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by Oniat
Citation:   Oniat. "Rearrangement: An Experience with 1P-LSD (exp111473)". Feb 1, 2018.

T+ 0:00
150 ug oral 1P-LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 3:38   repeated smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 6:58   repeated smoked Cannabis  


Preface: I have only just started psychedelic use in the last two/three months. I have tripped approx. eighteen times including this trip, including a candy-flip off of tested MDMA and three tabs of 1P-LSD. Although I did not log that experience, it was a bizarre spectacle of about thirty or thirty five hours. However, I'm here to share my log of last night's trip. My last 'trip' prior to this was a 50 ug tab of 1P and 3.5 of some shrooms. This took place about a week prior to last night, so I assumed my tolerance would be down for the most part. I was indeed correct.

4:22 PM: Dropped one tab of 1P-LSD, I generally have a strong tolerance to this one in correlation to how frequently I use it.

4:35 PM: Dropped a half tab, feeling some excitement. Just my own buildup for the treat.

4:45 PM: Very slight ghosting in visual. Nothing much else, listening to Escape the Fate's first album and playing Atari 2600 games after a long day of doing chest workouts with my friend C.

4:53 PM: Feeling a nice type of body high. Thoughts are scattering as is per usual on this type of L. Just had the best performing game of H.E.R.O. for Atari 2600. About 70,000 points and made it to Level 11. What a great game for such a simple console. Time to switch to actually great music, even though I do lowkey fuck with Ronnie Radke. Starting with Take My Bones Away by Baroness. Fun times, time to spit this half tab out. Time to get a fat glass of water and see what people are up to.

4:58 PM: I'm feeling strange, but in a great type of way. The usual good come-up. Gonna bump some old Wayne and then transition into Billionaire Black and FBG Duck. Always gotta bump that hype music when I'm tripping. That new song WTF by Duck should do me volumes of justice. Had some good ass fried chicken earlier and am about to have spaghetti for supper. What a good time to be alive, not starving. Sucks not having food all of the time but I dig days like these. Maybe I should stop doing shit like this and focus on my own health and financial well-being, but eh. We'll see how shit goes. This won't be as hard as when I candy-flipped off of three tabs, but hey it'll still be dope as shit. A more peaceful, solo trip as opposed to the typical.

5:05 PM: Called T and let bro know that I'm about to max on some spaghetti tonight. Gonna go cool in the living room as I come up.

5:15 PM: By this point, I can feel the geekery going strong. Visuals are amping up into something more 'tangible' to me. Time to blast Famous Dex. I just got back from talking to my dad in the living room for a hot minute about UFC fighters and how creaky Anderson Silva must be nowadays. Had some no-names fighting on the screen, nothing too important.

5:19 PM: Got Hit Em With It blasting, good shit. Might go to the apartment tonight to get on some more party shit. Starting to notice more tracers and color bleeding. Definitely feeling extra excited. Body high getting nice as fuck, same with the head high.

6:42 PM: In the full trip, visuals have only been intensifying. Losing track of certain thoughts and the like, enjoying the calm, non-abrasive sense of the trip. Got some lo-fi beats going in the background to help fill the colors of my mind, which are already filled but must also be by music. My visual is out of control with mirroring, color explosions, and the sort. I'm fully in the trip by this point, and even my sense of self feels slightly distorted, ranging itself through many different self-versions.
I'm fully in the trip by this point, and even my sense of self feels slightly distorted, ranging itself through many different self-versions.
I still need to eat dinner, I'll most likely feel way less anxious after. However, this trip is giving good vibes and the visuals are incoherent, although neat. Calm and undulating in demeanor. If I stare too hard at the walls I can see all sorts of geometry infinitely untangling before my very eyes. Sense of time feels more circular than a to b. Feeling great about tonight and what it's been so far. I watched an episode of Inuyasha: The Final Act, but I'm on one too hard to focus on that.

6:48 PM: In lieu of undulating and unfolding visuals that are incredibly cool at the moment, I feel a slight sense as though I'll lose recollection of events. Similar to the onset of a thought loop, but that is just not the final result. Faces begin to transform in tandem with the altered and altering visual lense. Feeling detached from my body and as if my actions and accomplishments are without weight or purpose when having been completed. When I feel like this, my successes appear much more tangible when I sober up. I see the typical cascade of eyeballs and prisms, with something a little more special and colorful this time. I've got some hot ass spaghetti to eat now.

7:17 PM: Now I am at the point where after a long period of thinking and the like, I realized I was getting caught in a thought loop sort of. Also having incredible visuals. Will calm down, and experience this as seperate from reality and integrate my own lessons of self-discipline and learning. Before I ramble forever and ever and ever, I'm just going to turn more Inuyasha: The Final Act on. Along with these explosively cool visuals is a sense that I'm forgetting something. Just have to slow down and ride the tides.

