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I Am But a Dollar in the Hypercube's Wallet
by Solsand
Citation:   Solsand. "I Am But a Dollar in the Hypercube's Wallet: An Experience with MDA & DMT (exp111131)". Nov 8, 2017.

T+ 0:00
350 mg oral MDA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:45 150 mg oral MDA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00 1 hit vaporized DMT  
  T+ 0:00 1 hit vaporized DMT  


So I started with .35g mda orally and then redosed .15g about 1 hour 45 minutes later. I set up my trip station then. I brought 11 notebooks, 2 UV jackets, a mushroom pulled canvas painting, and a friend's collection of 25 of my stickers, some of which fade colors based upon the led strip light fade color change. That change happens every 0.375 seconds, and has 7 color changes. There were 3 strip lights set to different fade times that I wrapped around the 'tripstation chair'.

So I settled down on a couch cushion and wrapped myself in a blanket. I scooped up what looked like .15g dimitry, in retrospect, could've been .2g. Thirty second wait, cheers- blast off. Instantly my vision is clouded with a geometric webbing, perhaps like wireframe neon flares with very hair thin, laser-like, brightly colored spindles connecting them. It moves both with my head motion but also retains surface interaction with the walls and shapes of objects in the room.

I'm staring straight ahead, however my depth of field is changing between the sketches that are closer to me to the ones that are farther away. In astonishing detail and without moving my eyes I watched the line strokes and colors rearrange into highly complex, kaleidoscopic prisms that came out towards the viewer (me). I opened my eyes wider as the prisms bent on a strange and unfamiliar axis, which also felt like it had the act of pushing me back (maybe into hyper speed?).

I was still present in this reality and at 3 minutes and 30 seconds I served up .2g more dimitry, which I ask my trip sitter to prepare for me. At 4:30 I take a second dab.

I'm transported in a body-mind separating portal that powderized me before rearranging my brain's consciousness in a warehouse with metallic grey floors and metallic yellow shelving. In the corners of my vision I view movement.

I move my actual head as if to say the trip was set in as augmented reality and had mapped the area around me and like I was wearing a vr headset, I could look around 360 degrees. The movement is now making itself more known. I observe a cube facing me so I can see three planes equally. The cube is rearranging itself in a kaleidoscopic symmetry fashion. It appears to be made of many millions of brightly colored metal pipes. Sections would slice open and very clearly become liquid before finding a new host pipe to seal onto in a magnetic liquid welding instant seal. The moment I observed it, I realized it was inside of my consciousness. I was aware of its consciousness, and it was aware of mine.
I was aware of its consciousness, and it was aware of mine.
As if that's where he hangs out just waiting for somebody to show up and blow their mind. 'I cant get the fucking time turtle out of my head rick' moment ensues where the moment of realization occurs that it's communicating with me telepathically and trying to display the complexities of the 4th dimension as a representation of time.

I then realize that my head had been replaced by the hypercube. The moment of realization is not reveled in, for then I was in the mind of the hypercube. He opened his file cabinet of time knowledge and displayed a very fine accordion of paper-thin time slices, all represented by this yellow and red microtubule symmetrical super-arrangement, with accurate, however extremely discomforting reflections as I was unfamiliar with the source of the light.

I'm experiencing auditory hallucinations reflective of both a talented digereedoo player and an alien-seeming dialect of mostly guttural noises and droning, but I interpreted as an unending focus that had a hold on me while I was in this realm. I feel like each level of consciousness has occurred both instantly and somehow also has stretched time dramatically each layer deeper. I was in the time cabinet flipping through now-moments like photos in an album.

I'm in the time cabinet for what I know at the surface level is 3-4 seconds because I make the understanding that the color changes I'm experiencing in the trip are associated with the color fade on strip lights that change every 0.375 seconds. My now-time in the time cabinet is pulled thin and stretched until I myself shrink to a 2d plane and align myself among the yellow and red microtubules of interconnected, accordianed time slices. I am but another dollar bill in the wallet of the hypercube's file cabinet.

I came out of it massively relieved. Both to have survived such a traumatizing shock of such an extreme blast off, and to have been given a shot at observing the machine elves consciousness and his/her understanding of time-space transportation as an easily-accessible contact book.

Tl;dr: I took a double dab (4 minutes separated) on .5g mda and was shown a file cabinet of 4th dimensional accordion slices of time, all telepathically shown to me in all conceivable languages at the same time in almost a hypnotoad way. The hypercube of interference pattern ripples of neon yellow, liquid, metallic piping undulating on the interior of my consciousness.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 111131
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: Nov 8, 2017Views: 1,123
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MDA (34) : Combinations (3), Entities / Beings (37), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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