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My Soul Craves This Magic
Citation:   shadow_warrior. "My Soul Craves This Magic: An Experience with Deschloroketamine (exp111479)". Jan 25, 2018.

100 mg oral Deschloroketamine (powder / crystals)
[Erowid Note: The dose described in this report is very high, potentially beyond Erowid's 'heavy' range, and could pose serious health risks or result in unwanted, extreme effects. Sometimes extremely high doses reported are errors rather than actual doses used.]
Deschloroketamine Lessons

DCK has become my favorite drug, and Iíve tried everything coke, molly, lsd, dxm, opioids, ketamine, mushrooms, pcp, RCís, ethnobotanicals, DMT, Datura, Xanax, honestly more I canít remember. I have quit all the above and to be honest DCK has been the most psychologically addicting substance Iíve run across. I donít physically crave it, my soul craves this magic.

Before I jump into describing what Iíve learned so far, I MUST warn you. This is a sacred substance that should not be taken lightly. It has the power to manifest my life's wildest dreams on the flip side it can turn my worst nightmares into a reality too. It all depends on how I use it. On a physical level it has ďspeculation over claims of antibacterial or immunosuppressant properties.Ē Iíve had Lyme and Mono in the past so my immune system is on the weaker side, I noticed the speculated antibacterial and immunosuppressant after the first month of use. I NEED to be taking care of myself, probiotics and immune system support daily is VITAL to my health. I donít take this lightly.

One last note, I determine how I USE a substance by noting my state of mind. Am I using to escape? To learn? To get fucked up? Key questions to ask before diving in. Please take everything with a grain of salt, we all have different bodies and systems. Respect your body and listen to it.


The method of ingestion will change the experience notably. Tolerance builds fasttt.

Snorting - I notice the effects quicker as it enters my bloodstream faster. 5-20 minute onset is not uncommon. As I begin to swallow the drips the high changes over the next 2 hours as my stomach begins to digest it. Motor functions begin to diminish as it digests. Small lines warm me up while allowing me to remain more lucid and in a clear head space. Bigger lines get funkyyÖ

*Warning* I wouldnít make a habit of snorting it to often, Iíve woken up with congested nasal passages that produced lots of nasty thick yellow mucus and a little blood. Clearing my nose with water before going to bed has me helped a lot.

Smoking - The quickest way to get rocked is to smoke it. Effects hit fast BUT they are more mellow than other methods of ingestion. I do lose some potency heating it up I've found.

Eating (Whole Rocks) - This method works great as the rocks have to be broken down longer in my stomach resulting in a more elongated high. Doesnít hit as hard, which can be problematic when tolerance builds.

Eating (Crushed Powder) - Crushing the rocks has proved to increase the intense effects. I use a vegetable capsule to ingest the crushed powder.

I wonít be testing any other methods of ingestion.

Setting For Use:

This is NOT a party drug! I get dissociated and sedated which does not pair well with unstable environments in which one needs to be on one's toes. I take this in a safe place like my room, have no obligations to attend to. Let me tell you a little story of why...

I didnít understand this clearly but I learned fast lol.
I look pretty normal to people who are sober. Iíve found that I can hold =long deep conversations with people (who cannot know of my substance use) without a problem under the influence (Dose: ate around 50-150mg of rocks) even though I could not see them clearly due to the heavy dissociation. Everything was blurry and morphing but my mind was clear and I could talk relatively well. We were talking about AI and other heavy topics and even tho I was gone I continued to talk fine. To date it is the most bizarre experience of my life. I managed to eat dinner around my family and relatives without anyone suspecting (at least no one said anything, they would have if they did) I did slur a few words here and there so I wasnít perfect and will never repeat it again.

Deschloroketamine (also known as 2'-Oxo-PCM, O-PCM, DXE, and DCK) is a great tool for meditation. I prepare myself, make sure I have a safe place to lay or sit and listen to my favorite music with ample amounts of water and fruits. Also it messes with my sleep cycle so I plan my dives wisely. I have found 5-6pm to be a good cut off point, it lasts 3-4 hours so if I need to be in bed by 9-10pm.

I have had past life memories come to me on dck and Iíve begun to work on mastering my own energy. I face every one of my demons and understand that I created them all. I see and feel things Iíve long forgotten, but it comes at a cost and recovery is an uphill battle.

All other trip reports seemed vague and strange before I got my hand on this wonderful drug. I now see why. It almost impossible to explain. It's like a hard drive defragger for my mind and body.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 111479
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Jan 25, 2018Views: 4,320
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Deschloroketamine (708) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Addiction & Habituation (10), Unknown Context (20)

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