.

0400 - Shower time this was really fun the water was ticklely and felt very nice and warm I scrubbed my self and it felt very wierd like a ticklely itch. I rinsed off the soap and dried myself off.

0430 - I am naked and I just sit on my couch staring into the black nothingness from some reason this was very entertaining/ I decided that music would go along great with this and looked from my phone and played some jazz music. I decided that the couch was uncomfy and moved to my bed.

0550 - I am laying in my bed listing to jazz with a blanket over my face, I started seeing fractals again with some other weird visuals I sit there for about an hour doing this.

0650 - I talked about my trip with a person in a discord server I was in. At this point my trip was all but over I was still seeing some tracers and shit but other than that I was fine. I talked to him for about 2 hours.

0850 - He gets off and I just watch youtube videos till I stopped seeing shit. Took 2 hours.

1050 - I go to a store with my mom get some drinks and some gum then lay down and sleep, in my sleep I was talking to it and explored the rooms in my mind some more.

Next day for me
1430- I wake up and remember my dream.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 111037
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Sep 26, 2017Views: 955
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LSD (2) : General (1), Alone (16)

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