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Journey to Multiverse Within
by Mac187
Citation:   Mac187. "Journey to Multiverse Within: An Experience with LSD (exp111370)". Erowid.org. Jan 17, 2018. erowid.org/exp/111370

1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)


[Erowid Note: Claims of measured microgram dosages for LSD are usually unsupported. Quantitative measurements for LSD are very difficult to do and cannot be done casually. Without further detailed information about how the measurements were derived, it is reasonable to assume that most statements of microgram dosages of LSD on blotter or in microdots are either misinformed or overstated.]

T: 0 Consumed a blotter of 1500mcg

The Setup:

Iíve always been curious about acid, wondered what it would be like to hallucinate. Would I see the things with my own eyes, or would it be more like a mental imagination? Finally, it was the time to know! It was around 9 pm, I was with my best friend, K, and one of his friends (letís call him O).

We were at the beach, in Goa. I got the paper, which I was promised is 1500mcg, and was warned only to eat only half of it, otherwise it will get me fucked up, but of course, I was going to eat the whole thing. I took the paper and started sucking on it. As time passed, we became curious as to what we happen and more importantly when. K thought we were tricked and it was just a plain paper with some colors on it.

About an hour of sitting there, I started to feel weird and told K something was kicking in. He seemed skeptical and thought I was only justifying to satisfy myself I wasnít cheated.

The Onset:

I felt the sand on beach racing about, trying to come up from the surface. I looked up and saw stars started moving. At this point, K and O were still thinking I am trying to show off to cover up for the fact that I was scammed. I was just tarrying, and then, hands started to come out from the sand and started to grab me, trying to pull me down into the sand. I was skipping the sand and jumping here and there to avoid being grabbed. I looked up, stars all turned green and started shooting green beams of light down to the beach. I lied down and saw them moving fast and creating a wireframe of green lights while shooting green beams down. As I looked again towards the horizon, in the dark shade of sea, I saw mountains tops peaking at the very end. Then I saw a colossus Buddha lying sideways where there were mountains just a moment before. I asked K to take me back to the hotel as I knew it was gonna get out of hand real soon. Putting my hand on his shoulder, we left for the hotel, me still trying to avoid being caught by those hands which were coming out from sand.


Just as we got out of the sand on to the road, a slow soft music started to play, and everything started to feel in slow motion. Pedestrians started to disappear, and colorful lights began to cover my view. Our hotel was in a dark alley, near to the beach, about 5 min walking. When we got there I had totally lost all my motor skills and was completely relying on K to take me to the room safe.
I had totally lost all my motor skills and was completely relying on K to take me to the room safe.
Just before we were about to enter in the hotel, I had to close my eyes because the lights and colors I saw were so intense I felt Iíll go blind if I kept looking at them, it felt like staring into the sun, but with millions of colors instead of just yellow and my whole peripheral vision was covered. When we finally entered the room, it escalated further.

The Journey: Part 1

In the room I could open my eyes, the intensity of light plunged. There were faces coming out from the walls, all kinds of faces. Mostly animals with sharp teeth, wolf, dogs, demons, dragons, and whatnot. The floor tiles started to break and move apart. I lay on the bed and the music got intense, and then a cloud formed over my head, and it started dripping blood. K and O were sitting on the terrace, while I laid there on the bed. I felt highly dehydrated and was drinking whenever I felt conscious, which was about every 20-30 minutes. About 2-3 hours in (I donít remember any concept of time, I am telling the time of events as per what K and O told me later), I was hungry, we havenít had dinner. I went to the terrace and grabbed a piece of egg roll that K was eating, but just as I looked outside, I saw T-Rex coming from behind the tree, and I dropped the roll and went inside to save my life, as I was sure he was coming to eat me.

The Journey: Story 1

As I said, I donít remember any concept of time at that stage. I am just telling the things in the order which they happened. After that T-Rex came to eat me, I ran inside and lay on the bed again. Then I saw there were people around me, doctors, in their white coats, performing some operations or something. My stomach was cut open and the only light I could see was one they put on the patientís organs, they were discussing something. Then it all went blank, after a while I remember it was a dark night, and there were no lights. I was in a graveyard, dragging a large cross sign, ready to bury in the ground.

The Journey: Story 2

After the graveyard scene, all went blank. I gained my consciousness again, had some water. K was worried sick and he was searching on the internet what to do to calm acid peak and whatnot. He asked me if I was alright but I couldnít put together any words. The music hadnít faded but had the intensity had slowed down. I laid down again on the bed, and this time I was in a peculiar area. I donít know how to really describe that, but in ďBatman Arkham AsylumĒ there is a scene/gameplay with scarecrow where he is in space, with fragments of ruins from houses scattered around in the form of a circle and scarecrow is in the middle. Batman has to hide from his vision while reaching for the last point to kill the scarecrow. To get a clear picture of the scene, you can google, ďBatman Arkham asylum scarecrow dreamĒ and see any video that comes up! I WAS THERE! I WAS THE BAT FUCKING MAN!!! I saw the scarecrow and I had to save my fucking life. I donít know how I saved my life though, after a long time of escaping his vision and jumping around, I again went blank.

The Journey: Story 3

I again gained consciousness for a while. O was asleep, K was just lying there. My motor skills were better, I went to pee and washed my face, but the shape morphing and everything else was still there. I called my GF, (took more than 10 minutes to dial her) and told her all this shit was happening. She went crazy worried, but K talked to her and calmed her down, assured her heís going to take care of me. I laid on the bed again.

