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Incredible But...
Kratom & Cannabis
by Saint
Citation:   Saint. "Incredible But...: An Experience with Kratom & Cannabis (exp111212)". Jun 22, 2019.

T+ 0:00
    Cannabis (daily)
  T+ 0:00 5 g oral Kratom (ground / crushed)
  T+ 2:30 2 g oral Kratom (ground / crushed)
  T+ 2:30   smoked Cannabis - High THC  
  T+ 6:00   smoked Cannabis - High THC  
  T+ 6:00 3 g oral Kratom (ground / crushed)


First Time Kratom Experience - Incredible But...

Last night my wife and received a 4oz package of high quality Red Bali Kratom power which we had ordered online last week- The reason for my interest in Kratom is because someone very close to me has an Opiate addiction caused by decades of doctor prescribed drugs and were recently informed that they were being nearly cut off due to the new regulations - I was looking for something to help this person (and hopefully keeping them from hitting the streets for illicit narcotics) and I began researching Kratom.

This person I am trying to help is in their late 60s and rather than just give them information or something I had ordered online I felt it necessary to try it myself- Not to mention I was a bit curious and thought that it may be a nice drug to keep around the house in case I am ever in some sort of pain.

I'm a 42 year old male, daily Cannabis user and social drinker. My experience with drugs runs the gauntlet as I've done just about everything (except crack cocaine, heroin and any of the synthetic drugs like bath salts and whatever that have recently been a trend) but the only drugs I've ever used to any real degree has been Cannabis (used daily since about 16 years of age) and powdered Cocaine (used weekly from about age 20 to 27) but from age 27 until now the only things I've really used have been Cannabis and occasionally alcohol.

I've never really liked opiates as a recreational drug and except for a few occasions in my youth, never 'partied' with them- Pretty much only took them if they were prescribed and for the most part followed the dosage my doctor had written.

My wife's experiences with drugs have mainly been Cannabis (which she did not begin using until we had already been married and she was in her early 30s) and Alcohol (which I'm not even certain I would classify her drinking as even being 'social' since she might have 2-3 glasses of wine over a 6 month period) other than that she never even experimented in her youth and was completely anti-drug when we were dating to the point I would have to leave the room in my own house to smoke a joint because she hated the smell lol...She is now a daily user of Cannabis because I have corrupted her. =)

Anyhow, I'm not going to say the place I ordered from but I researched alot of places and settled with this one because it was known for very potent product.


I weighed out 5 grams on an electric scale for myself and 3 grams for my wife (shes around 105 lbs) and then mixed the powder up with Ovaltine powder (lol- Rich, chocolate Ovaltine for the win!) and made 2 ovaltine shakes spiked with the Kratom...It was really difficult to mix because the power wanted to clump out and so properly mixing the shakes probably took around 20- 30 mins.

We sat and watched the news while sipping our shakes and tbh the Ovaltine really masked the taste quite well and the shakes were not bad. A bit 'earthy' but overall it wasnt nearly as foul as I'd been led to believe- After finishing our shakes I made us each another (without adding kratom) in the same cup to get the remaining power mixed together.


I was feeling it, a warm 'glowing' feeling but nothing too intense- We were avoiding smoking any cannabis at this point so we could better discern the effects
We were avoiding smoking any cannabis at this point so we could better discern the effects
but the best way I could describe this was like perhaps taking a couple of tylonol 3 (do they even make those anymore?) while on a very, very low done of MDMA. It was pleasant but not nearly as strong as what I thought it would be in terms of being a replacement for an opiate.

10:30 pm-

Was really feeling about the same type of effect as I was at 9pm but a bit stronger (maybe like taking three tylenol 3) and at this point I am thinking to myself that this is 'real' in terms of a drug that is valid for people looking for a new drug but its nothing like what I had been led to believe because I've been much higher off of Doctor prescribed opiates when taking them properly (in terms of a body buzz) but this was pleasant in other ways- I wasnt 'high' but certainly felt a some euphoria along with that warm and glowing feeling.

It was 'good' but not what I was looking for to use as a substitute to help the person with opiate withdrawal- And tbh, I'm not looking for another 'drug' to do as cannabis and Alcohol are all I'm about these days.

I make us each another 2 grams 'shot' in a shotglass and used grapefruit juice for the liquid...It was horrible tasting lol. At this point I am 7 grams and my wife is on 5.

