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Shaking it Up
Citation:   Willamette. "Shaking it Up: An Experience with AMT & N2O (exp11132)". Feb 22, 2002.

50 mg oral AMT (powder / crystals)
  2 hits inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)
Not too terribly long ago, I became interested in entheogens. Online inquiries further peaked my curiosity, and I decided it was time to sample a research chemical. I purchased AMT from a supplier and waited in anticipation for its arrival via parcel post. As the days went by, my mind tingled with the hopes of euphoria and self- discovery propounded by various trip reports. As I see the prodigal cup as always being 'half-full,' I discounted negative reports as being rare, or products of generally sickly people.

After weeks of disappointing walks to the mail box, the day finally arrived. As fortune would have it, I felt great and my weekend had just begun. I immediately contacted my roommates, and a much anticipated evening was set in motion. The strongly moth ball scented substance was divided on a mirror into five, approximately, even piles during the early evening. These piles were then placed into five gel caps containing one 50? milligram dose each.

Admittedly 50mgs was on the strong side of caution, but I am an adventurous spirit; my friends, though not as well informed, felt that it was an acceptable dosage as well. Although my partners and I had eaten large meals approximately four hours prior to dosage, we decided nausea risks were neglible, when compared to the drugs touted benefits.

Having done LSD,X,N2O,Mushrooms, and weed ad nauseum, I was confident about both the timing, and the amount we chose to take. The pills were ingested, post haste, by S and myself; D decided to sit this one out and act as sitter.

Around a half hour later I felt a definite hum in my bones; I began to yawn, but for some reason, I felt speedy. I expected this, so I was very pleased. S replied that he too was getting a warm buzz. After an hour passed S and I both commented on feeling very euphoricly cozy, and I was getting mild visuals. Around two hours into the trip, intensely pleasurable shivers ran up my spine and through my body. I was truly content 'really' talking with my friends, and listening to Paul Oakenfeld in my trip-fabulous basement. My heretofor meticulously kept trip diary ended somewhere around this point in time.

My whole body pulsed with physical euphoria, and I was experiencing OEV's and CEV's on a level previously unknown to me. I had no adverse body load whatsoever. S blurted out from across the room, 'Oh my God I feel like my whole body is having an orgasm.' This immediately sent myself, and our sitter into peels of laughter. After we recovered, S and I broke out some nitrous bulbs. Taking two good hits of the N2O launched me into the single most pleasurable experience of my life. I was rocketed into a nebula-like vortex of colors, and the music I was listening to became my consciousness. It was if every pleasure center in my brain was suddenly getting a blow job from a porn star. I recall blurting out, 'This laughing gas is pretty funny stuff,' much to my colleagues amusement. Unfortunately, this is about the point where the good times ended for me.

Our sitter was none other than my beloved fiance, D. The lure of euphoria seized her, and she downed one of the gel caps. Approximately one half hour later, I was delving even deeper into enchanting visuals of swirling colors, and watching illusions of Roman chariot races on the ceiling. I looked over, and to my horror, noticed D was becoming visibly ill. D, at one time had over indulged in mind-altering substances, and bravely attempted to calm my concerns regarding her adverse reaction. Based on her prior experiences, she remarked that not all drugs agreed with her. From the trip reports, I knew nausea was common place, but when D began to get a nice case of the shakes my concern increased. I thought to myself 'Christ, my tiny woman took the same dose I did; what have I let happen?'

S and I looked after D as best we could. The visual fuzziness caused by AMT made it difficult to navigate through the two story house to get water, blankets, and a phone with 911 speed dial, just in case. Fortunately, AMT does not contain the occasionally hell-inducing mind fuck of LSD, and I was able to talk to D and soothe her concerns without giving into 'The FEAR' myself. I really wasn't sure what to think of D's shaking, as I didn't read about anything similar in the trip reports. I didn't let S, or D, know that though;I knew calmness was pre-requisite for surviving these long, long trips. Benevolently, about an hour later D improved; disappointingly, she never really felt much of the drugs intensely positive effects (I assume the early on vomiting removed the drug from her system).

Towards the trail end of the experience, both S and I began to feel extremely nauseated. We both vomited several times, and my body temperature suddnenly began to flip out. It was cool in the basement, and very cool outside, yet I was burning up. I was pouring out buckets of sweat; my clothes were soaked in what felt like minutes. All I could think about was getting into a blessedly cool shower. S was in the lavratory retching his lungs out, as I burst through the door and jumped into the shower. I have never felt so excrutiatingly over heated in my life, and I was concerned for my poor lil' brain; 104 degrees is enough to cook it. I didn't want to lose any of that precious, gray matter.

After what seemed an eternity, my body temperature swung to freezing cold. D swaddled me in blankets, and I spent the remainder of the evening writhing with horribly painful twitching limbs. D held me, and I repeatedly thanked her for looking after me. I apologized profusely, and told her I felt terrible for getting her so sick. Her care for me really touched my tortured blood pumper. Both she and S were very concerned for me, and I felt a profound love for my friends. AMT's capacity as an empathogen is very strong; I don't consider myself a very emotional person(I don't get the 'Etard' syndrome at all). I continued to speak, and realized numerous times that I was mumbling incoherently, and making comments that were completely out of context.

D continued to feel much better and she decided to check on S; he appeared to be fine, only experiencing difficulty going to sleep. I eventually passed out for 13 hours, and woke up feeling a little dehydrated, but for the most part fine. After waking, D commented on a feeling of sluggishness.

All in all, an excellent learning experience through the school of hard knox. People, for the love of God, start on the low end of the dosage scale. Although not a terribly large amount, Fifty mg's was waaayyy too much for me, and I am a big fellow in great physical shape. What could have been a wonderful empathogenic experience turned into a mess because of my overzealous dosages. S was fine on 50mgs (he's my size), D's body rejected it entirely, and I paid dearly for my trip. The FAQ's do not lie when they mention that AMT has a steep dosage curve affecting everyone differently.

Was this a bad experience? I can honestly say no, because I felt like it facilitated even stronger emotional ties with two people I love. Could this have been a bad experience? Depending on the question of how sick D and I actually were, there may have been a possibility of something horrific occuring. But, one never knows until it is too late. Please, please, take care of you and your buddies...Begin first time AMT adventures on modest dosages, don't eyeball it. As a a wise mage said, 'know your body.'

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 11132
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 22, 2002Views: 16,181
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AMT (7) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Overdose (29), Health Problems (27), Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2)

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