Enchanted Electricity
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T+ 0:00
8 oz oral Kava (liquid)
  T+ 0:00 50 ug sublingual 1P-LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 4:40   oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
31 years old, regular moderate drinker, occasional user of cannabis (read: I'll toke if I'm offered at a party), no other experience with illicit substances.

I was a very straight edge kid and under normal circumstances I'd have nothing to do with psychedelics. However, I've faced some serious personal setbacks over the past few years and have been in search of some alternate means of achieving insight, something that doesn't involve the binge drinking that is endemic to my current community. I suppose it was Aldous Huxley that led me here - as a frustrated writer, I'm keen to learn from those who came before me.

SETTING: An uncharacteristically mild December Saturday. Given that this is my first experience with psychedelics and that I have a history of anxiety, I've opted to start with half a typical dose. Shortly before taking the dose, I walk to a nearby exotic beverage shop and purchase 8 oz. of a kava preparation to calm my nerves.

+0:00 - 50mcg sublingual. Temperature is normal, pulse slightly elevated. The blotter has no notable taste, lacking the metallic flavor that some users report.

+0:45 - Around this point, I feel a tingling sensation along my spine accompanied by feelings of lightheadedness. I can't be sure if this is an actual effect - I'm still very tense over the effects, so this could all be in my head. That being said, I am feeling very good and that often requires some chemical assistance for me.

+1:10 - I'd initially planned to stay inside all afternoon, but I feel an urge to get up and move so I decide to run some errands. Thus far, the effects are comparable to that of mild drunkenness, though this could be a residual effect of the kava which I know has a sedating effect on me.

+2:05 - Experiencing feelings of disconnection, comparable to those of nitrous oxide. Now I'm sure that I'm feeling the effects of the 1P-LSD, though they are still relatively subtle.

+2:40 - Out again, this time for a walk downtown. I feel very conspicuous and wonder if people know that I'm under the influence, though this is probably just my personality rather than an effect of the chemical. I've become aware of some tactile effects - when I sprint to cross the street, I feel as though I might take off into the air.

+3:25 - I'm clearly peaking now. The sensatory effects at this dose are mild - increased sensitivity and some strobing/trails in my peripheral vision. The tactile effects are much stronger. There is a muted sensation in my fingers, as though my hands have come apart from my body at the wrists and are now functioning on their own.
There is a muted sensation in my fingers, as though my hands have come apart from my body at the wrists and are now functioning on their own.

+3:55 - Apparently no one knows that I'm high at this dose. I've made several transactions and even called my parents and if anyone knows I'm tripping then they aren't saying anything. The tactile sensations keep growing in intensity - I'm now feeling electric sensations, starting from my fingertips and racing along every nerve. It feels as though gravity isn't acting on me like it normally does.

+4:15 - Passing through a local park, I take a few minutes to take in the lights on display. I'm feeling very much at ease, even forgetting why I was ever anxious over the effects.

+4:40 - Back at my apartment, I open an Arrogant Bastard and throw a slice of cheese pizza in the over. The pizza is phenomenal - best I've had in a while - but the beer upsets my stomach a bit, probably due to the carbonation rather than the alcohol. A glass of wine or bourbon would probably go better. A lot of people report some stomach problems with 1P-LSD but I haven't felt that at all.

+5:25 - This is the disenchantment phase - I'm still very much feeling the effects, but they've stopped growing or changing. What I'm feeling now is 'normal,' at least for the time being.

+6:00 - I'm feeling some mild stomach discomfort though this isn't at all unusual for me. I also feel very thirsty - just can't get enough water. Fortunately I planned in advance and there's plenty of bottled water in the fridge.

+6:15 - Starting to come down. The tactile effects are diminishing, or perhaps I just don't notice those jolts the same way I did a couple hours ago. I'm feeling normal and unimpaired enough to play computer games as I wait for the effects to wear off entirely.

+7:00 - I'm back on the ground, at last. Negative effects from the comedown are minimal, less severe than I'd feel after sobering up from a few drinks. It's possible that I'm still under the influence but whatever lingering effects I'm still feeling are entirely in the background at this point.

Overall, my experiences were very positive. The effects of 1P-LSD at the 50mcg level are surprisingly mild - elevated mood, moderate dissociative effects and some minor visual distortions - with few negative effects. After all my stressing over the dreaded psychedelics, 1P-LSD didn't hit me any harder than a double bourbon. I didn't even experience any significant gastric discomfort, which is remarkable as I've had a weak stomach my entire life. I remained fully lucid throughout the experience and was unimpaired enough to deal with the public at large without giving away the game.

Once I got past my irrational fear of a bad reaction, I felt a feeling of extreme optimism. For a few hours, my problems didn't seem as insurmountable as they had when I woke up that morning. Recently, I made a major decision that's going to change my life in a very profound way and will necessitate giving up some relationships that have grown stagnant. At the height of the effects, I felt a certain clarity around the situation. I won't call it 'transformative' but it has helped ease my stress.

I plan on using 1P-LSD again at a higher dosage, preferably in a more social setting as the effect is frankly wasted when it's just me.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 111385
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 31
Published: Dec 25, 2017Views: 6,099
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