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4th Dimension Entities & Ego Death
by pw.samadhi
Citation:   pw.samadhi. "4th Dimension Entities & Ego Death: An Experience with Ayahuasca (exp111243)". Mar 9, 2018.

1 shot oral Ayahuasca (tea)


Ceremony prep, before the event on 10th of November, I had meditated twice. 40 min in the morning in half lotus and full lotus for 60 min just prior to the event. Ate relatively light, last meal at 4PM (blended apple and greens).

Participants: Jarvis (Shaman), May, Shayla (Filipina 40s), Jose (Hispanic 50-60s), and some other white guy.

I get to the studio at around 8P and proceed to take my first dose. Lights out, music rolls, and I get into half lotus seated position. The initial onset of this trip was super quick. About 20m in, barely into the second Icaros (Ayahuasca music), I started getting visuals, silhouettes, and fractals, however it was weak and lasted about 30m. Somehow in meditation, I was able to suppress the visuals and they didn't surface for a good 20m. So I laid there a bit bored, mind emptied of visuals, and tempted to Ask Jarvis for my 2nd shot.

I probably laid there for another 10 minute and decided to use the restroom (w/ lights on). So I went in there, proceed with #2. While in there, I noticed everything was High Definition, 1080P like. Everything was crystal clear and felt very surreal. Nothing I wasn't used to and just felt pretty cool overall. Finished up and went back to my spot.

Shortly after, as I laid there, that one shot started hitting me hard, the 2nd wave. The room began to swirl. Rainbow hues began to emerge super imposed over the studio. Everything began to feel very very cosmic, like I was in some dimension. To my far left, I see Jarvis sitting crossed legs, doing his Shaman things (drums, chanting, etc). He felt quite far in a distance, yet it felt like I awakened to his secret realm, his magical place. My eyes were lit, my awareness was heightened, and everything very surreal.

So I proceeded to close my eyes and had my first encounter with some strange cosmic entities or spirits. There were three of them, genderless. They were long swirly thick oval looking non-slimey very smooth wormy beings.
There were three of them, genderless. They were long swirly thick oval looking non-slimey very smooth wormy beings.
They looked at me with curiosity and I stared right back. Then they made a sudden shift and started approaching me, way too close to my comfort. As if they were going to posses me, so I opened my eyes, shook myself out of that vision and said no thanks haha. Didn't want to surrender to that.

Then to my right, these other cosmic entities started arising. Couple strips of them. Yea, 'strips'. They were string looking entities, like 2 dimensional long string beings. Each with an eye. Staring at me, I ignored them as well because they were just weird lol.

So I focused on the room, and more higher entities, god like beings began popping up staring down at me. They looked like Easter Island Moai statues. Quite a few of them looking down with curiosity. At this point, I was like, oh man too many entities, so I turned on my side and decided to lay down and close my eyes.

In this position, the onset of death started arising in me. Although not of fear, of gentle understanding. As I lay there, I proceeded to die, and something profound happened at the point. A very interesting shift in consciousness. Upon my death, I realized that although the body has died, my being was still alive, aware, and woke. I couldn't quite put a feeling or wrap my mind around this experience as I observed my body there. So I got up and decided to go purge (felt it coming when I was seeing the entities). I walked out side, feeling massive, expansive, and big (a feeling generally associated with all my trips)... feeling like a walking spirit. Anyway, I walked outside and spread my legs and heaved over the side of the parking lot. Then the purge came. Relatively easy purge this time, poured out with ease and minimal discomfort (lasted about 2m). What was interesting again was, within my puke, I see again, swirling dark and hellish entities in my contents. Looked at them for a bit, but didn't pay too much attention and went back inside.

As I sat there inside, center of the studio, I begin to ponder again about the death experience and couldn't quite put a finger on what had happened, that deep understanding. Then I realized, Mother Ayuhuasca was showing me our true Buddha nature, the God Head, Enlightenment. That you are what you seek, that you are the Buddha. It's in all of us. We are that single cosmic entity, the timeless eternal imperishable being. And all things happen within me. That we are that. This feeling or being was somewhat slightly different from my usual cosmic expansive self, it was less aggressive and by far more subtle. And it persisted for about an hour or so. I honestly thought it was going to last this time, regardless it has made me more situated in what Buddhist called emptiness. From the unmanifest, the formless... arises all form. And that we are the totality of it all (we are universe). That as we cast away our bodies, if we are awake, we continue to exist... It is the truth to what Ramana Maharashi and the Hindus call the Self, that we are God himself. A deep acknowledgement of that presence was felt this time, although it has subsided quite a bit as I write this. the teaching is still there. Your body will take care of itself (our karmas). You are not that which exist is in this world, but the world exists within YOU.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 111243
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 35 
Published: Mar 9, 2018Views: 1,150
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Ayahuasca (8) : Group Ceremony (21), Entities / Beings (37), Mystical Experiences (9), General (1)

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