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Overnight in Intensive Care
Citation:   ResearchForUhScience. "Overnight in Intensive Care: An Experience with AL-LAD (exp111415)". Erowid.org. Jul 3, 2018. erowid.org/exp/111415

T+ 0:00
600 ug sublingual AL-LAD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 2:00 1 bowl smoked Cannabis  
AL-LAD, 4 Tabs 600mcg, Intensive Care

Let me start by saying I am not against this drug or any psychedelic, I still see them as a good thing so donít think this is saying donít take psychedelics or anything. Itís just a warning.

I have a good history with psychedelics, LSD more times than I could count normally 4 tabs at a time (they werenít as good at time probably 70mcg each), mushrooms, ate the magic truffles in Amsterdam twice and ordered them to my house quite a few times, tried 4-aco-dmt in an unknown amount that was givin to me in capsule, felt doses very strong, more times than I can count with 100mcg 1P-LSD tabs going up to a max of 4 tabs, same thing with same dose ALD-52 tabs, a hand full of times with ETH-LAD ranging from 1-3 (100mcg) tabs and a hand full of times ranging from 1-3 (150mcg) AL-LAD tabs and other mixtures, and various other drugs, have had a couple bad trips but nothing was like this.

At 3 tabs of 450mcg of AL-LAD I had a great time and felt very in control and thought I could easily handle one more
At 3 tabs of 450mcg of AL-LAD I had a great time and felt very in control and thought I could easily handle one more
as Iím good with handling my psychedelics, but that 4th tab bringing it to 600mcgs was an entire new level, all times are estimates and probably wrong due to in the whole other world I was in.

At time of experience:
Age: 22
Weight: 10 stone (140lbs)
Height: 5í 8Ē
Dose: 600mcg AL-LAD

T 11:00 (0:00) - finishing work in an hour in for short day doing overtime, and with long time for AL-LAD to come on decide to put tabs under tongue then so it will begin to hit me when I get home.

T 11:30 (+0:30) - feeling a little come up a lot sooner than I normally would form AL-LAD, just a little mood boost in no way interfering with me finishing last hour of work.

T 12:00 (+1:00) - finished work and walking around corner with other guys to leave off our tools on site we normally work on, feeling a bit of a change of headspace.

T 12:30 (+1:30) -Just into the house feeling the come up fairly strongly but a nice smooth come up, am currently living with my dad while me and my girlfriend find a place of our own and heís just back from the bar and I run into him and have a conversation and he doesnít notice anything different about me. Anyways heís away to lay down after drinkin an sleep so nows my time to enjoy a nice little trip. I run the shower and shower off from work and it just feels amazing, I could of stood in shower for ages.

T 1:00 (+2:00) finally get our shower and sit out back and smoke a little bubbler visuals not intense yet but nice and feeling good and then head up stairs to my room to lay down and enjoy my trip watching something funny and smoking green.

T 1:30 (+2:30) Iím in my room now and lie down in bed before deciding what to do, the visuals are getting intense now, Iím just laying staring up at my white ceiling in the light watching all sorts of colours and patterns forming all over it till itís almost 3-d looking.

Not much recollection of time from here out half of it is what I was told and some bits I remember.

It must of became too over intense and I couldnít handle it, I remember feeling like I was losing my mind and I must of started screaming or acting crazy in some way as I alerted my dad who came in and I have a brief memory of him asking if I was okay and what I took and telling him LSD and he just tried to keep me quiet then went back to his room I guess to let me ride it out and get through it then heíd talk to me about it. I briefly remember this and feeling horrible at disappointing my father and letting him see me like that and thought I just need to ride this out here and not alarm him anymore and felt (and still do) really bad about it.

I have a brief memory of him coming into the room a few more times and feeling the same but unable to control myself, apparently I got up in a rampage, I have a brief memory of feeling like this was the end and feeling as if Iíd [have] to fight back to save myself
I have a brief memory of feeling like this was the end and feeling as if Iíd [have] to fight back to save myself
, apparently at one point I picked up my tv in my room and smashed it to the ground.

At this point neighbours had called the police and two police jeeps showed up with an ambulance and my dad has called my girlfriend down to help him out. I remember when I hear oh my god itís the police just going like you do in a video game and that being game over and was terrified of them. I donít remember this but apparently I tried to attack the police and it took 4 of them to get me down the stairs and onto a stretcher for the hospital. I briefly remember coming outside on the stretcher and thinking I was being taken away as I'd overdosed and died.

On the way in the ambulance, I remember having visions that this was the end of everything, to save myself and even everyone else I had to break free so was doing all I could to get out of the handcuffs on the stretcher to the point my wrist were all cut up and bleeding everywhere. Once I got to the hospital they began injecting me with anti-psychotics to bring me out of it and knock me out. My last memory is having an oxygen mask pulled off my face and taking a deep breath and asking if I was going to die and being told no and the feeling of relief overtook me. I thought I had done it and I had fought it off and lived and in some way that was helping everyone still live. The next thing I woke up the next day in the hospital bed being told what happened and feeling humiliated and terrible at what I had put my dad and girlfriend through. I had been held overnight in intensive care with an oxygen mask and all sorts of drips hanging out of me and looking like I was dying. I was apparently pure red and shaking and sweating like nothing else with a very high and dangerous heart bpm. Itís an experience I would never want to have to repeat or have anyone else have to repeat.

For these other new psychedelics when you think that the dose your doing is comfortable and you can handle a little more just remember theyíre new compounds. I wouldnít of ever been the type someone would of thought would take a reaction like that. So just please be careful and cautious.

Sadly I feel itís ruined psychedelics for me cause even at times of smoking green I have sort of flashbacks of how bad it was in my head and get a bit of anxiety over it and still feel so horrible that I put them through that. So after that Iím gonna have to call my psychedelics love quits as I feel itís ruined it for me.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 111415
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Jul 3, 2018Views: 2,369
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AL-LAD (603) : Combinations (3), Bad Trips (6), Alone (16)

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