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The 7th Level of Hell Killing Machine
Citation:   David Allen. "The 7th Level of Hell Killing Machine: An Experience with DMT (exp111225)". Erowid.org. Mar 4, 2019. erowid.org/exp/111225

40 mg smoked DMT  
    smoked DMT (daily)
I had been taking DMT every day now for about 6 weeks. The process is always the same. Wait until about 9pm, load up my homemade DMT machine and go for it. On some nights maybe 3 hits a night's I'd start earlier. On this particular night it was hit no.2 that was going to break me down big time.

My pipe machine consists of a meth oil pipe pushed through a 0.5 L water bottle at the back, sideways on to the mouth opening, taped up with duct tape. This 'machine' will breakthrough on one hit most of the time.

I had cleaned the pipe of all the black nasty stuff the day before. I find the black stuff gives bad experiences so I was expecting some good experiences to happen tonight. However, I have to say that the more DMT I was doing, the less good stuff I was seeing and the more bad. The general theme of my DMT experiences is heaven and hell. I have even been literally 'possessed' and had conversations with God whilst on DMT.

Hit 1:
So, I load up the pipe and go for it. I see demons in the room. In front of me where the TV is there are more of them, and the darker the shadows get the worse looking the demons get. Where there is light, there are fewer if any. When closing my eyes all I could see were demons, red demons. Now, I had seen plenty of demons in my time so I wasn’t particularly bothered by these ones, in fact I found them a little amusing so I got my camera phone out and looked through it to take video of them and they weren’t there. I thought this strange because if it was all in my kind I’d expect them to be on the phone, but they were invisible to it. So I thought perhaps the phone could be used as a defence tool against looking at evil stuff. But I also wondered if they were hiding. Anyways, they weren’t doing much other than giving evil looking glares, but like I said, I’m used to all this by now.

An hour went by.

Hit 2:
Taking on board my phone discovery I propped it up on the table to record video of the TV to see what would happen. I also got out my EMF meter as I wondered if this would go off when the beings arrived. A little experiment I thought. I put on Katy Perry’s ‘Darkhorse’ on the TV. Sometimes I see entities on the TV or the TV colours change, so I thought it would be interesting to see if my phone would record it. I loaded the pipe, pressed record on the phone, and took a big hit this time, maybe 0.04g of strong DMT. I knew this was going to be a particularly big one because my lungs were taking a lot in, and when I felt like choking I breathed in a little through my nose at the same time to really fill up my lungs all the way. This technique stops me choking and I continue to get more in the lungs!

Right away I knew I was in trouble. I saw hellish symbols on the walls. I was physically and brutally slaughtered in my chair. As I looked down I could see my blood everywhere, my throat was being ripped open, my stomach gutted and torn open, my heart exposed. I could feel the pain, I knew for real I was dead in this world and this was the end for me, I was terrified, and unable to move, but I kept saying “no, no, no, WTF, no, WTF, WTF!!” etc etc. But it got far worse.

My soul was ripped out of my body and I was transported to the 7th level of hell. I've been shown the different levels of hell before, briefly, and each one gets much much worse. In hell I was locked into a killing machine. The machine was green and had moving parts and it was situated straight in front of me, close to me. It was all I could see, this vile contraption. I couldn’t move, I was locked in and my body was totally physically disabled.
I was locked in and my body was totally physically disabled.
The machine killed me again, I could feel all the pain all over again, in my throat, in my body, everywhere. I tried to close my eyes but I could still see it all, it didn’t matter eyes open, or shut, it was all still there, and there was no escape. The Darkhorse track on the TV said 'once your mine there’s no going back', and in that instant I knew I was trapped in the 7th level of hell for eternity to be killed over and over again for eternity. Never being able to close my eyes, always experiencing being killed over and over again for trillions of years, my soul trapped in infinite death and torment, never being released. No sleep, no respite, an infinity of torture. I was killed again and again. The feeling was beyond the comprehension of evil, torment and pain, this was hell in all sense of the word in every way.

Then, I was removed from the machine and transported back to my body. God had rescued me, but now I was literally possessed by God. He had control over my body. He controlled my movements and my thoughts. Now and again he would show me visions of hell and torment, he would make demons appear here and there and I would plead with him not to show them to me. We chatted for a while, and he told me he was looking after me, that he loved me, and that I was an angel sent to earth in the body of a human to help people. That I had chosen the job of helping normal people, and that it was an honourable job. God also told me nobody would listen to me because he’s been around for millennia and nobody listens to him! I asked God what his name was and he told me I knew the answer, that God’s name is ineffable and not to bother asking. I was then released.

This whole experience lasted ‘normal time’ 70 minutes. I had a 5-hour real time DMT literal ‘possession’ trip with God previously (whilst on 500ug LSD as well). DMT isn’t supposed to last this long so perhaps it all happened for real. Perhaps I had my arse kicked for putting my phone on in disrespect of demons on the first hit. Could I have opened up a portal. God knew things only God would know. I could never have made that stuff up, it was some next level EVIL I never knew existed. Could this be my fate in death if I’m not a good person in life (a terrifying thought) . So many questions, so much fear. I stayed up all night, I couldn’t sleep.
I stayed up all night, I couldn’t sleep.

All of the sounds of terror had been recorded on my phone that was facing the TV. I couldn’t face hearing them so I deleted it.

Anyways, the following day I was terrified, broken, so much so I flushed my DMT down the toilet. I never want to go back to hell, that feeling of infinite torment and death was too much for me and the final straw. But, there was a delivery on its way, I tried to stop it but was too late.

A day later I was feeling much better and now gutted for the flush. Hopefully the delivery will arrive and put me back on the horse! Although, there’s always the chance I will get a repeat bodyslam back to hell!

One thing still bothers me though. If God did rescue me from hell, why would he show me the different levels of hell and demons. Could this God actually be the devil, or is all of this just my mind playing with itself, and if thats the case how can it make such horror up that I can even imagine. Questions, Questions, Questions. When I meet God again I shall ask him if he is the devil.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 111225
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 44
Published: Mar 4, 2019Views: 1,704
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DMT (18) : Entities / Beings (37), Hangover / Days After (46), Difficult Experiences (5), Alone (16)

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