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Superpill in Amsterdam Middle of August
MDMA (Ecstasy)
Citation:   Proffersorbourbon. "Superpill in Amsterdam Middle of August: An Experience with MDMA (Ecstasy) (exp111067)". Sep 29, 2017.

2 tablets oral MDMA  
      Cocaine (powder / crystals)
    smoked Cannabis  
    smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
I'll try to get this as accurate as possible, but english isn't my main language, and I haven't written a single thing over a paragraph for like over a year. So both the grammar and flow probably won't be on point. Iím also writing this on my cellphone on an airplane, 22 hours with full awakeness and with a full stressful family whom I always forget is so damn stressful. Also I took a quetiapine earlier.

My girlfriend and I got to Amsterdam two days ago or so, we had only been smoking until now and taken some blues. Last time we took something stronger was two-three weeks ago, we then dropped and snorted roughly 500 mgs MDMA each (this is normal for us, unfortunately). I should also mention that we smoke everyday, if that has any impact.

Anyways, we sat down at a bench on Leidenstein right by the fountain, the clock was around 10 pm and we weíre hoping to score some within the hour. It doesnt go more than 10-15 minutes before a stranger comes by and asks if weíre interested, he says he has both some pills and coke. We were after the pills, so we settled with those. He says something along the lines as ęthis will get you higher than everĽ. The pills which supposedly was xtc, but I felt like he maybe said that they werenít completely pure or something like that. They were pink, firm, formed as a bird and it had that coating on the outside like the shit ones usually donít have. Anyways, they are each at 220 mg and we got 6. We get home to the hotel and I jump in the shower to get ready for this (I always do this even though I sweat like a maniac with every stimulant. Why, I do not know) journey. We take one each. I think I ate a piece of bread at this time because I hadnít eaten shit that day) I get it down fast as a motherfucker, cause I know MDMA often hits me in a matter of minutes. 10 minutes go by, and like the young morons we are of course we swallow another one (not recommended when you donít know what youíre putting down your throat).

A couple of minutes after this, it sneaks up on me. Now MDMA usually goes two ways for me. 1) I feel the sneak peak for about 25-50 minutes. It goes very slow and itís almost like I donít notice coming up, just being in this middle part for ever. 2) The whole dose hits within 12 minutes, and it hits hard. Anyways, I feel it sneaking for maybe 20 seconds. I can feel that this is some nice stuff. My legs are tingling and letting me know that this is MDMA. Boom, my legs get a hundred times more delightful and the whole body is feeling it now. The rush was insane, Iíve never felt anything like it. ęits like MDMA, only a hundred times better!Ľ I say as this feeling of pure awesomeness spreads out my body again and again. This maybe lasts 5 minutes, before I become a total potato. My saliva production is acting like itís the first time it really gets to shine. I was speechless, literally. My girlfriend did not understand shit about what I was talking about. My jaw is dropped to the floor, and my girlfriend said I could probably fit a cat in there. Also Iím sweating so much that I would be dryer in the shower. I was also incredibly dessoicias [dissociating?], and didnít understand where I was. My partner got kinda scare, but I reassured her as good as I could. It was only chill and good. The peak lasted for about 1,5-2 hours, and oh my what a peak. Under the peak I also talked in the phone, with no one on the other line, of course. The peak by the way, I have no memory of basically, just some foggy pictures in my head, plus what my girlfriend told me.

My girlfriend is slightly feeling it at the 1,5 hour mark, and she doesnít have the peak as mine at all. Where as I was completely useless and just a cake, she was just acting normal. To the extent you can look normal after two of those badboys. What she felt like 100% I donít know, but I imagine it wasnít far from my feeling, as she looked like she had a pretty good time. It has now gone two hour, and I look like a dude who has taken 32 different hallucogenics and some stimulants with it. So we can finally go out, I think our goal was to score some more. I'm pretty sure the third one is taken by now. Because we go down to the bench again. The guy that hooked us up said heíd be around until 1 OíClock. Well, he is nowhere to be found. We look around some corners and decide to give up the search, as we turn our noses home. Yet, without any plan. We just skip around, having a blast and feeling unstoppable. I think this is where it really became delusional. I was talking on the phone with no one under the Peik, so I guess it was there from the beginning. But outside it was all crazy. All the bikes were people, literally everyone. And thatís a lot of bikes. This only happened the first seconds on lying my eyes on them. Everywhere we turn there are just new hallucinating they usually donít last for more than a couple of second. But sometimes they stayed there for a longer time.

