FPM: Functional, Perfectly Manageable
by bb
Citation:   bb. "FPM: Functional, Perfectly Manageable: An Experience with 3F-Phenmetrazine (exp111332)". Erowid.org. Dec 17, 2017. erowid.org/exp/111332

48 mg oral 3F-Phenmetrazine

T+00:00 3-FPM 48 mg oral


45 year old male, around 210 lbs, experienced. I've tried and loved all the classic psychedelics (DMT, LSD, Mushrooms, Mescaline both from cactus and synthetic), many new classics (most 2C-x and DOx, MDMA), and several other widespread compounds (NBOMEs, Methylone, many 4-sub and 5-MeO sub tryptamines, Mescaline analogs etc.). I am fairly unexperienced with cathinones and other stimulants. I never tried either opioids/opiates or dissociatives. However, I do have some dissos in my stash, and I'm sure I'll have a taste in due time.

I use no prescription drugs on a regular basis, and I avoid even OTC meds like aspirin unless I have real need.


I used to have more of an addictive personality in my 20's. I could smoke weed compulsively or binge drink as much as any of my friends. Growing up, my attitude has changed a lot. I'm still quite eager, but only when it comes to experimenting with new things. So I'll definitely look for new molecules as soon as they are available and reasonably documented, but I'm not an abuser anymore. Besides, all the experience I accumulated over the years has brought some changes in my choice of substances.

As an example, I do love MDMA (hey, who doesn't?), but I only did it 4 times - last was 2 years ago - while still having 10+ doses in cold storage, waiting for the right moment. I hope it doesn't lose too much potency before it loses its magic with me!


Back on topic: 3-FPM. I lead an active life, with lots of work and more, so I'm wary of the stim trap. I always tried to avoid pure stimulants or euphoriants like cathinones or coke. However, reading about this 3-FPM made me curious: it seemed like something that could be used in moderation, for simple functional use. I decided to give it a try.

The events in this report happened a few days ago. I had a concert a long drive away from home. I weigh a medium-low dose (48mg), package it, and drive to the venue. Things there are busier than expected. We play two long sets and linger after that. To cut a long story short, I never dose dand got back home at 5AM. The bad part is I had a day job gig at 9AM, which involves getting out of bed at 7. Even if I manage, I will be a zombie. Can this medicine help?


I wake up at 7AM, groggy and semi-unconscious. I have coffee and light, quick breakfast.

T+00:00 3-FPM 48 mg oral

At 7:30 I take my pre-dosed medicine from the day before.

T+00:30 first signs?

Half an hour later, I'm driving to the job. I am relaxed and alert. Usually I'd be a little tense and quite distracted by sleepiness. Is it the 3-FPM or just placebo?


One more half-hour, I arrive on location. Definitely feel good. This is not normal, I can't feel good with only 2 hours of sleep after a long night of work. My notes say: 'Mood lift! Energy but not a hint of restlessness. Just fine.'


More from my notes: 'Still working very fine.' I was referring to the medicine, not to myself.


No notes, cause I am busy. I did manage to get everything done, and then some. All without a grudge, and with an easy going attitude towards both co-workers and the public.


Notes: 'Energy waning? Almost nodding off.' I remember I had a momentary lapse of energy, but the intense phase ('nodding off') was short lasting, as remarked in the next note.


Notes: 'A bit sleepy (just a bit).' The day job gig is over.


The afternoon went on without hiccups. The only notes I have taken express surprise at not being sleepy anymore.


At last, at 7PM I do feel sleepy and note it down (Notes: 'Sleepiness is back. About time!'). The timing is uncommon for me - a pathological late sleeper and late riser. Of course, being on an almost uninterrupted 48 hour run explains it.

I didn't go to bed that early, however. I had to pick up my girlfriend at 8:30PM, then we had dinner and spent some time together chatting etc. When I got to bed around 11:30PM (that would be T+16:00), sleep came easily enough.

T+24:00 onwards

The day after, it's not like I had an afterglow, but almost. I mean, I was expecting a bit of blues, or at least some extra fatigue. None of that. It is as if the 3-FPM allowed me 12 extra hours of waking life without messing with my mood or my sleep patterns. Too good to be true? Maybe it's the moderate dose, or the relatively low tolerance (last thing I did before 3-FPM was 10 mg 2CB-FLY 9 days before).

Concluding, I am really glad I found this gem. My activity pattern, with frequent job gigs at unconvenient hours, can really use a functional stim now and then. Caffeine is my usual first choice, but when I really need the extra boost, I think it will be safe to rely on this new friend - at least as long as I keep it in check, with moderate, infrequent dosage.

As a final recap, my notes for the experience end with: 'Very good, not euphoric, long lasting functional stimulant. Good good good.'

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 111332
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 45
Published: Dec 17, 2017Views: 7,368
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3F-Phenmetrazine (678) : Workplace (51), Performance Enhancement (50), First Times (2)

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