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My Journey Into Hell
Citation:   Tangerine. "My Journey Into Hell: An Experience with Phenibut (exp111306)". Feb 5, 2018.

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Phenibut, klonopin, gabapentin, Suboxone, nicotine

My journey into hell, started with my psychiatrist lowering my dose of klonopin. I have addiction issues, but I also have severe social anxiety with panic attacks. I was freaking out about my klonopin dose being lowered. I dd some online research, to find a good anti anxiety drug.

Enter Phenibut. At first I was looking at Kratom, but I read that it can be speedy and it affects the opiate receptors. Since I was on Suboxone, and I prefer downers, Phenibut seemed like the perfect drug. It was a gaba drug, like klonopin, and it was a nootropic. I had never tried nootropics, but was intrigued.

I ordered 10g, and initially only took a quarter of a teaspoon at first. It felt like a benzo, and I was convinced I'd found what I was looking for. The 10g went fast, so next time I ordered 50g. I measured the baking soda like powder with a teaspoon, and was soon taking around 2g a day.

At first, I was in love with Phenibut. It completely took away my anxiety, and made me very talkative and confident. In the beginning I experienced cognitive euphoria, and a combination of sedation and speediness. It was great combo. I nodded out a lot, but also felt sharp. I felt smarter. It was amazing. Coffee and Phenibut seemed to have a synergistic effect. I could drink half a pot of coffee, and still feel relaxed.

I didn't feel the need to take my gabapentin prescription, so I had a lot saved. I also took less suboxone. I did combine it with klonopin, and found the combination to be amazing. I was in love. I was soon spending a ton of money on phenibut, because I had to keep upping the dose in order to feel the euphoria and sedation. I was now taking almost 4g daily.

It started causing me severe stomach issues, and I would get terrible rebound anxiety. I didn't experience withdrawal, until a package from my former go-to company was late. I had severe brain fog, bad anxiety, and insomnia. I drove to the hospital, but did not go in. I didn't want my psychiatrist to find out, and stop prescribing klonopin. I took valium to help with the symptoms. The package came 2 days later. It wasn't that bad, so I figured that as long as I had a continuous supply I would never go through bad withdrawals. I'd read something scary about how phenibut withdrawals are very similar to alcohol and benzo withdrawals.

It wasn't until a few months into my dependence, that I experienced some bad withdrawals.
It wasn't until a few months into my dependence, that I experienced some bad withdrawals.
My package never arrived, so I had to order more. During the wait I was terrified of the withdrawals, and took gabapentin as a substitute. I'd read that this could relieve some of the symptoms. It barely helped. I experienced severe panic, severe restlessness, heart palpitations, insomnia, and some white noise. I knew then that I needed to get off. Unfortunately, I had a falling out with the company that was supplying the phenibut. Luckily I found two companies that had great reputations, and I bought 30g from one and 125g from another. This phenibut wasn't like baking soda. It was more crystalized. I was now taking 5-6g daily, and I figured I could wean myself off of it.

However it did not go as planned, and I continually put off the weaning. I would barely feel any euphoria, so I just kept upping the dosage. This phenibut needed a scale, and I didn't want to eyeball it, so I used my dad's coffee bean scale. No one knew of my dependence, and I was having a very hard time hiding it now. My fiance is very anti drugs, except for weed, so I definitely couldn't tell him.

Every time I would dose, my hands would shake because I was so scared I would be found out. I was close to running out, and both companies were out of phenibut. Luckily, I found another source. I was now having interpose withdrawals. My hands would shake, and I would get SEVERE anxiety. This was now coupled with a new symptom. Paranoia. I would also occasionally not get relief, and was convinced I'd screwed up my gaba receptors.

I started combining the phenibut with gabapentin, which only made my tolerance go up even faster. I was now taking 10g daily, with a handful of gabapentin. I was truly scared, and felt completely trapped. I started to feel suicidal. I couldn't tell anyone for fear of being put into rehab. I would occasionally get severe insomnia and heart palpitations, even with the phenibut. The interdose withdrawals were now happening after just 7-8 hours. I finally couldn't take it anymore, and told my therapist. He agreed not to tell my psychiatrist, if I promised to tell him myself.

Now, I was taking 11-13g daily. I was hearing white noise a lot now, and was terrified. I wasn't feeling any relief, so I decided to take 14g combined with a lot of gabapentin. I ended up overdosing. The symptoms were restlessness, severe white noise, and extreme drowsiness. I slept for 12 hours. The next day I took 13g again but didn't feel anything, so I decided to take 15g. I fell asleep briefly, then went to a scheduled doctor's appointment. I asked her for a short term prescription for Ambien. I lied and said I was seeing my psychiatrist in a week. I got 10 5mg Ambien. In the car, I started to feel the restlessness and extremely tired. I slept for almost 12 hours again.

I woke up at midnight, and stayed up all night. The next day, I was feeling off. I was tired, but I could NOT get to sleep. I ended up taking all 10 Ambien, but I still couldn't sleep. I could not sleep at all. I didn't even nod out for a second, I was completely awake. I tried to sleep, but couldn't. I didn't take any phenibut, and was now experiencing severe nystagmus. I was terrified to take any phenibut, and finally told my mom. Being a former addict herself, she was very sympathetic. She did some cursory research, and found out that severe insomnia can happen after an overdose. After 3 days, I was having severe muscle twitching and other horrible symptoms.

I caved, and took 100mg of phenibut. It seemed to exacerbate the symptoms, so my mom took me to the ER. I was convinced I was overdosing, and begged them to give me flumazenil. I cried, and admitted to my severe addiction. The doctor said that if I was given that drug, I could go into a coma because my dependence was so severe. I got 1mg IV ativan, and only felt it for a few minutes. The doctor was very sympathetic, and gave me a prescription for 5 Ativan.

I got home, and took all 5. I didn't really sleep, as much as going in and out of consciousness. I was hallucinating. My room looked different, and I saw a lot of people in my room. I started to go into severe withdrawals, and that is when I finally sought help.

My psychiatrist did not commit me to the hospital. He was going to prescribe gabapentin, and I told him that wouldn't work. He then suggested lyrica, but I told him that only Baclofen would help. I'd read online that that is the only medication that can truly relieve withdrawals. He put me on 30 msg of Baclofen a day, and bumped up my klonopin to 1 mg a day for two weeks. To this day, I am still on Baclofen. A huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I was very close to committing suicide.

Phenibut is a serious drug. It can be taken responsibly, but if you've go addiction issues stay as far away as possible.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 111306
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 29
Published: Feb 5, 2018Views: 9,684
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