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The Ultimate Hippy Speedball
LSD, Cannabis & Coffee
Citation:   Mr._Rager. "The Ultimate Hippy Speedball: An Experience with LSD, Cannabis & Coffee (exp111393)". Mar 22, 2020.

200 mg oral Pharms - Sertraline (daily)
  3 cups oral Coffee (liquid)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  2 tablets sublingual LSD (blotter / tab)
  1 cup oral Coffee (liquid)
This trip took place in August of 2017. I was 19 and had just finished a long summer of teaching at a nearby tech college. Knowing I was going back to college in a week and that my family was out of town for the weekend, I wanted to end the summer with a bang. I’ve never been huge on ragers, though. My friends in high school were the “League of Legends and Team Fortress 2” type, I didn’t try alcohol or weed until my senior year of high school. Those first times were exciting stories in their own, but I digress.

Although I liked getting plastered just as much as the next college kid, I had a unique interest in psychedelics. I was a huge fan of cannabis, and while I had never tried a real “psychedelic”, I had been through intense out-of-body experiences after taking edibles and smoking large quantities of kief. I knew these were nothing compared to what magic mushrooms could make you experience, so I texted my “druggie friend” from high school to ask about them. He had taught me how to use a bong a year before this and had told me all about his experiences with alcohol, psychedelics, and hard drugs. I asked him if he knew where to get “mushies”, as he called them, and he was elated that I wanted to try them. He said he’d have them ready by the weekend, so I gave him some cash and he went on his way.

A couple days later he texted me and said his guy was out of mushrooms but had 3 hits of LSD left. He and I were told they were about 100 micrograms per tab, but when you’re buying illegal drugs you really never know for sure. He bought them at ten bucks a tab and gave them to me along with some change. I thanked him and went on my way.

The night I took them, I had smoked cannabis about two or three hours prior and still had the “hungry and tired” after effect from that. I had had a few cups of coffee that morning, and I was taking 200 mg Zoloft a day for my anxiety problems.

At about 6:00 PM, before my trip sitter had arrived, I put two tabs under my tongue. The tabs had a pretty purple and yellow geometric pattern printed onto them. They didn’t taste metallic (if it’s bitter, it’s a spitter), just like ink and paper, so I was confident it wasn’t NBOMe. After about 15 minutes of letting it dissolve I chewed the paper and swallowed them with a swig of water. I went inside and sat down on the living room couch with my dog. After petting him for about 20 or 30 minutes, I started to feel that “skin crawling” come-up buzz that some users mention. The closest thing I could compare it too is like I had one too many coffees before work and I'm very happy, but also jittery and on edge. No differences in visuals yet, so I knew I there was much more to come. After another 20 minutes or so, I noticed my dog’s hair looked… different. A tiny bit more colorful, a tiny bit shinier, but everything still looked somewhat normal. Then I looked at a map of a lake in Idaho that my parents had hung on our wall. The thin black borders on the coastline were morphing, moving in and out, the size and shape of the lake changing as I watched.

I was utterly fascinated and instantly fell in love with acid, but still felt a bit on edge from the come-up. I went outside with my dog and lit a small bowl of weed in my bubbler. It was sunny, dry, and probably mid-70’s. My dog laid down in the sun next to me, looking so peaceful and happy that I started giggling. What a good boy, I thought. After smoking the bowl, I got even more jittery and happy, which was not my intention but enjoyable nonetheless.

The next hour was relaxing, but relatively uneventful. Just listened to some laid-back rap music on my deck and browsed reddit, waiting for the visuals to really begin. The light coming from my laptop screen began to look vibrant and “plastic”, like a glossy comic book. After this hour passed, at about 8:00 PM, my friend arrived.

My friend and I had known each other since 7th grade when we met in Boy Scouts, and we still hung out a few times a week to smoke and chat and listen to music. He got there knowing my trip had already began, and was interested in hearing about it. As soon as he arrived I was talking at 100 miles per hour, and I knew it. I apologized for talking his ear off but he didn’t seem to mind at all. He was a junior at a liberal arts college, so it wasn’t his first time trip sitting. Although he didn’t take any acid, he wasn’t planning on staying completely sober. We both pulled out our mason jars and grinders, then went out on the back porch to load his bong.

At this point I was getting noticeable visuals all the time. Water and liquids defracted light in the most peculiar way. My friend’s face has rays of light shooting out perpendicular to each other, and his face looked vibrantly pink and almost yellow at times. We started playing some Kendrick or Travis Scott or something as we smoked bowl after bowl. We were both heavy cannabis smokers, so after 3 or 4 hefty bowls with a bit of kief sprinkled in, we were feeling good and sedated. I wanted to try what I now call the ultimate hippy speedball: LSD, Cannabis, and Caffeine.

