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The Physicality of Psytrance
Ketamine & Syrian Rue
by arionthemoon
Citation:   arionthemoon. "The Physicality of Psytrance: An Experience with Ketamine & Syrian Rue (exp111110)". Mar 20, 2018.

  oral Syrian Rue (seeds)
    buccal Cocaine  
    insufflated Ketamine  


The Physicality of Psytrance and Ketamine

I went to a psytrance show, arriving stone cold sober. The aesthetic was psychedelic, the paintings on the walls a combination of alien imagery, swirls and geometric shapes. I met a friend who gave me a handful of African Rue, which turned our tongues glow-in-the-dark green.

We went to a side room with a very different vibe. The door was shaped like a jail cell, with demonic imagery painted on the walls - a woman on a chain being beaten by the devil and a human body that seemed to be blasted open, a tangle of muscle fibers and eyeballs hanging from limp sinews. We did Ketamine off the backs of our hands and picked up someone elseís empty baggie off the table. It had trace amounts of white power in it. We figured it was probably cocaine, and rubbed it on our teeth. It tasted bitter, and a few minutes later the sweet numbness confirmed our suspicions. We entered a silly state, laughing and generally being ridiculous. We licked the inside of the coke baggie clean, joking about dogs licking scraps off dinner plates, and returned to the dance floor. The Ketamine kicked in. I felt something beyond contentment, but short of euphoria.
I felt something beyond contentment, but short of euphoria.
I closed my eyes and the after-image of the artwork around me produced kaleidoscopic visuals, particles dancing in the darkness which formed into shapes that couldnít quite come together to mean anything. I danced and found myself moving in ways that were new to me - a lot of shoulder rolling and hip twisting. I lost all self-consciousness and took great pleasure in the simple act of moving my body. I moved my arms in a goofy, exaggerated gesture, and found it so funny I burst out laughing. I was having a lot of fun just moving, my usual stream of thought about the past and future blessedly paused.

I danced some more and decided Iíd like to make out with someone. It was more of an impulse than a desire. I thought it would be nice to touch someoneís face, to have some kind of physical contact. I tuned into that frequency, but no one who approached me caught my interest. The impulse faded and I continued to dance. The dance floor became a swirl of beautiful faces, neon colors and pulsing bodies. I took a break which became the end.

The comedown left me feeling tired but peaceful, within the range of normal. I doubt Iíll have a hangover. Overall, a positive experience - not the most intense trip ever, but a good combination to touch the transcendent without breaking through, and still be functional the next day.

[Reported Dose: "Ketamine 0.2 grams, cocaine trace amounts, African Rue a thumbprint"]

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 111110
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: Mar 20, 2018Views: 1,025
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Ketamine (31), Syrian Rue (45) : Combinations (3), Rave / Dance Event (18)

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