Jittery and Much More Focused
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  repeated insufflated N-Ethylhexedrone (powder / crystals)
Inside Look Into Hex-en Comparisons and Tips

Having experienced Cocaine multiple times, It was interesting to see how this compound holds and how accurate the descriptions were in regards to being ďCoke-likeĒ.

I had acquired a 14-gram bag of Hex-en, the price was like what one would get for 2-3 grams of Cocaine. This synthetic compound was chunks of rock, very similar to Cocaine yet the rocks were thick, some chunks were not as easy to break.

I started by the regular ritual, crushed the hex-en rocks, and set up lines as I would normally for Cocaine. The first line sent a burn down my nose, very intense and harsh and in line with other synthetic compounds that Iíve used intranasally.

I was at an apartment and before heading out for the night, decided to give it a try. After the burn settled in a minute, I could feel a rush taking over. It was quite intense, short-lived, yet I did not find it to be as intense as the first line of Cocaine, without a doubt this was a strong rush and depending on purity, it will produce a stronger rush than the stepped on impure street level cocaine (letís not forget some products of cocaine are mixed with levamisole which could be life threatening).

After the rush faded, there was a start difference I noticed. Hex-en felt very similar to an amphetamine. Later on that night, it felt more stimulating and I wasnít running out of energy as fast. Redosing a few times and eventually the Rush faded away however the stimulant effects were not wearing off. Cocaine would eventually run its course, I can head to bed but with this I felt jittery and much more focused as well as energized.
I felt jittery and much more focused as well as energized.
Yet difficult to sleep, the crash is a bit more amphetamine like, but compared to other substances like Methylphenidate, Dexedrine, Methamphetamine, Ethylphenidate etc it was much smoother. Easier to eat and I can imagine one can sleep off without having to use a combination of downers.

The effects are similar, a chatty mood, very positive enjoyment of music, very deep introspective conversations, but fair warning, just like cocaine this is a very fiendish and addictive substance. I found once the rush wears off almost completely, the fiendish nature to redose becomes a compulsion if not handled properly and it can keep me up for a day (or two). I enjoyed it, price wise and purity sake it was the quintessential ďcoke-liteĒ. One will be better off with this then purchasing Cocaine from unknown dealers, and with that substance paying extra for better quality is recommended (or almost necessary).

I woke up next day, out of whack, but that is to be expected. I took a few lines in the morning (20mg) and felt an intense rush as before, but it is very easy to get caught up in the rush and completely neglect important matters that needs my attention. I bumped it for a day (5-10mg). It was still providing energy and making it easy to go through the day with an hour or two of sleep but now desire to redose was becoming more sinister and paranoia started hitting by the end of the day. I decided to take Xanax and sleep it off. Third day, skipped it but didnít feel all that crashy, I ate a lot and supplemented Magnesium and Calcium and in two days I felt back to normal.

Hex-en is still not as smooth down the nasal. This does get my nose very stuffy, and it is much more caustic. Iíve had various batches from powder to rocks and purity varies as well as the quality, but it isnít as variable as how the quality of Cocaine would vary from dealer to dealer. It doesnít numb me though, sometimes I notice the upper lip turn numb but happened perhaps one or two times.

Due to the caustic nature, one should really take precaution and use a nasal rinse, do not mistake this as a substance that wonít pose a risk towards addiction, this is very much as addicting as cocaine and if one decides to binge and miss a night of rest things will hit the downward spiral so be careful.

Hence, is it like Cocaine? Iíd go against the grain and state it isnít. It is a fair comparison, but this still feels to me more amphetamine after the initial dose it makes me much more jittery and has a better focus lock but not as ďcalm and coolĒ as Iím on Cocaine. it might have certain uses for concentration or focus but due to the fiendish nature I would be cautious in approaching this matter.

Iíve killed the 14 grams in 2 weeks and at the end still craved for more
Iíve killed the 14 grams in 2 weeks and at the end still craved for more
, not as sinister as cocaine cravings but can be devastating. Remember to hydrate yourself, if you are using it as a social outing, remember to keep most of the stash at home and limit yourself. Jaw clenching can occur, Magnesium, I find, helps with that issue.

Overall, Iím not disappointed it wasnít as good as Cocaine for me but for that price and purity Iím satisfied with the results.

Summarized effects:
[Multiple doses 20mg redosed 40mg every 2 hours]

The rush lasts anywhere from 10-45 minutes, stimulation after-effects can last 4-8 hours, redosing will eventually reduce the rush until it vanishes yet I still felt the stimulating effects after each redose and kept me energized. I didnít feel like I could come down with each redose yet my sinus kept getting clogged. I did feel a lot of vasocontraction, dry mouth, jaw clench, and some instances of paranoia and anxiety as the effects started to wear off.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 111173
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Oct 29, 2017Views: 4,844
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