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My Brain Is a Tube
by Catifish
Citation:   Catifish. "My Brain Is a Tube: An Experience with 1P-LSD (exp111058)". Sep 30, 2017.

T+ 0:00
200 ug oral 1P-LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 4:00   vaporized Cannabis (extract)


I am currently sitting in a place not familiar to me on the end of my first ever 1P LSD Experience and would like to attempt to recite the events that have transpired to me over the last 16 or so hours. I have moderate tripping experience, many high dose DXM trips but I am still very new to exploring true psychedelic drugs like MDMA, and few low dose ‘LSD’ trips (I never tested it and you never know if it's the real stuff with street acid, had good experiences anyways).

I have been very eager in exploring the world of psychedelics and had ordered some 1P-LSD to research. I got an email on my phone while in class that a package was ready for me to pick up at the front desk of my residence hall. I hurried back to my dorm to unravel my new box of fun, hastily preparing myself for how high I was about to be. The general theme of this trip report is that I rushed into this experience with very little consideration or preparation, I was so desperate to get this new chemical into my brain that I gave very little care to the set and setting, as well as not caring that I probably wouldn’t sleep that night and and lots of work to do the next day. I am with my roommate P who doesn't indulge in tripping himself, but he doesn't really give a fuck what I do, especially since he had a lot of work to do that night.

4:30 - I drop two 100ug tabs of 1p and begin to try to set my dorm room up for the trip. I got some candy and drinks and video games prepared as well as setting up some new black lights and LED’s to create a more positive atmosphere. I have a short math lecture video to watch which I plan on quickly accomplishing while I come up on the substance, My thinking is that I will finish my homework right as the drug is coming on and the rewarding sense of completing my schoolwork will guide me into a positive experience (lmao).

4:50 - In the middle of my brief math assignment I start to feel it to be incredibly hard to concentrate on anything, the voice in the lecture video starts to become very distant and my pencil seems to resist the urge to take down more notes, I decide to abandon the math and just pull up some music videos to try to relax while the real experience begins.

5:15 - The 1P is coming on very hard now, In all of my LSD experiences during the first hour or so of the trip I always feel very itchy and uncomfortable in my own skin. It was a abnormally hot day and the temperature of the dorm was reaching an unbearable level. I could tell this experience was going to be much more intense than anything previous. I attempt to settle myself down by thinking about my plan for the night but I am just totally unable to rationally think of the linear function of time and cannot create any sort of schedule for myself for the night. My inability to think of a plan begins to make things chaotic. I am restless and my arms and legs feel very tight.

5:30 - I remember at this point my mind was moving so fast and every time I would attempt to calm myself my body would be racked with agonizing feelings of short breath and muscle tightness. My body feels completely alien and rigid. I feel as though my muscle movements are not my own, as if some virus has taken control of my nervous system to take control of my body.
I feel as though my muscle movements are not my own, as if some virus has taken control of my nervous system to take control of my body.
The heat was now at an excruciating level and I felt like I could not catch my breath now matter how hard I tried. Frantically thinking of ways to calm myself I decided taking a cold shower would help sooth me and help take off some of the intense body load.

5:45 - While attempting to focus very hard on the cold water hitting my skin I begin to get distracted by the marble finish of my shower walls morphing and tumbling around. The body load becomes more and more intense but I allow myself to be swept away by the visuals of the room growing and changing around me. I finished my very quick cold shower and I am now a complete maniac when I step out of the bathroom, I do not recognize my dorm room or my roommate and the body load crashes back into my as soon as I settle on the couch to resume listening to music. The carpet fibers are a blur, a rug appears to be moving across the floor like an inchworm.

6:00 - 8:00 - I have trouble recalling most of this part of the trip. I can recall frantically pacing the room in a confused state feeling as though I am unable to breathe. I sit down on the couch, and then get up and fall then sit in my chair at my desk, then I climb into my lofted bed, then get back out. I repeat this process seeming an endless amount of times. At one point my roommates seem concerned but it seems to quickly turn into annoyance. I am completely out of my mind, trying desperately to remember which way is left and right, trying to figure out where I am and what I’m doing here. I remember something about math and give a few retarded attempts at trying to do some basic algebra but I immediately forget what math is and return to the sea of madness crashing around in my mind. I continue to pace the room, moving from fan to fan attempting to cool down and breathe. I end up falling rather hard and writhing around on the floor as it feels like bubbles are exploding inside my arms and legs.

The visual effects are INTENSE at this stage. As I lay in my lofted bed the paint on the ceiling is running around, forming very complex geometrical shapes and exploding into colors the splatter all over the room. The ceiling looks to be some sort of upside down pond with a complex ecosystem. At one point while laying on the floor looking up at my bookshelf I feel as though I shrink to the size of an ant while the books grow into skyscrapers going up as far as I can imagine.

8:15 - The heat in my dorm is still unmanageable but my brain begins to acclimatize to this new state of being. I start to feel encapsulated by the music and I allow myself to be pulled away into the waves of LSD racking my brain. It is at this point where I begin to calm down and enjoy the trip. My roommate P decides he’s going to leave and try to find someplace with AC to study and he is also seemingly very put off by how retarded I’ve been acting for the last few hours and wants to go. He expresses a slight amount of concern and I assure him I have calmed down now and will be alright to be on my own for a while, then he takes off.

8:30 - I feel much more relieved to be on my own now, I put on some color changing LED lights and set them to scan through all the colors while I put some music on through my speakers. Listening to the speakers is great, I feel a tremendous feeling of pride in joy in my high quality speaker system that I had put together over a couple years. I feel very liberated now that I can play music and hum and sing along to songs now that P is gone and I won’t interfere with his studying. I drink some cold water which feels amazing and take a few hits of some amazing blue dream wax off of my wax pen as I watch the colors of the LED’s fill the room. I stare at a periodic table I have hung in my room was watch the letters tumble around and form words then sentences and then grow legs and then scatter, running all around the room.

