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The Clouds Are Fake
4-HO-MET & Nutmeg
Citation:   federico. "The Clouds Are Fake: An Experience with 4-HO-MET & Nutmeg (exp111238)". Erowid.org. Jun 15, 2018. erowid.org/exp/111238

T+ 0:00
  oral Nutmeg (ground / crushed)
  T+ 1:10 8 mg oral 4-HO-MET (liquid)
Having forgotten to take my risperidone the two previous nights, I realized I was in a good situation to trip, so I decided to see what would happen if I combined nutmeg and colour (4-HO-MET). This was my third time tripping on colour (8-16mg), and Ive tripped on Acid and acid with serotonin precursors 13 times (50-300g)and 1P-LSD once (200g).

As is good practice when combining drugs, I thought Id take a lower dose than usual of both, and so I decided to take a less than a CNS active dose of nutmeg (64mg for me). So I went downstairs, eyeballed a dose of nutmeg, and it was actually way more than I thought, so I had to transfer some back into my little spice jar. Once I had removed enough to get it down to about 50mg, I decided to call it good, so I downed it with some milk around 11:30 (T-1:40). I put some more milk in my water bottle, and added a generous amount of synthetic vanilla to mask the taste of the colour later.

About a half hour later my dad stopped by and asked me if I wanted to come back to his house after he finished shopping with my grandma. I told him sure, since my colour solution was in a mini fridge in his basement, and I wanted to see him and grandma. I was in a great mood that day, possibly somewhat due to the lack of risperidone.
I was in a great mood that day, possibly somewhat due to the lack of risperidone.
I was feeling very optimistic that this would be a great trip, and was looking forward to spending time with my dad and grandma.

About 45 minutes later my dad and grandma showed up again. I packed up my PS4, grabbed my coat and gloves, and squeezed into the backseat. We stopped by Taco Bell. This was the first food Id had all day, since Id forgotten breakfast.

When we arrived, I went down to the basement after helping my grandma inside. I opened the mini-fridge, then the safe inside, and got out a 4ml vial of 16mg/ml 4-HO-MET solution in 80% ethanol. I used a dropper to measure half a ml and added it to my super vanilla-y milk. I put everything back and went upstairs, sipping my milk. I ate another wedge of quesadilla, and noted that it tasted awful now, although the milk just tasted like vanilla. At about 1:10 (T+0) I finished my milk, and finished helping put away the groceries.

I connected my PS4, and started to play Horizon Zero Dawn. Around 1:30 (T+20) I started to notice sensations of warmth, in my back, feet, and legs. I felt that it was a little easier to laugh at things as well, such as my grandma badmouthing my uncle. About 10 minutes later (T+30), I found the temperature sensations really uncomfortable, and got up to go to the bathroom. At this point there were no visuals, but I was noticing more detail than usual in the game.

When I got back to the living room I ended up telling my dad that Id taken some colour and nutmeg
I ended up telling my dad that Id taken some colour and nutmeg
, and he was worried that I might overdose because I was taking a combination. I reassured him that I took lower than usual doses of both, and thought that the worst that I thought would come of the combination was an extended trip. He asked if he could play GTA San Andreas and told me to listen to some music or something. I said sure, after I saved. I got to a campfire, saved, and relinquished the controller.

I listened to half the CHON demo for the next 5 minutes, then told my dad I wanted to go down to the river. When I got outside (T+40) I noticed enhanced hearing, as I could hear the wind easily even though my earbuds were still in. Still not much in the way of visuals, but the come up rush was definitely happening: I felt fantastic. I started walking down towards the river, but then noticed a car, so I turned around and ran back up to the back yard. Probably would have been less suspicious to just duck into the woods, but I didnt think of it at the time, and I didnt think theyd seen me. I waited until the car drove past, then walked back down to the river.

As I was walking down, the CHON demo ended (T+45), and the next album on my phone, Sithu Ayes Set Course for Andromeda, started playing. At this time I began to notice spatial distortion. My perception of time got really weird about then too. As I was walking around, I noticed that the one stretch of dirt looked extremely wide, while the rest of the dirt loop that was farther away looked very narrow. I was noticing incredible detail in the pebbles in the dirt. There were two trees that I stopped to look at, one very tall one, and one willow like one.

After about 10 minutes (T+55) I went back up to the house for a couple of minutes to tell my dad I was gonna walk around and look at things down by the river for a while longer. After re-assuring him that Id come back if I got cold, I went back down. I stopped to look at the very tall tree again. I kept walking around the loop, and stopped at the willow. I just watched it sway in the breeze while the music played. I just walked around looking at different things, including a splat of what I think was bird shit. Glad no one saw me puzzling over that, and that this is anonymous.

