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MDMA's Twin Brother With a Little Twist
Citation:   candyeater. "MDMA's Twin Brother With a Little Twist: An Experience with 5-APB (exp111192)". Erowid.org. Jun 4, 2019. erowid.org/exp/111192

30 - 60 mg oral 5-APB
I had heard a lot of good things about 5-apb and I finally got my hands on some, got it from a reputable source. I have used mdma over 200 times in my life, and have tried many many other drugs that I will leave anonymous, but hearing about this really hyped me up. Knowing that this stuff is the potency rating by three times, I decided to take this RC with extreme caution.

Day 1 - 1st time - Ingested 30 mg - Took about 2 hours to feel effects, and when I did feel them, it was just a little euphoria lingering for the next four hours. Now I did try to play with my eyes, and they wiggled back and forth just like being on mdma. This amount was definitely a tease, from the experience that I had, a bigger dose would do the job.

Day 4 - 2nd time – Ingested 40mg – Took about 2:30 hours in to feel effects, I was feeling pretty good, but very much like the first time, where there was a little euphoria going on for the next four hours. Eyes fluttered if attempted, feeling good, good boost of energy, great mood, happy. However, it was definitely a tease and I really wanted to drop another 40mg. But didn’t. One thing I would like to bring up is when the 5-apb kicks in, it comes in slow and gradually onsets
when the 5-apb kicks in, it comes in slow and gradually onsets
, it doesn’t hit me hard like mdma; I personally like the slower onset, feels smoother and I can expect it.

Day 6 - 3rd time – I have been craving it so bad and I could not wait another day so I decided that I am ready for my 3rd time – was suppose to Ingested 60 mg at 7:00pm but I was so nervous that I didn’t ingest it until 11pm.

0:00 Ingested 60 mg of 5-apb - Knowing that it will take a couple of hours to hit, I knew I was going to have a hard time staying awake until it did hit. Pretty much was on the computer or playing clash royale, and talking to wife.

1:15 Took shower, and then turn on Bluetooth headphones and started jamming to music getting ready for the hit, I did start to feel some tingleness here and there knowing that it may be here soon.

2:30 its 1:30am and I have concluded that this stuff is bunk, maybe I need another 10 or 20 mg to get that hit I was looking for. I continue to play Clash Royale and start to doze off.

3:00 BAM IT HIT ME…. EUPHORIA that I can’t even describe. I am in complete happiness, I am feeling good. My body is tingling, sex would be awesome, this is the MDMA feeling I have been waiting for for so long and I finally get to experience it again. I am enjoying life, enjoying my music; I have a little smile and grin on my face I cannot wash off. Feeling is great and I do not want this to ever end. I basically peaked like this for the next two hours. The longest peak I have ever experienced. This is definitely MDMA but more sedated, I am not really wanting to get up and dance, I felt so good to the point I just stood there and enjoyed the feeling and I didn’t want to move, I was in complete happiness. Eyes extremely dilated, very very very sensitive to light. I am a cannabis smoker, and I know cannabis enhances the effects, however I felt so good that I did not smoke during my peak.

5:30 – it woke up and realized I dozed off and took about a 30 minute nap, I really wish I did not do that because I missed some of my peak, when I woke up. Smoked some cannabis to get the rush back, still felt really really good but the peak was definitely over. Eyes still somewhat dilated. Still cannot believe I felt so good just a few hours ago. Very very satisfied with this roll, very very content until the next time. Come down is not bad at all, was able to function and do my normal daily routine and work without any issues.

This stuff is strong, I have heard redosing on 5-apb is not a good idea, the first does should just be enough to hit me good, I do not need more to feel better. That initial dosegot me and lasted longer than you expect. 5-apb is the closest thing to MDMA, my opinion.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 111192
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 32
Published: Jun 4, 2019Views: 3,824
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5-APB (561) : Alone (16), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1)

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