We smoked a bowl of very high quality cannabis (close to 24% THC ) and kicked on audiobook- We're old and dont really listen to music like we used to =P

11:30 PM

The effects are coming on stronger at this point and its feeling less like a low grade dose of MDMA and more like a narcotic. Things begin getting kind of dreamlike, I'm itching some, speaking slow and feeling really quite good- Unlike traditional narcotics though I'm not feeling tired...Its strange, I'm relaxed, feeling no pain and a very nice body buzz like I'm a high dose of opiate pain pills but without the tiredness. We went back to the bedroom to lay down and continue to listen to the audiobook.

Now, I'm not trying to be crude here and normally would skip this but I feel its important to tell you (because this was an effect). We began messing around and at some point had sex- I could not reach orgasm and it was clearly because of the Kratom.
I could not reach orgasm and it was clearly because of the Kratom.
I generally last a very long time under normal circumstances but this was not the same- After well over an hour I thought I was going to have a heart attack (not really, lol) but I just gave up because it wasnt happening- It was 'fun' and I didnt feel unsatisfied (which again, is weird because when I cant orgasm because of too much alcohol I am NOT satisfied and it drives me nuts).

Somewhere around 2 am-

We came out to eat, smoked another half a bowl (maybe 3 hits each) and my wife got really sick- Out of nowhere she went from feeling fine to throwing up without even making it to the bathroom- She was clammy, had cold sweats and not feeling well at all (she had been fine)- I put her to bed.

I then made myself another 3 gram shot (putting me up to 10 grams total) and again it was terrible (Ovaltine shake seems to be the way to go here if I have the time and energy to mix it up for 20 mins) and then I laid down....


It seemed to all kick in.

I was laying down (not sleeping) and visions were flashing in my mind, weird images of really strange things (like Donald duck and other weird pictures) that looked so crisp and clear it was like my mind was in high definition- I was in a waking dream-state and felt like I was floating while nodding in and out of consciousness and having really fast 'waking dreams' that lasted a few seconds (and were insanely vivid) and then morphed into a new 'dream'.

My body was vibrating- Like I could feel the pulse of the earth (not that I was physically vibrating) and I felt the most intense body buzz I have ever experienced- Have you ever woken up and still been mostly asleep and felt a 'pulse' through your body for a few seconds- It was like that but way more intense and wasnt just a 'few seconds'.

The intensity of this was like nothing I had ever experienced- I got up to pee and felt like I was half in this world and half in a dream world and could barely feel my own body- As soon as I made it back to bed the flashing images returned and I was back in that weird state.

I have no idea how long it lasted - Pretty much all night I was in and out (even while sleeping) and still highly intoxicated
Pretty much all night I was in and out (even while sleeping) and still highly intoxicated
- I had a terrible headache but even though my head was pounding the rest of me felt great and it wasnt really bothering me until this morning when I woke up (and a couple aspirin killed the headache) but when I was laying there it was like I knew my headache was intense but I didnt care because the pulses going through my body would draw my attention away.

Make no mistake- This is a powerful drug. This is not what I was expecting as this was far more hardcore. I was drugged- I expected this to be more like taking a few strong opiate pills and at first I was disappointed but later on once I had the whole 'waking dream' thing happen to me I realized this is something much more than that. This is really powerful stuff.

My own feelings right now are mixed. I've heard so many people downplay the 'addiction' aspect to this and in my limited experience I really dont know- I do know that the high I got was incredible and I could see this being very addicting, far more so than what I can even see with opiates (again, my experience there is limited but the pain pills I've taken have done nothing like this to me) this was one of the most pleasant experiences I have had once the drug fully hit me and put me in that dream state it was incredible.

I'm really not sure what to think at this point-

Obviously I'm for keeping this legalized but then again I hold Libertarian views about drugs and think almost everything should be legal- But make no mistake here- This is a powerful drug and just because its legal and available online doesnt make this any less powerful than street drugs- I would classify this as a 'hard drug'.

Will I use it again?

...Yes. And that in and of itself is a bit of a red flag- I never took this with the intention of finding a new drug to use but rather to test it before giving it to someone else. That was such a pleasant and intense experience that I will be doing it again and that never was my intention.

If it worked (and IT WORKED) I planned to keep some around the house if I ever needed it for pain, but not for recreational use and that was just thrown out the window. I've always had great self control with drugs and dont see things changing in that regard but this will be something I use in a semi regular basis (perhaps bi-monthly) because the experience was fantastic.

Anyhow I wanted to share my experience and let everyone know that this stuff is no joke and this isnt a soft drug like cannabis- At least the stuff we got.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 111212
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 42 
Published: Jun 22, 2019Views: 12,667
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