At one point I really started to notice the visuals, when I was looking at a muddy puddle. The puddle was swimming and breathing. I watched it for a bit. Not really sure of times during the peak. I kept walking around, finding a really interesting lichen pattern on a concrete parking spot marker. A few times when I heard strange noises I took my earbuds out, but decided they werent concerns, writing one off to geese, and another to someone riding a quad somewhere nearby. I was thinking about what great experiences trips are, and how sad it was that my government wants to penalize psychedelic producers and users.

At some point I decided it would be interesting to purposefully walk around the dirt loop while looking at stuff; I started walking the loop. Time slowed way the fuck down. About a third of the way through the loop I began re-affirming myself that I was a good person, and that I should love and accept myself as I am. After what seemed like 10 minutes, but was probably only a minute, I got back to where I had started walking. I was very disoriented for a second, as I wondered if I had actually only walked the loop once, or if I had done it multiple times and forgot. I was unable to shake the uneasy idea that maybe I had walked around the loop a bunch of times. I decided to walk around the loop again, and I was slightly anxious while doing so, entertaing thoughts about what a weird existence it would be to walk around this loop forever from now on. I briefly wondered if that was going to be my life for the rest of eternity, then laughed the idea off as I remembered many recent events and upcoming plans, as well as the existence of a larger world and my dad and grandma back up at the house. I stopped after the second? loop and just looked around.

I noticed some really cool geometric overlays on top of everything, then at some point I looked up at the clouds. They blew me away. It was like the sky was this massive canvas and tons of intricate patterns were embedded in and moving around the clouds. The rest of the world shrunk after a bit of looking and it was like the sky took up more than 180 degrees. The most prominent visuals were hexagonal black things, kind of similar to the blackness you get from a drop in blood pressure when standing up. Those were forming and breaking apart by moving blobs of the black stuff.

I thought about how my friend and I had thought about how the clouds looked fake when we first tried colour. I thought about the alien spacecraft in chicken little with their pieces of the sky. I wondered if our universe was just some science experiment lying on the higher dimensional equivalent of some transcendent beings desk. I noted that I wasnt getting as much of the red and green hues as my other two color trips.
I noted that I wasnt getting as much of the red and green hues as my other two color trips.
After some period of time staring at the clouds, I noticed that my face was kind cold, so I decided to go back up to the house. I checked my phone and it was around 2:35 (T+1:25).

When I got back up to the front yard, my dad came outside and asked me if I wanted to go for a ride. I said sure. We drove around for about a half hour, and saw a deer with one antler broken off. We talked about all kinds of stuff, touching on what tripping is like at one point. He said he was too scared to try it, as he was worried he might trip and never come back to reality. He told me to never make any drugs that would do that to me. It was a sobering conversation, but I was still easy to laughter, and brightened up when we saw one of my friends pulling out of his driveway. We rolled down our windows and talked for a few minutes. He looked stoned as fuck. Probably had no clue I was tripping.

By the time we got back to the house (T+1:55) OEVs had mostly died down, but CEVs were still there, but kind of hazy and undefined. Theyd been fuzzy throughout the trip, so I mostly had kept my eyes open. My dad played GTA for about 10 minutes, then I decided to try one of the Cinnabon delights (T+2:05). I was still tripping: I could feel the sugar crystals dissolving in my mouth as a sparkling feeling. It was fantastic. I had another, then went back in the living room. This surprised me somewhat, because I usually can't eat while tripping. Although I was able to eat a little during my 1P-LSD trip and my second colour trip.

I played Horizon zero dawn for the next 45 minutes, then my grandma came in and started talking to me (T+2:50). I felt pretty sober at this point although laughter still came easily.

After talking to my grandma for an hour, I played Horizon Zero Dawn for another hour, then packed up my PS4 and had my dad drive me back home to drop it off. I went to a couple friends dorm room to hang out. We went to meijer around 7:30 (T+6:20) and I was still in a really good mood. Possibly still feeling a little more prone to laughter. At about 10:00 (T+8:50) one of my friends gave me a hug and noted that I felt really hot. I didnt have a thermometer with me then. I took my temperature at about 3:00 AM as I wrote this, and it was 97.6F, a bit low for me. I feel completely sober at this point (T+13:50) I dont think being up this late was necessarily due to the colour/nutmeg combination, as I have insomnia that usually keeps me awake without risperdal.

Overall the trip was quite a bit more intense than one tab of acid (~100g) or 8mg of colour. The peak seemed to last longer and have more intense time dilation than the one I experienced on 16mg of colour alone. It was almost as intense as two tabs of acid (~200g) but I did not experience ego death. Definitely an enjoyable experience. I might do the combination again in a month or two.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 111238
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Jun 15, 2018Views: 1,833
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4-HO-MET (436) : Families (41), Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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