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Pleasant but Not Very Distinguished
by Bambalam
Citation:   Bambalam. "Pleasant but Not Very Distinguished: An Experience with 3-FEA (exp111368)". Dec 24, 2017.

T+ 0:00
3 mg insufflated 3-FEA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:15 16 mg insufflated 3-FEA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:53 16 mg insufflated 3-FEA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:11 30 mg insufflated 3-FEA (powder / crystals)


Before attempting to use this substance in a party-like setting I decided to spend a night on exploring the effects during a quite night at home. I did some research and read the little online information I could find on this substance. Nothing very alarming came up so I went for it.

Substance: 3-FEA. My sample is a white flaky powder.
Total dosage: 65 mg.
Administration: Insufflation.

Experience: Iíve never used 3-FEA before, but Iíve experience with many other substances. This includes similar stimulants such as amphetamine, 4-FA, many cathinones, ephedrine and a couple of varieties of methylphenidate.

Set and setting: I was well rested and had a good meal early in the evening. I don't use any medicine and did not take any other drugs that day or the days before. This evening I was alone at home and planned to do some administrative tasks if the effects would allow it.

At around 20:30 hours I started the experiment with a tiny dosage in order to be sure no heavy or disturbing effects would occur.

T0 +00:00 ~ 03 mg
After taking this small bump I measured a total amount of 62 mg, which should be a medium to high dosage. This seemed like a lot of powder to snort at once and because I did not know what the effects would be I divided it in 4 more or less equal lines.

T1 +00:15 +16 mg
All I experience at this point may be some very slight stimulation, but this could just as well be some imagined effect in anticipation of the rest of the trip. Besides that I feel fine so I decide to proceed and take the first line. It is not the easiest on the nose Iíve ever had, but by far not the worst either.

T2 +00:53 +16 mg
At this point I surely feel stimulated. Iím becoming restless and active. Iíve been working on the said tasks I had planned for myself the whole while. By now I notice that I feel as if Iím more focused on my task while at the same time I get distracted by other things such as picking some other music to play in the background. I also feel a slight warm glow in my body and I notice my jaws begin to tense. Overall the feeling is not unpleasant so I again proceed and snort the second line.

T3 +01:11 +30 mg
The warm glow in my body has extended to a funny warm tingling feeling in my hands and feet. The tension in my jaws now is very obvious and feels comparable to when Iíd have taken cathinones. Similarly Iím now very restless and I feel a need to move around and talk. I canít focus on my tasks anymore and start walking through my apartment Ďdoing thingsí like the laundry, re-ordering things, forgetting what I was going to do when I enter a room, starting something else when I come back to the previous room and so on. The feeling is quite pleasant and I do not experience heavy cardio-vascular pressure. Really Iíd would wish a small party with some friends would be going on by now.

There are two lines left and I feel confident. I just want to get it all in to find out what the eventual effects will be. So I take both lines.

T4 +01:30
This may have been too much for the situation. I have no idea what to do with myself. Iím not worried nor feeling as if something is going wrong. Itís just that I have this classic combination of energy, restlessness, sweaty hands, talky mood and urge to do stuff. Yet there isnít much to do or anything exciting to join. Iíve started to play some videogames but they fail to capture my attention as well. For sure this state would be very enjoyable for me while going out. But being at home I feel as if it would have been better to have stopped after the first two lines.
For sure this state would be very enjoyable for me while going out. But being at home I feel as if it would have been better to have stopped after the first two lines.

T5 +02:19
I decide to pick up some pencil and paper and just write some random stuff that comes up in my mind. This activity turns out to be perfect given the circumstances and Iíve lost track of time a bit. Iíve felt my heart beating noticeably the last hour. It does not worry me because Iíve had worse but I think itís still worth mentioning. Beyond that the other effects are not fading yet and the overall feeling is still pleasant though a bit awkward in this setting. Iím done writing and decide to make myself some tea and watch television.

T6 +02:53
The effects start to weaken slightly and I feel it is time to go try and catch some sleep. Usually I donít have trouble sleeping after taking whichever stimulants so I donít expect much trouble now.

T7 +03:48
It took me a bit longer than I thought to make it to my bed. But now that Iím in it I really want to close my eyes and sleep.

The effects that I experienced where nothing out of the ordinary and of a kind that I would try this substance again in a more active setting with more people. Generally I would compare the effects of this substance with those of any cathinone, be it without any Ďrushí.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 111368
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 33 
Published: Dec 24, 2017Views: 7,121
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3-Fluoroethamphetamine (786) : General (1), Alone (16)

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