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Blue Flower Madness
Morning Glory
by Noah
Citation:   Noah. "Blue Flower Madness: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp111416)". Aug 17, 2018.

350 seeds oral Morning Glory (liquid)


It was around the beginning of January 2013, I was going to start grade 9 in a few days. I know I was a bit young but hey I was curious. I went shopping for food at this farm vegetable grocery store when a seed packet with a blue flower cought my eyes, I realised it was morning glory heavenly blue seeds, I asked my mom for some money to buy some packets to plant at home, she gave me 50 bucks and I bought 5 packets, each containing 100 seeds, excited and very eager to try it I told myself to wait until I'm in the right mindset, since this friend of mine called Sarah and her mom was visiting me and my mom for dinner tonight aswell with my older brothers friend Andy with his mother. I knew Andy tried having sex with Sarah before and that they hated eachother, I liked Sarah at that time but she was dating James across the street for about a year. Complicated but it's neccesary details to explain my trip with these 'magic beans'.

So I got home with my seeds and put them inside of a pump bottle with a drop of dishwashing soap to clean the poison off the seeds after doing tremendous research about the seeds, I dried them on a newspaper before crushing them inside my mothers molder, then soaking about 500 seeds worth inside the bottle inside the fridge, left them there untill Sarah came, I called her to my room wanting to tell her about these magic seeds I found, she was eager to try it since I said the words 'safe, natural'. I prepared some of the seeds inside another bottle with about 100 seeds crushed, but she couldn't drink it due to the taste so I went and drank her 100 seeds with my 250 seeds struggling to swallow it due to the bad taste but I just got over it and drank it all. At around 6pm.

Later my other friend Andy and of course his mother arrived at about 7pm, still not feeling the effects so we went and sat down infront of the TV which was playing classical or country music with a wavey wallpaper as the dvd player's backround. As we were sitting there Andy was on his phone, Sarah was on her's, Andy was unaware of me taking LSA earlier, so I texted Sarah next to me and asked if I'm crazy or are those waves moving? She replied and said you're just crazy, that's when I knew the effects were coming on very slightly, wasn't enough effects to convince myself that I was tripping already so I decided to go to the room, and Sarah and Andy joined me.

In my room which I normally share with one of my siblings who wasn't there, I was starting to feel nausious and went to the bathroom to puke since I knew it was going to happen, but I couldn't get myself to puke so I just went back to the room where Andy and Sarah were sitting on different beds and I could sense their bad vibes for eachother, it was crazy weird though, like I could sense energy between people. About 30min passed when my mother called us to come eat, so us 3 went to the kitchen where all 3 mothers sat on the one side of the table and us 3 teens on the other side, dishing out the food for ourselves but I had no apetite and decided to just suck it up and sit with them.

This is where the weird alien-like telepathy things started happening...

I was sitting in the middle between Sarah and Andy, opposite me was my hippy-like christian middle-aged mother, on her right was Andy's old chain-smoker closed-minded christian mother and on my moms left was Sarah's young alcoholic athiest mother. The table cloth had white stripes on which seemed like they had black dots moving around on them, thats when I knew the drugs were kicking in, and my eye's felt dilated so I avoided eye contact, but they were all a bit drunk so I had no stress, but at that moment they made perfect sense to me, the way the oldest woman Andy's mother was so old and molded into a typical old lady christian who only smoked weed once in her life was the drunkest, and my own mother who enjoys a joint once in a while still believes in the bible for the sake of not burning in hell, and then the youngest woman who has a lot of experience with everything and no belief in rules or gods, I could see the patterns of their lives or something like I could predict what they were thinking, and when I thought about my two friends I understood how they became the way they are because of their mothers' beliefs, I felt like an alien sitting around a table with humans.. I couldn't wait for it to be over cause' I was feeling nausious about the food.

Eventually after dinner Sarah left to go sleep over at her boyfriend across the street, and Andy stayed for about half an hour before he went, but while me and Andy were just chilling in my room and listening to bullet for my valentine, which sounded so amazing... I told Andy that I'm busy trippin' on LSA inside these magic seeds and then I decided to eat the rest and just chew em up. I was laying on my bed fucked out of my mind staring at the pillow which had butterflies on with a yellow backround, and suddenly I noticed these patterns on it, not moving or anything, just being there whenever I focus on it, I even saw it on my white wall, clear as day, tribal patterns or something and then Andy left to go home and I tried explaining what it looked like but he just thought I was high on drugs.

So after he left I thought Sarah was sleeping in my sisters room for some reason I thought that, but the trip was far from over. I went and put my light off to avoid any visits from my mom who would clearly see I'm on drugs, drunk or not she would be able to see since she took psychedelics herself when she was young, but not as young as me. I was laying on my bed just thinking about everything and everyone and started getting a negative mindset, so I tried sleeping but it just caused more and more thoughts to pop up, but I could somehow sense a pressense of the morning glory spirit inside my mind, all I could see was blue flowers spinning while I was asking it all kinds of questions about christianity, the girl that I liked called Amy, and a bunch of other questions, and I started hearing cats fighting in the street but that sound 'meeeooowww' didn't go away for hours, I was convinced that it was real, that everything I was hearing was real, and suddenly I felt like my body was getting pulled inside some void and then let go, this really freaked me out and I knew I need to get a positive mindset, so I started listening to some reggae music which definately worked, I started smiling and just felt so happy, but I stood up and went to the bathroom to see my eyes... Cheesus Crust were my pupils big O.O, and I looked like a alien with massive eyes and the way my hair went over my face, it was so extreme, and the weirdest part was this pimple on my face which looked 100 times bigger haha.

So I went back to bed with the light off, music on and back to my thoughts which were so clear, I had fun playing around with my thoughts untill the sun came up I started feeling less trippy and more like satan sat on my face and gave me the worst hangover pills... My mother went for a walk and our dog ran outside into the street, a lady stopped and asked if its my dog, so I said yes but he's always running around, but she insisted I climb in her car to go fetch the fucking dog and I yelled 'the dog is fucking fine'. That was the worst feeling in the world so early in the morning after thinking so many negative thoughts earlier, so I locked the gate and went to my room, the lady was screaming and going balistic over a fucking dog and I couldn't handle it at that moment, so I screamed into my pillow as loud as I possibly can with tears running down my face, at the same time feeling thankful that I could experience that weirdness and hell, so I was contempt with everything and finally went to sleep.

I just want to point out that I figured out exactly what I was looking for, the answers I got about my life and what I need to change became clear to me, it was a very enlightening exprience especially for my own mind, I was young but I am thankful for it, because I haven't had a bad trip since then because I know exactly what to do when I'm in a trippy situation.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 111416
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16 
Published: Aug 17, 2018Views: 367
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