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The Most Terrifying Living Hell of My Life
Citation:   Treason. "The Most Terrifying Living Hell of My Life: An Experience with Dimenhydrinate (exp111095)". Dec 16, 2017.

2150 mg oral Dimenhydrinate (pill / tablet)
[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]
The Most Terrifying Experience of My Life

Before expounding on the nature of a trip that (I feel) changed me for the rest of my life, I feel it's only right to give a bit of back-story on the decisions that led up to this experience. This is going to be long, but I feel it's important to accurately depict the nature of this experience as I remember it.

I also feel like it's important to say that although this drug could be considered a hallucinogen, it is altogether different from what I would experience from say an LSD/Mushroom trip. Whereas with traditional hallucinogens I may experience a distortion of what is real (I.E tracers, disembodied sounds, CEV's), I did not experience that with this drug. Instead reality will seem mundane, except things that are there are not, and things that are not there; are. The best I could possibly explain it is temporarily inducing insanity, like I am literally giving myself schizophrenia for a little while, anyways, on to the (Long) story.

These events took place October the Autumn of 2011, l had just turned 18 years old at the time. It's important to note that at this point in my life I had already experimented with many drugs, and Hallucinogens were no exception (LSD, Psyilocybin, 2ci/2ce, large doses of DXM, DMT, Salvia).

It was getting to be later on in the afternoon of a rather boring day I had spent at a friend's house we shall refer to as J. Myself and J, having had a hard time acquiring our usual mind altering substances (Marijuana in particular) were itching to get high. We sat and plotted all the possible ways we could leave this realm and escape our boredom for a little while, as fate would have it, the answer came as a knock on the door in the form of two additional friends who we shall refer to as 'A' and 'W'.

They entered into the living room, seemingly excited about a 'New' way they had discovered we could all get our fix; Dramamine. By this time, A had taken 45 and W had taken 25 approximately one hour earlier. 'A' had experienced this drug before albeit in smaller doses and urged us to trip along with them. In my naivete, I agreed to take a similar dose as him, unaware of the living hell I was about to descend into.
In my naivete, I agreed to take a similar dose as him, unaware of the living hell I was about to descend into.

Being used to large doses of OTC pharmaceuticals as a method of tripping, I unceremoniously washed down 43x 50mg Dramamine pills with Dr. Pepper, It was likely about 6pm at this time, as the glow of the day was just starting to settle into the golden orange of twilight. From what I can remember, this is what followed.

6:45pm--------- As of now I had not yet experienced any effects of the massive dose of Dimenhydrinate I took. 'W' had requested we drive him home as he had plans later on that night with other people. It was a rather quiet car ride 5 miles or so away from where 'J' lived any by this time I could tell him and 'A' were feeling some effects of the drug. 'W' stared blankly out the window, an almost dumbfounded expression on his face as the streetlights momentarily blinked overhead of the moving vehicle. He seemed unresponsive and lethargic, answering our questions with one word answers. When we arrived at his home, he stepped out of the car, walked a few feet and turned his hands in the motion as if opening a door. Being experienced with hallucinogens, we helped him into his house and safely into bed (His girlfriend was there so we felt okay leaving him alone). I should have been alarmed by his behavior, but instead delighted in the his silly behavior and affirmation that what I had taken would indeed produce a trip.

7:15pm------ A rather uneventful ride home, at this point I felt 'Something' just on the edge of my consciousness, a lethargy in my thoughts themselves as if there was some sort of lingering doubt in every thought I formulated. Upon arriving back at 'J''s house, 'A' also decided to turn in for the night stating he did not feel well, and walked home (His house was only at the end of the short road 'J' lived on short road). We bid him Adios and went back inside.

7:45pm----- A definite change in my thought process was beginning to occur, I knew I was coming up. Thoughts seemed to race through my mind as if on a roulette wheel and land on statements that were simultaneously contradictory as well as true. At first 'J' and I tried to relax and play video games, but we quickly found we both had an insatiable desire to do 'Something. I felt Euphoric and energetic, so we decided to walk to the nearby store about half a mile away since we were nearly out of cigarettes anyways.

8:30pm------ We stepped out into the cool night air, I remember an unnatural darkness outside as if my eyes were incapable of accepting the usual amount of light. At this point I could feel the drugs effect on me intensifying, every step I took seemed to require immense effort but simultaneously I weighed nothing. With each minute passing I felt the ground from beneath me seem to slip ever farther away. Despite this, being accustomed to tripping I did not panic, in fact I felt great, as if I could run a marathon. The journey to the convenience store and back was passed in giggled conversation, with no incident.

9pm------ Upon arriving back to the house, assuming I was at the peak of my trip, I sat back on the couch with 'J' across from me and attempted to close my eyes and relax. However every time I did, in my mind I imagined the room I was sitting in exact detail- as if I had not closed my eyes at all, but with slight differences. Outside the window to my left shadows twisted and morphed into the shape of shadow-men who stared down at me with malevolent empty eyes. Their presence felt very sinister, and I decided against holding my eyes shut.

At this point I began to lose track of time, I am uncertain how much time elapsed between each event, and in some cases what order they happened in. In fact I am unsure whether I was sleeping or awake, for all intents and purposes at some points I simply did not exist All coherent and rational thought was obliterated.