8:00 PM: Wondering how I've managed to get this keyboard on my lap because I am just wigging something extra crazy. Some of the hardest and coolest visuals, except there is a noticable lack of the worry that overtook me with the candyflip that went on for way too long. I acknowledge that, especially after having just smoked, this is an intense slathering of awesomeness that I will reflect upon once I return to the world of not tripping this fucking hard. The warping of both my own physical touch and otherwise are insane in concept. The Hunter by Mastadon plays in the background as I type all of this out. I will thank myself later for having typed all of this out. I have taken off long ago and by tomorrow morning, I will be returning to my own mindset. But for now, I will use this alien distortion to the best of my ability to enjoy and express.

8:08 PM: Feeling this super intense second-coming of visuals, so here I go back to the Atari 2600 games. Getting through the emulator menus is just a mess in and of itself. I opened H.E.R.O and noticed just how ridiculously explosive my visuals are, and also opened a debug or console menu that I had no prior knowledge of. Hmm. I opened up Debugger mode but I am already in Debugger mode so it's no point for all of that. The two-dimensional graphics are far from capable of holding together the complexities of my hallucinations. Was doing an incredibly good job playing H.E.R.O until I started to think about rabbitholes. Might as well be a thought loop, gonna go chill in the living room for a bit. Still hard in this bitch though. Actually I might just get some water.

8:41 PM: Finding myself in a big swirl of every negative possible connotation and every positive possible connotation. I feel a deep sense of permanent worry at some points, but I understand that it is all part of the trip. This permanent sense of worry is on the same side of the coin in which clarity resides. I understand that I should continue trying to relax, and resume watching Inuyasha: The Final Act. As stupid as it sounds, I am actually enjoying it a great amount. Feeling it within my very soul, so to speak. But that's neither here nor there. So back to it I go. Tripping just as hard as ever. But before I resume, I will say that the clarity I seek is not to be found under the bastardized lens of this drug. Even though it's fun, it is a clear seperation from what is and what is not in both the physical world and the world of abstract thinking. I am having a great time, but being able to enjoy the world for what it is sober is so much better. I am glad to say that I do still have the ability to view the world in the way I should, and always will. It is something engrained within me from the beginning and will not leave until the very end.

9:55 PM: Still tripping shit and watching what I'm watching, gonna cool down and get things together in my head though. Shit's all good.

11:10 PM: Okay it is safe to say it's been a good while since I've typed on this screen. I transitioned to watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine (in-between every other thing I have going on and everything I'm doing). My visuals are good and calm, I feel back in my body and typical sober mindset compared to how I was doing at my max peak. Earlier I smoked weed and it caused my visuals and already strange body high to amplify in the way that it typically does: undulation of open-eye hallucinations and an increased depth of physical sense. At this moment, I am tripping at just the right amount where my thinking itself is not bombarded by nonsensical everythings. I am experiencing a calm, peaceful, resounding life. The hallucinations that mirror themselves and undulate onto different patterns get a bit strange at times, of course, but they do seem to resolve themselves when pressed amongst my personal aesthetic values. I was feeling slightly worried and a little bit infinite in terms of hopeless feelings of doom, but my own positive feelings have outweighed that by this point.

11:20 PM: I went to the bathroom, thought about myself and everybody else for a hot minute, and here I am again. Now that I'm in a calm, managable mindset in comparison to what I have been in since the trip (not too bad, but of course can be overwhelming when I'm tripping), I am now going to smoke more weed. I'm gonna let these visuals crank themselves up one more hard notch before fading out of this hard trip. The body high has been the weakest this time, in a good way.
The body high has been the weakest this time, in a good way.
The visuals have been intense as ever and my own mental rabbitholing was, well,a big pile of rabbitholes. But I'm over it, time to continue my good time.

12:00 AM: Don't know if it's the acid or the weed inherently, but I just had two of the hardest closed-eye visuals in my life. The first was of a moon-like being and the second was just a perilous fall into nothingness. Insane, I assume as the weed wears off so well the intensity of all of this. More healing in nature to myself than any other trips before, especially this part. Mind is feeling clear in lieu of the trip intensifying, after seemingly having touched down to reality. I'll try and relax and see what else occurs.

12:20 AM: A lot of time has passed for what I've felt. Still doing what I'm doing, staring into the Sun. I will say that no matter how weird and intense the imagery, this full-on trip feels more like a romanticized version of what sometimes turns out to be a bastadized experience for me.

Summary: I fell asleep at about 3:00am, which is something I typically never accomplish while on this shit. As I continued to smoke throughout the night, my geometry would once again continue to intensify. Was having rare 'four-dimensional' CEVs as well as I attempted to go to bed. By the end of it all, I feel great. Usually I try and workout or play piano while I am tripping, but I passed on both this time around. Electric Wizard, Botanist, System of a Down, Mt. Eerie, Sleep, Redfang, they were all doing me numbers when I was tripping. Good shit.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 111473
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Feb 1, 2018Views: 1,126
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1P-LSD (682) : Combinations (3), Music Discussion (22), General (1), Alone (16)

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