9:00 - I realize that I have been blasting my wax pen for a half hour now and decide that I will attempt to make some crazy LSD art. I go to my desk and pull out some art supplies, I watch as long swooping lines graze the paper in front of me as I attempt to trace them. After about 10 minutes I sit back and look at my creation, a piece of paper covered in random scribbles and I abandon the project less complete than I had planned.

9:30 - I am still absolutely out of my mind tripping while my suite mate T decides to come visit me. T knew that I was tripping but he was bored and was sick of his own roommate so he made some small talk about his day and asked me how things were going as I attempted to keep up with the conversation. T knows that I’m high but he doesn't in any way understand that I’m tripping spaceballs and I believe that he interprets my slow dialogue as me being antisocial and disinterested in what he has to say. I become engrossed in the thought that T thinks I'm being a dick. He suggests we go and get some food but I assure him that I won't make it plus the thought of being in public in a crowded place terrifies me at this point.

10:30 - T left to go get something to eat on his own. The trip is still going very very strong but I have mostly settled down now and I feel much more clear headed. I decided to try and play some videogames, just some counter strike deathmatch nothing too fancy. The longer I look at my computer monitor the more of my vision it encompasses. My keyboard and mouse feel like they are drifting around, behind me, then above my head, and then they are gone. I am completely engulfed into the game and I feel like every time to go to shoot my gun I am casting spells at my enemies. I am not perturbed by the violence of the game as many people are communicating with the microphone and are laughing and having a great time. I feel the need to announce that I am tripping to all of the occupants of the death match server, to which they responded by picking on me a little but in a happy and friendly sort of way. It feels great to talk to people that are so happy.
It feels great to talk to people that are so happy.
This was probably the most enjoyable part of the trip for me.

11:00 - I wrap up my video games and make the decision to chill on the couch and watch movies on my laptop for the rest of the night. My girlfriend got out of work at this point and we began to talk over the phone, she was not aware I was tripping as she does not approve of such shenanigans but it felt very comforting to have a basic conversation with her anyways. It is still stupid hot in my room at this point and it is impossible for me to get comfortable no matter what I do but I entertain myself with some Rick and Morty regardless.

Nothing much else happens for the rest of the night, the heat makes it feel hard for me to breathe and sweating makes me feel very dirty and gross. P comes back sometime around 2am and I’m still just watching random videos. Time escapes me and I climb into bed and restlessly roll around, occasionally enjoying stray visuals moving around in the darkness.

7:00AM I am not sure if I slept or not and I am in a very confused state of mind and am still tripping much harder than I would have expected by this time. I have a chemistry lab at 8AM and with titanic effort I climb down from my lofted bed. I have lab at 8 I keep thinking to myself, I am totally encapsulated by this thought as I realize I’ve just been standing in the bathroom zoned out for a while. I hastily and half heartedly prepare myself for class, deciding to go to the food court to get maybe a small breakfast and a coffee to help sober me up. It is still dark outside and is raining as I make my way to the cafe, and I'm there before I know it. The food court is lightly populated and somber, as it is at this hour every morning. I sip some coffee and listen to the ambient noises of the cafe. It is my first time being in public since the experience began and with curious eyes I watch the people around me intrigued by their interaction.
“Good morning mike”
“Good morning”
“Have a good one”

I am absolutely fascinated by this particular awkward dialogue. Once I realize I’ve been staring at people like a lunatic. I pack up and begin the walk to the chemistry building. The rain has mostly stopped now but the gloomy atmosphere remains it almost looks as if the sky consists of an ominous black smoke. There are so many people out in the morning, moving briskly and purposefully like ants to wherever they must go. I feel very lost and confused among the crowd of morning people, as I look at them they look so full of purpose as I feel purposeless. I have chemistry lab at 8AM I keep telling myself trying to focus as I feel increasingly out of place on this eternal walk to the chemistry building.

When I finally arrive I go to the bathroom to give myself one final check over to be ready for lab, I was clearly still tripping and not at all ready to be handling dangerous chemicals. Nearly as soon as I entered class I was tapped on the shoulder by one of the teaching assistants in lab and she told me that I was not wearing proper lab attire and I could not participate unless I changed. This completely rocked my world, I looked down and sure enough I was wearing shorts when long pants are required in lab. That’s it, I just wasn't wearing pants but in the moment I felt like I had been slain by this teaching assistant, consistent with my unsure walk to the class I felt as though I had been told to leave because I do not belong in this chemistry lab or this college at all. I walked out of lab saying nothing, I felt lost, I had nowhere to go now, no safe place to escape and compose myself. I just felt like I was trapped in this place where I did not belong surrounded by other people who didn’t want me there. When in reality it was just a pair of pants and no one really gives a fuck, there were a few other kids who wore shorts because it was still so hot. I laugh about this as I type it now, I was dead ass about to cry over some pants what the fuck.

Quick conclusion: I definitely see an aspect of beauty to this substance and I respect its potency. Over the next few hours I slowly returned to a ‘normal’ state of mind. I plan on researching this chemical again, but not for a while and for my next experiment I will almost surely lower the dosage. This is the first trip report I have ever attempted to document and I'm sure if there is anything key I'm leaving out but I hope any readers enjoyed it anyways.


Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 111058
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Sep 30, 2017Views: 1,315
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1P-LSD (682) : Various (28), Multi-Day Experience (13), First Times (2)

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