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Strange, Initially Overwhelming
Citation:   anonymous000. "Strange, Initially Overwhelming: An Experience with DOC (exp111339)". Erowid.org. Dec 13, 2017. erowid.org/exp/111339

T+ 0:00
5 mg oral DOC  
  T+ 4:10 1 mg oral Etizolam (liquid)
I am a 37yo male with ‘medium’ prior psychedelic experience. I am mildly autistic with Asperger’s Syndrome. As a kid I almost never socialized and had significant issues with stutter up till 7-8yo if I recall correct. I always preferred observing nature rather than interacting with peers. I have a tendency to be obsessed with singular activities etc. I have always had significant issues with empathy. That is a short description of me in a pill. At this stage in my life I treat these ‘issues’ as strong character building points that allow me to uniquely perceive reality in some situations. I am a chemist by education.

My prior experience includes 4-HO-MET (>50mg), regular magic mushrooms (I can’t remember exact dosage), ALD-52, 1P-LSD (>400mg), 1P-LSD with 4-HO-MET (my favourite), 2C-E (40mg) and 2C-P (12mg). I also used to smoke weed regularly but that stopped recently. I get very hyper on weed and have a lot of thoughts going through my head. Weed to me is a stimulant for some reason. My GF does not like that… I’m sticking to caffeine for now.

0hrs - 5mg were taken orally. DOC salt was measured volumetrically (water). It was 9am in the morning.

+1hrs - firsts effects were felt. There was a shift in colour perception and waving visuals started appearing. The carpets were ‘crawling’ all over.

+2hrs - full blown psychedelic experience was starting. There was a significant shift in colour perception. All of the colours were much brighter (especially reds and greens). Everything was waving and moving around. Any movements were leaving tracers as if I was in a Matrix movie.

+2.30hrs - peak started. The visuals were starting to become overwhelming. Severe nausea started. I did not eat much and had some ginger tea and a banana to minimize potential nausea. It did not help. I felt as if I was literally puking rainbows. One of my bathroom visits had me puking rainbows mixed with crawling bugs hallucination!

+3hrs – definitive peak. In addition to persisting nausea I started having extreme chills/shivers and felt very cold. I had to get a heating blanket to stay warm. I felt as if I was getting very, very sick in that moment. My body was telling me that it needs to get rid of this substance.

+3.15hrs – I called my sister to speak with someone close and calm me down a bit.
+3.15hrs – I called my sister to speak with someone close and calm me down a bit.
I remained fully conscious and communicative (I always stay very sober on psychedelics, an outside person would not be able to tell I’m tripping heavily. I can speak fluent, do math, solve puzzles etc. Only visible sign is enlarged pupils and slightly lessened coordination (as everything is waving and moving around). I always get Anisocoria on psychs with one pupil significantly large than the other.

+4hrs – I felt constant chills and the nausea wasn’t going away. There were moments where I felt that my reality is being literally torn apart. Everything was like a cartoon. The best way I could describe this is being a step away from madness. I thought this is a bit too much and decided to tone down the experience.

+4.10hrs – 1mg of earlier prepared Etizolam solution in Propylene Glycol was administered orally.

+5hrs – the experience started toning down. Nausea and chills went away. I really started enjoying the experience.

+5hrs – 14hrs – nice, chilled out trip. The OEVs stayed, colour perception was really nice and wavy patters persisted for several more hours. I sat down and listened to some nice music and decided to use the time to re-thing some personal matters. In the evening I watched some movies and had quite a few good laughs. It was a very enjoyable evening.

+14hrs – the trip was definitely over at this stage. I felt good and fell asleep with no issues.

When I woke up the following day I felt really good and energized. There was no tiredness at all.

In general I found DOC to be extremely interesting, potent and long lasting. There was no body rush, only initial nausea and chills (they might have masked DOC stimulating effects). Once I took Etizolam the experience became very relaxed. The only disadvantages are the extreme nausea and cold chills. Next time I will definitely lower the dose.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 111339
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 37
Published: Dec 13, 2017Views: 3,587
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