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Didnt Breakthrough
DMT & Cannabis
by xan_man
Citation:   xan_man. "Didnt Breakthrough: An Experience with DMT & Cannabis (exp111224)". Mar 17, 2021.

3 hits   DMT
    repeated smoked Cannabis


Prior drug experience is, daily weed smoking, was addicted to tramadol and vyvanse, had done tons of lsd and mushrooms 2 times. So, I had been planning to do the dmt for about 2 days. I had bought a breakthrough dose. The dmt was extracted into tea, I think this made it weaker and led me to not breakthrough. My friend, letís call him S came to my house at about 8:30pm to pick me up. He was a grade higher and had a car. First we went to my friend letís call him Lís house. We went in his backyard on his patio (his parents werenít home) and rolled up a backwoods and smoked it with S,L and Lís brother. I was smoking daily at the time so I wasnít feeling much. Just a nice buzz. We chilled at Lís house for about 2 hours then it was time to do the dmt. By now, Lís parents were home so we told them we were going to the park right across from Lís house. We got to the park and L took out his cheap portable bong from his bag. I pulled out my bag of dmt and packed the bowl. L lit the bowl for me and I took 3 large rips without blowing any of the smoke out. I held it in for about 25 seconds.

T+00:00:20 20 seconds in and I feel very very light. There is nothing on my mind. My consciousness is completely blank.

T+00:01 I feel as if I am floating, I went into the experience hoping to breakthrough and I felt as if I was about to. My vision to very red. Everything had a red tint.

T+00:02 I am now very confused, my friends ask me questions and I just reply with ďwhatĒ vision is still a red tint. I have lots of euphoria. This continues for at least 10 minutes.

T+00:12 vision returning to normal, still am the slightest confused. Almost like I had a beer or 2. At this time multiple people that I donít know very well, or even at all arrive at the park. Thereís at least 12 kids here.

T+00:20 still feel a bit buzzed but now, itís turned into a stimulated buzz, very similar to a high dose of caffeine. I am hanging with S and L and like 5 people I donít know. We are sitting in a circle underneath a playground. One of the kids I donít know pulled out a bowl and started smoking, I was sitting right next to him so naturally he asked if I wanted to hit it. I accepted his off and took 4 large hits without blowing any smoke out. I often do this when I am smoking anything. Instantly my vision changed to that reddish tint again. Now what also came with it is LOADS of euphoria. That ends the trip there because I didnít experience anything ďpsychedelicĒ after that.

I have smoked dmt multiple after this occasion one time even on LSD and still havenít broken through. I guess the quality of the dmt in my town is poor. Recently, a friend of mine has acquired a gram of pure dmt crystals. He has already broken through on it. I am really interested in breaking through so Iím probably going to give it a try. I am now 16 and have a lot more experiences with all types of psychedelic drugs. Anyways, wish me luck!

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 111224
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 15 
Published: Mar 17, 2021Views: 131
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DMT (18), Cannabis (1) : General (1), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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