I brewed up some really nice pour-over coffee that my neighbor had roasted for me. For those that aren’t familiar with pour-overs, it’s like drip-coffee but for one cup at a time. The spinning and bubbling motion made by the hot water and coffee grounds was utterly mesmerizing, I gazed down the coffee pot for the whole 3 minutes it took to brew. I don’t remember whether or not I made a cup of coffee for my friend too, but I had a huge mug to myself and it tasted very good. The bitter flavor that usually comes with coffee wasn’t there in this cup, and it just tasted like electric chocolate, for lack of a better term. Although I was drinking it black, it tasted creamy and sweet, and it warmed my stomach in the most comforting way after swallowing.

My friend rolled a joint and we went out to my front yard, which bordered a thick forest. We walked down to the edge of the forest with our coffee and joint, and I was fascinated by how the trees moved in the wind. I asked my friend “how windy is it out here? I can’t tell how much of the tree movement is from the wind and how much of it is the acid.” My friend laughed and said the trees weren’t moving at all. They were also gradually changing colors - purple, blue, orange, bright green, and everything in between. The way it changed colors looked a lot like the music video for Jaden Smith’s “Watch Me”.

We joked about how funny it felt, just standing on the front lawn smoking a joint and sipping coffee. We walked back up to our front porch and sat on the steps. I grabbed my bluetooth speaker and put on NY State of Mind by Nas, my mind swaying back and forth with the piano and drums. As I looked down, I saw a beautiful geometric pattern spanning the entire driveway. The seemed to be made of hexagon and pentagons, somehow fitting together perfectly instead of leaving space in between like they usually would’ve. Staring at the driveway for too long would cause the pattern to fade and reappear differently in my peripheral vision a few seconds later. This was amazing, I didn’t understand why LSD was illegal. It gave me the curiosity of a kindergartener with the social confidence of a drunk high schooler.

We eventually went back inside, surprised to see that only an hour had passed since he arrived. Both of us too high to perceive time normally, so one hour felt like three or four. We went back outside and smoked for hours and hours, taking breaks to talk about school, politics, music, girls, my trip, whatever was on our minds. Sometimes we’d sit in silence, just appreciating the high. The visuals were stunning. Trees lining the horizon appeared to have been painted into the sky with watercolors, having smooth and natural edges, but with no distinct borders between each tree. The white fence going around my porch had vertical supports which vibrated in sync with the music like guitar strings.

At some point in the night we decided to listen to Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight, a hip-hop album by Travis Scott. It was already one of my favorite albums, and it had numerous references to psychedelics, so we figured it fit the occasion. What an experience. The transition from Sweet Sweet to Outside was incredible to listen to, and the last two songs on the album sent us off with a wonderful upbeat mindstate. It was late by now, the sun has gone down and there was only the dim, grey glow from moon illuminating the horizon. There were two one-person hammocks hung up next to the table, so we rolled another joint and sat in the hammocks, watching the stars and smoking to some rock and punk music. At some point Charlie Don’t Surf by The Clash came on, and I was mesmerized by the vocals and dreamy, twangy guitar sounds that echoed through my head.

Around midnight or 1:00 AM, my friend asked me how I was feeling. I was confident I had passed the peak, since I was five hours into the trip and having fewer visuals, so I told him I was good and he could go home whenever he was ready. We hung out for a bit longer, eventually packing up our stuff and heading inside when it got a little cold on the porch. After he went home, I went upstairs to my room with the dog, just listening to music and watching YouTube videos until I fell asleep. I still felt that energizing feeling I had during the come up, so I just got comfy and relaxed until I was sober enough to go to bed.

The next morning, aside from feeling a bit lethargic from smoking so much weed and staying up late, I felt great. I didn’t have any incredible introspective epiphanies or spiritual experiences, during the trip, just saw and heard many beautiful things. After some coffee and a walk, I felt refreshed and ready for the semester of college that lay ahead. I wouldn’t recommend this drug to everyone. If I wasn’t on my medication, or if had taken it in a place I wasn’t familiar with, I felt I could have easily had a panic attack. However, my surroundings were familiar and my trip sitter was a close friend, so I had a great time. A few months later I purchased Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight on vinyl because of this trip.

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 111393
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Mar 22, 2020Views: 3,278
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