The room spun faster and faster as if going down a drain, a eerie purple light seemed to permeate my very being. The furniture and mundane items seemed to blend into a kaleidoscope of madness and fall endlessly down the drain. When I was finally pulled through to the other side, I saw everything fall back into place exactly as it was. I was in the same room, but I was uncertain whether the one that was pulled down the drain or the one I was sitting in was real.

The room I appeared in seemed exactly the same, 'J' was sitting in the same spot on his laptop however I felt he was a duplicate, a clever recreation designed to trick me; I could not trust him. Other people had appeared in the room as well, some good friends of mine and some people I felt I had never seen before. I carried on seemingly mundane conversations with them from where I sat on the couch when suddenly a voice seemed to echo through my reality. 'Who are you talking to?' It said. The person I was presently speaking with grinned wickedly and disintegrated into dust and blew away,my vision went black and slowly faded back in. For a brief moment, I snapped out of my nightmare. In my momentary infitada of consciousness I found myself sitting in the same room with 'J'- The real one, he asked again 'Who are you talking to?'

I tried to speak but my mouth could not formulate the words my head was thinking, in my mind they seemed to come out perfectly clear and comprehensible, however it seemed he could not understand anything I was saying, I was speaking gibberish. However I could not hold onto a conscious thought long enough to stay in the real world, and soon enough I was pulled back into the 'Fake' version of the room. The conversation with the person who had just vanished into dust seemed to continue right where it left off. Occasionally the terrifying realization that these people were not real would flicker across my consciousness, but I could not hold onto the thought long enough to act on it before my mind was forced upon the next idea. I sat in despair paralyzed as my consciousness seemed to split in two. The side of me that was oblivious to the malicious intent of these impostors, and the side of me that desperately wanted to escape them. I was somehow both of these people at the same time.

The rest of the night was very hazy, I feel I slipped in and out of this world several times. Each time 'J' would ask me who I was talking to I would momentarily snap out of it, only to again succumb to my insanity. The next time I was 'aware' of myself and produced conscious thought was the following morning...

I am not sure if I slept or not, but I finally seemed to be at least back in this reality, or so I thought. I again seemed to alternate between entire normality and utter insanity. I stepped outside onto the porch in the brisk early morning, it was perhaps 7am.

Suddenly I appeared in the middle of the road (Not a busy road fortunately), as if I had teleported there, I have no recollection of moving from the porch to the street
Suddenly I appeared in the middle of the road (Not a busy road fortunately), as if I had teleported there, I have no recollection of moving from the porch to the street
, over 300 feet away. Oddly this didn't seem to faze me, it seemed normal. I decided on a walk down the road because it felt good outside, I walked perhaps two houses down and I saw 'W' (My friend from earlier) sitting in the ditch with a girl I did not recognize. It did not occur to me that we had dropped him off at his house and he was not there, in fact at that point I had zero memory of the night before. We talked for a short time before he interrupted me saying 'None of this is real, you're already dead'. The sun raced over the sky overhead turning morning to evening and as the shadows shifted over where 'W' sat he melded with them and disappeared.

Suddenly a blinding light flashed, and I returned to the brisk cool morning of the real world. 'W' was no longer there, and on the other side of the road one of the neighbors who had been mowing his lawn had stopped and was staring at me. Realizing that I had been standing alongside the road talking to myself and worried that he would potentially call the police, I quickly walked back to J's house. Along the way people and inanimate objects would blink in and out of existence as I quickly transitioned in and out of this shadow world every few seconds. A crowd of people went around me on bikes and impossibly made a 90 degree turn into the woods and smashed into a tree turning into smoke when they did.

When I got back to the house I ran to the bathroom in a panic, I looked in the mirror but the person who stared back at me was not me, I felt like I was burning up, I tore my clothes off and threw them on the floor and they turned into millions of insects and swarmed everywhere. I ran out of the bathroom across the hall into the room, each step below my feet falling into an endless oblivion. I jumped into the bed and closed my eyes, the room span faster and faster until finally sweet darkness took me.

When I awoke, 22 hours had elapsed, my friends were standing around me looking very concerned (I was butt naked asleep in their bed, running a fever of 104, sweating profusely). They fed me and gave me water, the events that had transpired slowly came back to me and my fever stabilized. I felt totally drained, like I had been run over by a truck. I shakily walked into the garage and sat down and smoked a cigarette, where the totality of the fucked up thing that just happened to me began to dawn on me. I felt so fortunate to be back in the realm of the living, I wanted to bend down and kiss the terracotta beneath me.

About 2 hours after I was roused from my stupor, 'A's mother arrived at J's house'. She was clearly shaken and had been crying, and demanded to know what he had taken. Apparently when he went home that night, he freaked out and started hyperventillating which prompted his mother to take him to the hospital. He thought the doctors and nurses were trying to hurt him, and broke one of their noses flailing around while they tried to sedate him. When they finally strapped him down and gave him clonapazam to sedate him, he had a seizure and went into cardiac arrest. He was surviving, but just barely. He remained in a medically induced coma for several days after.

He took only 2 more pills than I did. I firmly believe that I almost died that night, in fact I think that if there does exist a spirit world, that's where I spent that evening. I am not a religious man, but this experience made me question everything.

This is an evil drug, I am not welcome in the spirit world. I do not recommend this to anyone.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 111095
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Dec 16, 2017Views: 7,210
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Dimenhydrinate (17) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Second Hand Report (42), Overdose (29), Entities / Beings (37), Health Problems (27), Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2)

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