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Random Bathroom Psychosis
by EntactogenicVoyager
Citation:   EntactogenicVoyager. "Random Bathroom Psychosis: An Experience with LSD (exp111350)". Dec 28, 2017.

T+ 0:00
2 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:00 1 bowl smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 2:00 1 tablet oral Pharms - Lamotrigine  


This is a pretty simple analysis of my trip tonight: A strange and unusual sense of comfortable, yet disturbing and highly disorienting intensity.

Set ~ Been a decent day, work went well and I didn't feel fatigued or depressed from my MDMA roll the night before.

Setting ~ My best friends house on a Sunday night.

8:50 ~ Orally ingested 2 blotter tabs of LSD. I am very experienced with this chemical, and have also tripped on 25i once and 25c two ~ three times. Given these encounters with research chems, I've found a distinct difference in those chemicals vs. LSD, giving me high confidence on determining if the trip was to be LSD, or a research chem such as an nBome.

9:00 ~ The tabs don't taste bitter or metallic like an nbome, providing me relief on whether it would be or not. (Although I have a fairly trusted but newer connection). My friend, his brother and I we're watching American Horror Story during the Murder House season. Horror films/visual stimuli have never spun me into a bad trip before, so I felt pretty confident in my setting - it is also dark in the room, only lit by the television. I tend to enjoy darker environments when I trip.

9:45 - 10:00pm ~ The familiar and comfortable swooning, smooth body high had began. Around this time the visuals began to follow suit, starting very subtly then gaining intensity, as they usually do for me. The television screen seemes drenched in a layer of color, seeming more vibrant than before. Tendrils of various colors like red, green and bright yellow stream along the front of the screen, seeming highly noticeable, fading in and out every few seconds. I glance to the wall that is fully covered with posters, including an old Hendrix poster along with a marilyn monroe poster. They seem to be drenched in color as well, and seeming to wave and breathe up and down while still being on the wall. My friend packs a bong load with some moderate/not great quality shake weed.

He takes a hit then offers me one, to which I accept. Taking three or four long hits each, my body felt a familiar warmth from the bud along with my swooning body high. My friend, only 2 beers deep prior to this smoke sesh, now seems quite stoned and drowsy from the weed. We begin watching some good old It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which adds a much more humorous vibe between our commentary (which is now more minimal).

10:30 ~ My friend seems sleepy laying in his bean bag infront of the TV, his brother mostly on his phone - we chat every few minutes. I feel very stimulated and awake from the acid, watching the show and enjoying the visuals on the screen and the walls and ceiling. The visuals have begun to heavily gain in intensity. My mind set feels overall good, but strange in the sense that I'm recollecting on a conversation with my girlfriend about pregnancy. This gives my mindset an eerie and rather haunting emotional vibration. We we're worried about it for her from a sexual encounter, and are getting a test in two days. My thoughts on it seem positive yet negative at the same time, some mild fear and loathing accompanied by re - assured positivity and resolve.

10:45 ~ Recollecting now, at 5:48 am, the timeline seems blurry, but I believe it was around 10:45 or 11:00, fuck, perhaps 12:30 I ventured into the colorful and pitch dark hallway to the bathroom - this is where the brief, and memorably intense trip phase/time lapse occurred.

10:45 or 11:00, fuck, perhaps 12:30 ~ Entered the bathroom and flipped on the bright light - the mirror's edges gently wavered, along with the white and dark green tiling on the counter and bath tub. I down my usual perscribed dose of Lamotragine (Mood stabilizer) with water, then take a piss. My hands felt strangely greasy and sweaty (which they never really are) as I did so.

Suddenly, a wave of detaching psychosis pulsed through me. I feel more stimulated and energized than before I entered here, my balance seemed to slightly waver back and forth. Thoughts of confusion and spiraling questioning flooded my mind - feeling like I was almost equally overwhelmed by confusion and questioning. This didn't feel dysphoric/fearful, but seemed very intense and disortienting. Recollecting now, it's hard to describe my exact thought train(s) - I found myself glaring down at the green marbled tile outside of the sink's rim as I wash my hands. The marbled patters seemed to be flowing and moving back and forth fairly rapidly, the light also seemed to yield streaks of color. Questions like 'Why am I in here? Who? What? Or Where?' Came to me seemingly all at once. Then I felt confused and almost paralyzed by my unusually abysmal mind set, seeming manageable - yet heavily disorienting and confusing. I felt partially but not fully detached from myself while comprehending that I was bending over running water over my soapy hands. Awe struck, fairly confused on my thought train, seems hard to focus on one of the many simple questions racing in my head. This feels not dysphoric/uncomfortable, but highly intense.

Looking back, the brief psychosis period that seemed reminiscent of a high-dosed psilocybin experience seemed to last about 5 minutes - overall sending the visual intensity rocketing into hyperdrive, and warping my minds sense of orientation heavily. Since this trip, I've only experienced states of overbearing, stimulating confusion that match this on psilocybin. (Typically at a 6 gram dosage of Cubensis)

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 111350
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Dec 28, 2017Views: 736
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LSD (2) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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