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I Decided I Wanted to Open My Mind to New Things
25I-NBOMe sold as LSD
Citation:   Mrsir. "I Decided I Wanted to Open My Mind to New Things: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe sold as LSD (exp111215)". Jun 21, 2019.

T+ 0:00
1 hit oral 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
  T+ 2:00 1 hit oral 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
First Trip

This trip report is based off my experience in 2014, before I graduated high school. I had always been interested in the use of psychedelics and expanding my mind and reaching out to the universe and honestly since a child I have always been looking for an answer.

The year is 2014, I am halfway through senior year and I had never tried any psychedelic before I just tried weed since 2009 before high school and was a frequent user. I decided I wanted to expand my mind and open my mind to new things. I wanted to do LSD, for a while if anything just because I heard of so many positive experiences and much less bad experiences I would hear about rarely mostly on the internet.

I decided I was going to give it a try so I called my friend A, I'm not gonna say his name to keep him anonymous but he found me a dealer. The guy called me and he told me he'd be able to come by right now so I said sure. I only got one and I didnt realy have any particular plan. I didnt really know what was ahead of me.

My friend A was still with me, and I told him I was nervous but he told me he'd be with me for at least the first two hours which kind of comforted me. He told me it would last a while, at least 4 hours and shit to which I thought okay, little did I know the trip is 8 hours. So around 5:30 pm maybe I bought the tabs and by 6:15 I was getting ready to take the tab.

6:15 PM [0:00] Inserted tab
The first thing I notice is the taste and its not horrible, but I definitely taste something kinda funny and bad tasting. It wasnt as bad as some but keep in mind this was my first tab ever and was sold to me as LSD
this was my first tab ever and was sold to me as LSD
. I knew nothing of research chemicals before this.

6:30 [15:00] : I still have the tab in my mouth and I really dont feel anything in particular but still am tasting the chemical and just milked it for what it had.

6:45 [30:00] So at this point I'm pretty sure I decided to spit out the tab already because it was shredded on my tounge so I just swallowed maybe. At this point we're on the way to the park across the street from my neighborhood and am just waiting for the feeling to hit me so I could see what it would feel like, On the way to the park, I remember at some point just getting quiet. A, who was with me was all chill and I was just happy and expressive but then I just switched moods it was weird. So then as we get closer to the nature trails in the park with A I start to get nervous no visuals but I just feel different, I'm noticing a lot more little things than usual like leaves falling and what not. My friend asked me at first if I felt anything and I wasnt until now. I was walking down the trail and there are these red yellow big maple leaves on the ground on the dirt and all of them just seem to be popping out at me so much more than usual. This intrigues me and I immediately start to notice all these bright vibrant colors on the leaves that I've never noticed before.

7:15 [60:00]
At this point I've been feeling the come up and dont love it that much, I've been noticing my heart rate speeding up but nothing TOO uncomfortable. We've walked around for about 30 mins and I've basically started to get some visuals and intensity in colors but nothing too extreme so I guess these tabs werent so powerful even though I was still tripping.

7:45 PM [1:30]
Me and A get back to my neighborhood, we end up meeting with my boy C, and I was about to go home but I still felt the effect of the drug and I just didnt want to go home already because that felt boring. A told me he didnt want to try a tab yet but then I begged C, I got so desperate I told him I'd pay for it. I wanted to trip more and longer, thinking my trip was over.

8:00 PM I call the dealer again but this time I need two tabs so he comes by and gives them to me. At this point A went home and C and me were ready to take the tabs so by 8:15 we take one tab each so at this point I'm on 2. I told C not to worry that I was good enough on 1 and since I'm on 2 hes not gonna go through anything as hard as me and I think this comforted him.

8:15 [2:00] I drop my second tab now and we decide to walk to the park but except its night time now. As we walk we discuss the taste and I was simply explaining to him the experience. As C waits for his come up I'm already coming up quicker off my first one plus the second.

8:35 [2:20] At this point we're at the nature trails again in our park and we decide to get around the trails, the dark would be maybe too trippy. This thought aggrivated me though and I wanted to face my fear of the dark on this drug for some reason. As we walk to this field behind the nature trails, there is orange lighting from the street light posts emitting onto the grass on the field. This was my first hallucination because it looked like the green grass was now orange and the field went on for half a mile almost. I told C wow man the grass it looks orange neon. I could tell he wasnt feeling the SAME way because he just kind of looked at me but I could tell he wanted to know the feeling.

