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Biking Into a Void of Liquid Time
LSD, MDA, MDMA & Ketamine
by Dabz
Citation:   Dabz. "Biking Into a Void of Liquid Time: An Experience with LSD, MDA, MDMA & Ketamine (exp111266)". May 22, 2018.

  repeated   MDA  
    repeated   MDMA  
    repeated   LSD  
    repeated insufflated Ketamine  
    repeated smoked DMT  
    repeated vaporized Cannabis (extract)


My adventure began friday at approximately two o'clock. The trip the report is written to detail actually occurs saturday night/ sunday morning, but it is important for the reader to grasp my mindset in the lead up to the experience. While biking over the [bridge in the UK] I encountered a friend who offered me two key bumps of MDA (approx .1 of a gram). I gladly accepted and after exchanging a few more pleasantries, continued on my way. I got some pretty nasty drips right off the bat, generally I prefer taking M in parachutes, but who am I to be picky, after all I had just received free drugs.

By 2:30 I was definitely starting to feel warm and fuzzy, my phone screen was looking very wavy (I find MDA much more hallucinogenic than MDMA) which was a bit problematic as I am a bike courier and have to sort trips on my screen, but I was able to make due and managed to float my way through the day without any screw ups, I even noticed my routing was improved by the drug, although that may have just been false confidence from the M.

By 430 I was feeling tired and had a headache, I decided to ingest a 150ug lsd gummie. As the acid kicked I convinced my girlfriend to come on a bike ride with me. As we biked through the park near my house all the trees were twirling into peacock feathers, and the feathers were forming fractals. My mind traveled down the usual lsd thought loops which seem to me to be my own deeper reflections brought up by the drug. I ponder the reason energy vibrates, and how anything is really vibrating if everything is energy and therefore vibrating. We get home and my girlfriend has to study, I go upstairs and stare at the roof, a spinning light bulb casts geometrical patterns in red, blue, and green. The stucco under the light writhes and melts into fractals more comlplex than any human could ever have created by anything but chance. I think about how the stucco is more beautiful in its randomness than any art ever created with conviction. This continues for several hours. I consider smoking some DMT but opt instead for some K, the world spins.
I consider smoking some DMT but opt instead for some K, the world spins.
I head downstairs and then I sleep.

I wake up saturday and have that usual day after glow, I postpone dinner with my parents in order to go on a group bike ride. I take another 250 ugs of lsd about .2 of a gram of mdma and .2 of MDA. I meet up with everyone and we somehow end up at a beach, we light a bonfire. I stare into it and watch it crackle. I think about how the flames are as important as any manifestation of ego, by which I mean unimportant as in the end it is just part of the whole. I Light up a DMT joint which has .15 of a gram in it, I share it with a friend, the port across from me fades into pastels. It leaves me craving more, but I contain myself for now and settle for endless key bumps of MDA alternating with MDMA. After an hour and maybe 10 key bumps I realise this is ridiculous and take a large bump of K which settles me for a while and gives sick visuals. Everyone else ends the party pretty early which is rare.

I end up alone in my very trippy living room with a large bag of drugs, a trippy rotating geometric light and nothing else of interest. I do .1 of K in two lines, I am knocked back and watch as the lights begin to pull me with them on their rotation, by watch I mean it feels as though I am watching this occur from next to my body. I sober up enough to robotically prepare another 2 lines of K (an advisory to be careful with K, unlike most of the drugs I play with it can be lethal) and clumsily dump the rest of my dmt into my pipe. I do one of the lines and go rolling off into the k hole. I experience a trance like state and have no idea how long I am floating in the void.

I come back and blast the dmt, I puff the pipe until I drop it (I don't remember but it was on the floor). I enter hyperspace, everything glitches to black and white, and then like a barcode, and then comes into focus as my living room but very much not, the colours and textures are altered. I look to the side and see a jack o'lantern which anthropomorphizes into a man with a body, it grows tall, the head spins. I am jarringly back in acid and M space. I feel sober in comparison though. I take the line of k .05 I have remaining and enter the K hole almost instantly. I watch the lights, the dance of colour is unlike anything. I grasp the totality and unity of everything, I transcend that and view time as a line segment and then as liquid. I come back. I take at least 40 dabs and then go lay down next to my girlfriend until she wakes up.

The next day I convince her to take M for our date to a local science center, she readily agrees and I make her a parachute mix of MDMA and MDA .2 of a gram in total. I take the same and a small bump of K, we get there and watch an imax. I am still having wild visuals, I take some key bumps of MDA, and a big line of it (maybe .2 of a gram) and then head to my parents for dinner.
Wild weekend.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 111266
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: May 22, 2018Views: 960
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LSD (2), MDA (34), MDMA (3), Ketamine (31) : Multi-Day Experience (13), Combinations (3), Various (28)

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