We also went around having conversations with the thin air. I donít remember any conversations, but I know I had a lot of fun with them. And it felt so harmless, even though we were both seeing shit like crazy and having imaginary conversations we just felt so at peace. It was just so chill, at the same time as the brain was going 1372828382 times it normal process. I could think 100 thoughts in two second. And all at the same, it was like my brain had a superfilter and just picked up everything. No thought was too scary or too much. Everything was just great. The vision changed slightly, but not anymore than it does to me on cannabis, just a yellowish filter. We talked much, but often drifted out after 10 seconds, and forget where we were. And just pick up at a whole new place. At one time my companion was with her friend who is just as old as us in real life. But here she was 7, and they were on vacation, just chilling. She also had 4 Legs at one point, and that was just the usual. She just walked down the street, and didnít think much more about it.

As I stand 1 inch away from a corner, talking intensely with this corner. My girlfriend talks to two guys behind me, and shouts at me. I come over, and one of them. Dressed in a coat and a sixpence was saying that it looked like she had a real good time, and that here eyes told the same tale. His friend is tall as fuck, has tribals, a singlet on and muscles bigger than my head. talk loose a little, before he offers us some coke (now that I think about it, i think we maybe did some coke the day prior, not entirely sure though), we gladly accept. And he pours out a little mountain on his hand. Iím guessing it was about 70-90 mg. Then I get the same, canít say I noticed it much. But with my feeling from before I donít think it couldíve done so much. Because I was still as fucked up as Iíve never been.

After this we go up to the hotel to change. We take the stairs down again for some reason, the stairwell there was really tight and clumsy. We finally come outside and the sight of us must have been pretty entertaining. There we were 2-3 am or so, both dressed in a dress each. Probably looking like we just plugged 400 mg meth for the first time. I forgot to mention that I rolled a joint (w/ pineapple Express and lemon haze hash) it was not a easy task. We walk down to the water, and begin smoking. We basically run around town like two euphoric children, as we run we both teleport from one place to the other. Maybe it just was some blank spaces. But it was happening to both of us, so. When the jay is finished, we light a cigarette each and keep on smoking till we get inside. Probably went through a pack in an hour. I donít have anymore specific memories of outside. But I know it was 50 times more than what Iím writing now and 10 times more fucked up.

At some point we decide to go in. I think we take a shower before bed. As I was sitting on the toilet, I just browse social media. As I read Iím realizing that this updates from my acquitens are total bizarre and very unrealistic. So i get a little curious and want to find out why the whole world is acting as crazy as I. Well, the answer was very easy to get, I just opened my eyes. And Bam, Iím at the toilet, without my phone. Without anything really. This happens 3 more times or so. Done with that, now bed. We just lay there, letting this trip take us were it goes. I lay there playing these clips of childhood memories and memories my brain just plays, also movie trailers in my head, just random ass shit with no explanation whatsoever. It is all kind of crazy scenarios, and well pretty unrealistic stuff. It also comes in form with friends. It was basically like stepping into an alternative universe where just every fucking thing can be done. No matter how weird, there was just no lines. I ask my girlfriend if she is experiencing this thing, and of course she is! Both with the cellphone and the movie trailers. Further we just lay there, telling each other what just happened every now and then. And enjoying the nice view we have.

We have been on up to 225 it acid, and that is nowhere near this experience, at all. Far far from. My girlfriend and I just want to find out what this wonderful little pink birds was, cause damn we wanna have that much fun again!

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 111067
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Sep 29, 2017Views: 1,870
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MDMA (3) : What Was in That? (26), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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