This time there was a huge staircase, in the middle of nowhere. Just a spiral staircase and some people on it at different levels. The camera zoomed in and it focused on an old guy, and guess what? The old guy was none other than me! Just as the focus was on his(my) face, there was also a waiter carrying coffee, and he bumped into me and spilled the coffee over me. The camera again was zoomed out to see the whole staircase and then started zooming in, this time focusing on the waiter, and the waiter is me!!! Now as I was descending down the stairs, a kid was bumped into me (the waiter me, focus of this scene) making me spill the coffee on the old man, (who again was me). Again zoomed out to get the whole staircase in the view, and started zooming in again. And this time, the focus was on the kid, and no surprise, the kid was me. I was playing with a bouncy ball and I was trying to catch it when I was running and bumped into the waiter that made him spill his coffee on the old me. Finally, again the view was all zoomed out to cover the whole staircase, and this time while it zoomed in, it focused on an infant in his motherís arms who was feeding on her motherís breast, and of course, the infant was no one but me!


After this part, I again gained consciousness, had some water, went to pee again, and peed a lot. As I was coming back from the restroom. I noticed our hotel room was flying in space, shattered into pieces with nothing but void all around it. I sat on the terrace and smoked a cigarette by myself. K and O were both asleep. I went to bed again and decided to lie down.

The Journey: Ego Death and Meeting the Source

Itís been more than a year, but my hands still shiver as I think about that moment and try to put it down in words. Iíll try my best to recreate that, but no matter how hard I try, I am sure I will not be able to exactly put feelings into words.

This time when I lay down, my eyes closed. I saw stickman figures, more like that gingerbread man figure in Shrek. It was all black except for them, and there were a lot of them, in green color. They were joining hands to form a circle while their legs spread outwards; like when a father swings his child by hands and his legs spread outward with the force. Their legs were in that position, and they are all coming from outward to join hands and become one. First, there was only one circle like this, then there were more, lots, everywhere. The music that was playing is inexplicable, it felt like my brain was about to orgasm. Then the circle came down to me, zooming in at infinite speed, and took my hands to join them too. But just as I held their hands, and circle started to move back up again, taking me up with them, moving in spiral inward motion, concentrating to a single point, but I lost hands! It felt thwarting. But they came back down again, taking me again by my hands, and at this point, like them, I was a gingerbread man too. They came down and took me again, and we all, in this circle and all others in their respective circles, started to move spirally inward trying to collapse into a single point, but again I lost hands. It was as if you are in a video game, and you are in the final boss fight, and you just keep losing and losing and losing, but you know, you are about to win, this is about to end. I felt just like that, and I knew I was on the verge of something big, I could feel it, the anticipation was running extremely. And then, the cycle repeated again, they all came down again, I joined hands, and we started moving inward in a spiral direction, but this time, I didnít let go! AND HOLYYYY FUCKINGGGG SHITTTTTT!!!!!!

Just when I merged with them and we concentrated into a single infinitesimal point of oneness, my brain filled with what I can easily say as a thousand orgasms. And then! It all went blank, nothingness, void, death, life, abyss, everything and nothing all together. The whole concept of humanity, life, death, love, hate faded into nothingness. And that one infinitesimal point was the source, that empowered the whole creation and existence of not only the humanity but the whole universe in itself. After that, I donít remember a thing, I donít know how long was I out, I have no memory of know how I came back. As per K and O, I passed out and they were worried sick if I was dead or not (my heart was beating, but I was totally unconscious) and I regained my consciousness (according to them) after about an hour. (It was 6 in the morning).

The Journey: Final chapter

After coming from ego death, I wasnít talking to anybody. Just observing things around me. Each and everything seemed so beautiful that I cannot find words to define that. About 7 am in the morning, I was standing on the terrace, and the sun was just rising up. To this day, I have never witnessed a more beautiful sunrise in my entire life. I could feel the air blowing through my hairs. I could see the grass, I appreciated the tiny little insects that were there in the room. When I saw the sun, I felt life, the meaning, love, and sense of oneness. I could feel every single ray of sun, hitting me, and hitting millions of things and people on this earth birthing life as we know it. Just as I was witnessing this miracle of life, I decided to smoke another joint. When I was done with that, the hallucination started again, and I had the urge to lie down on the bed again. My eyes closed, this time, I saw waves, like those in mathematics, sine and cosine waves, and those waves were inside a huge auditorium, and were slowly ascending. I saw people sitting there by the sides of walls, smoking, talking, laughing, and I thought to myself, holy shit! Do people actually live there? What is this place? Who are these people? And then the waves continued, leading me to the room in the end, and then the doors of the room opened, and again my mind went blank. I donít remember what, or whom I saw in that room. I just remember waking up after an hour or so. After my death, born again, with a new spirit like that of a newborn baby.

The Journey: Conclusion and aftermath

Even though I have tried to put in every single detail of my trip, or at least as much as I can remember, I know I can never put in words the feel that I had in the trip. Thereís a saying that ďcuriosity killed the catĒ, but the full version is ďcuriosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it backĒ. Thatís what happened to me. I was just doing it for fun and just to see what it feels like to see visuals, but it ended up changing my life more than anything ever did, or anything could ever do. I was already an atheist, but now I realize the universe, the atoms, the spirit molecule (DMT, which I still have to try) are all one. And our purpose is only restrained by our own self-absorbed human dogma, while the universe, life and the existence itself is a much bigger reality itself.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 111370
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: Jan 17, 2018Views: 793
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LSD (2) : Mystical Experiences (9), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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