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Better than Street Coke, Cheaper than Beer
N-Ethylhexedrone, SSRIs, Quetiapine & Benzodiazepines
Citation:   Rocket. "Better than Street Coke, Cheaper than Beer: An Experience with N-Ethylhexedrone, SSRIs, Quetiapine & Benzodiazepines (exp111397)". Jan 1, 2018.

  repeated vaporized N-Ethylhexedrone (daily)

Some historical context first: While I had a long lasting love-hate relationship (mostly love, unreciprocated) with MDPV while it was legal in the US, I did not find the side effect to positive effect profile of a-PHP, a-PVP, and most other research chemical stimulants that would come afterward to be worthwhile. 3-FPM seemed somewhat useful as a study aid but being on SSRIs I got little to no euphoria from it.

I'm not much into amphetamines, including 4-FA and 4-FMA, and the prescription ones (adderall, meth) due to what I believe to be, from my understanding of the literature, a general neurotoxicity with that class of chemicals and also because amphetamines aren't very euphoric unless your idea of euphoria is staying up to cram for exams. Sure meth can seem euphoric but at the health costs it's actually a rip off in my opinion.

a-PVP, a-PVP are short lived and have a long brutal crash. In hindsight, MDPV probably was not much better in this regard but at that point in my life perhaps I had more brain cells to spare, was a bit more naive and due to other factors deemed it a noteworthy substance. My memory of that chemical is sugarcoated I'm sure.

I tried NEP and perhaps because I'm on SSRIs I don't see the big deal with this compound. I went through 2 grams in one sitting before tossing it and going to sleep. Though friends who tried NEP thought it was hexen at first--again the SSRI blocking the purported serotonin activity here is probably what's causing it to not be remarkable for me.


My preferred stimulant ROA is vaping or smoking. While I very much like cocaine, at the doses I smoke it's not affordable. I can and was easily going through 7g a day. Having the shortest recovery period of any stimulant except for hexen, I hold cocaine in a special place but know the cardiotoxicity is always a problem. While we'll never know the toxicity of hexen, the fact that I can use many grams a day for many days straight and feel I'm back at baseline after a meal and good night's sleep is a positive sign. Of course this is subjective and I'm unsure one can be aware one's IQ is tanking and brain cells are being lost. For what it's worth, it does not seem to hinder performance at work and does not result in behavioral or psychological changes that are noticeable to close relatives. Again that's not a scientific and could mean nothing.

I had a gram of hexen sitting around and had tried it insufflated without much to report (very low dose.) It was only when I attempted to vape it off foil out of boredom one day did I see its potential. The euphoria was nothing close to a-PHP or MDPV or other substances but it also lacked any sort of crash.
The euphoria was nothing close to a-PHP or MDPV or other substances but it also lacked any sort of crash.
I can't smoke a gram of a-PVP or a-PHP and then feel normal again unless I load up on benzos, antipsychotics, food and rest.

If I find the right source this stuff is cheap. I know early on a lot of hexen going around was actually something else. I still suspect anyone who tries hexen and dislikes it today is not actually getting hexen, and I myself have gotten some substance labeled as hexen which obviously was not (and the vendor mostly apologized and corrected the mistake, though sometimes I had no idea what the heck the mystery compound I was sold was).

What's more interesting to note are the unique problems that come with a cheap and seemingly benign but very potent relatively pure stimulant. The chronic vasoconstriction stimulants cause that most people will not have a problem with because their wallets won't allow them to damage their bodies before running empty. What appears (I can't confirm this) to be second hand vapor/smoke impacting people you live with when you're toking the stuff non-stop for days indoors. These are things anyone who delves into RCs or gets filthy rich and can afford unlimited coke should concern themselves with.

I learned to minimize damage by mostly keeping to myself and treating the usage as self-medication vs a party because I use less and there's less polydrug use in my experience in that setting, only buying 3-7g at a time and no more than once a month and ensuring I move my body to avoid blood clots and other circulatory problems, as well as taking blood thinners (just aspirin..), eating, sleeping, and keeping track of my vitals. I don't mix the stuff with betablockers knowing there may be a paradoxical dangerous impact on the heart (MDPV and coke have this problem at least), but I do take copious amounts of benzos. I also recently began only taking hexen with antipsychotics like Seroquel.
I do take copious amounts of benzos. I also recently began only taking hexen with antipsychotics like Seroquel.
The euphoria and positive reinforcing effects are not as high with this combo. The hexen also doesn't last as long, but it feels even more benign and my vitals show the impact on blood pressure and heart rate is reduced. My vitals are more stable. Again this is my own experience and yours may vary. This is not medical advice. Most importantly for me is the antipsychotics help me sleep. A problem I normally have without any stimulants complicating the picture.

The stuff almost seems too good to be true. The effects aren't as 'wild' as a-PVP or a-PHP that this stuff would make it into the news any time soon. It's still damn cheap. It FEELS benign but may cause cancer, infertility and who the hell knows? But there certainly doesn't seem to be a crash or recovery period needed, even when extremely high doses are smoked or insufflated for prolonged periods. Insufflation feels caustic and extremely damaging to nasal membrane but I do not use that route and have no other insight on it except that insufflated hexen is much more euphoric than insufflation of most street coke I've encountered. A lot of people I know who enjoy this ROA also hold this opinion and have switched to hexen. The only medical exams I have gotten have said 'oxygen saturation (or sats) is normal (unchanged from my younger years and healthy average adult number)' and liver/kidney/blood work appears OK. This is after a few months of regular use. Again none of this is meaningful because who knows what actual damage I may be causing? One can lose 95% kidney function without symptoms and the chronic vasoconstriction from regular stim use is probably equal to smoking 20+ packs of cigarettes a day. Problem with blood circulating to the extremities like toes, fingers, brain and some internal organs is a real problem and something to consider no matter what stimulant you're abusing. More so if you're overweight, don't live an active lifestyle or have problem with blood pressure.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 111397
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 1, 2018Views: 7,150
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