[??:??] As we are walking down this long field I really start to notice my sense of time going away and almost like loosing sense of my common sense. I'm still feeling good though and just having a good time.
I'm still feeling good though and just having a good time.

[??:??] Me and C are just conversing about randomness and we are just walking and almost nearing the end of this long field which had like slants on both the right and left side kind of like a hill the whole way down (I know, weird field). When me and C get to the end of the field the light of the street lights is gone, there are no street lights and its dark. This obviously changed the mood drastically and C hesitated. Then me and C start hearing things. As we both became quiet we could hear all these noises coming from a tree in the dark, to which C started tripping, and so did I. They were squirrels, in the tree, conversing, climbing, playing with each other and we could hear all those noise so clearly. It honestly felt like a scene out of a horror movie. All the while I'm trying to tell my self they're just squirrels dude.

[???] C did not want to go at all, I could tell this is where his trip kick in and I have never in my life felt this, it was the power of fight or flight instinct on an acid trip. It was terrifying looking into C's eyes because I could sense all the fear in the world just staring right back at me, it was weird, made me feel insecure and completely insane because I got really scared as well. So I convince him to go through and walk with me because I told him we were gonna go through the trails to return to the park to then later walk home.

At first C was okay with this but as soon as he stared into the darkness of the trails he got so scared he said nah this is not the trail, trust me theres another trail. It made me so confused I felt lost in the world and didnt know where to go as this was the only trail there. Once again terror set in and I told him dont be scared its just darkness and I said I'll lead because I know this trail like the back of my hand. I was in for the biggest trip of my life...

C was so scared he shut his eyes and he held the back of my shirt because he was that scared. When I started walking I turned my iphone light on and to my surprise there was a tree palm that turned into a face when I shined my light on it. This scared me so much I actually decided to turn the light off and tell C its better if we just walk. So now I'm walking through the pitch black trail with my eyes wide open pupils like saucers but all I see is darkness. As we walk through about halfway I kind of lose sense of where I am so I decided to turn my light on. As I turned my light on, I knew I recognized this part of the trail but it looked completely different and the trail happened to open up and get really wide then really thin at the end almost giving a tunnel effect which seemed to stretch more and more when I turned on my light so I quickly turned it off now that knew where I was.

[????] At this point I'm almost out of the trail and all I could see are the light posts in the park with all sort of different color light bulbs. As we get near the exit and I could see out of the trail, my pupils were so adjusted to the dark now that every single light on in the park seemed to be bouncing off the street back up to the light posts and every single on. At this point I honestly felt lost in space and it felt so good. The stop signs were melting, the cement beneath me was gooey and seemed to be melting as well. Everything that emitted or reflected light so impacting my field of vision severely and it was as if I was not in the same world, as if I was in another dimension because nothing looked the same. I dont know if C felt the same way, but I was on two stamps as well making a big difference. The whole walk back through the park was just the most beautiful thing ever and changed my perception on my life. The front of my apartment complex seemed to be like a neon forest because of the lights reflecting off palm trees in the front. At this point I'm just tripping way too hard to go home so me and C decide to go to a chill spot and literally just look at the moon. The stars were flickering, all of them and the deeper I looked into the sky the more stars I saw like I was looking into the universe and it was looking at me. It was honestly incredible. We honestly spent the peak of the trip there probably 2 hours just laying down on the grass relaxing which was right by a canal so super relaxing. There was also something super trippy about the reflection in the water and it was like looking into another dimension. After enjoying our trip we went to my house.

[2:30 AM???] I'm not sure what time it was but we went to my house as I promised C he could sleep over since he didnt want his mom to notice anything. I didnt know it was so hard to sleep on this drug as we literally talked ourselves to sleep until 4-5 AM???? I noticed I was tripping so hard it was as if someone was flashing a strobe light from inside my brain and my eyes were strobing every time I would look at my roof. As we talked about life and our trip I would close my eyes just to see if it would go away and very slowly it did. We basically shared my bed, his head on one side and mine on the other and my feet on a chair on the side of the bed. Eventually we just fell asleep.

This was my first trip ever and it was so blissful/ complex its unforgettable. The next day I tried to trip again but knew nothing of tolerance so I actually took a tab and felt nothing lol. Later I took more tabs but thats another trip story.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 111215
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Jun 21, 2019Views: 1,209
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25I-NBOMe (542) : Public Space (Museum, Park, etc) (53), Nature / Outdoors (23), What Was in That? (26), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2)

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