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A Child On A Mountain
by MountainChild
Citation:   MountainChild. "A Child On A Mountain: An Experience with 4-AcO-MET (exp111503)". Jan 22, 2018.

T+ 0:00
30 mg oral 4-AcO-MET (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:40   inhaled Unknown (gas)


This was my first time taking 4-AcO-MET. My experience with psychedelics: 2x LSA (HBW seeds)

I decided to go on a hiking trip, alone. I chose a route that I know well so that I don't have to worry about finding home. I was excited about the trip and my mood was good that morning. As my trips with LSA weren't really visual, I was exited to try my first 'real psychedelic'.

I measured about 30 mg with a 0.01 g pocket scale. I wish I had a more precise scale (0.001g).
It was 9 a.m when I took it. I then went on the train.

First effects: Sweaty & trembling hands. Slight anxiety. I started noticing things that I wasn't aware of before.

I arrived at the main station and needed to wait for next train. I started to feel really 'spacey'. I felt like nothing else existed outside of that underground station platform. I noticed that I had a hard time breathing due to my asthma, so I used my inhalator and the symptom disappeared.

Train ride up to the mountain. All sounds were amplified. The red pattern on the seat covers really stood out. When the train stopped, I could see that the bushes and the grass had some wavy patterns on it. As a woman walked by my window on the platform, I was surprised and I thought about what her life might be like and what she would do today.

The train went by a railway depot with lots of trains. I closed my eyes for a moments and saw the realistic afterimage of a train.
As the train was winding up the mountain through a forest, I saw some cut trees. At first I was sad about the trees, but then I thought to myself: 'It is necessary, like we need to cut our hair.'

The train stopped at the top station and I started walking to the viewing platform at the summit (10 minute walk). Walking felt really weird at first, my feet felt strange and I couldn't tell whether I was going fast or slow.

The visuals at that point were stunning. The viewing platform had a great view over the city and the countryside. As I admired the vista, everything looked like an oil painting, it was gorgeous. It was winter, and the branches of the trees in the foreground looked like fractals. As I focused my view on a certain distance, the other planes changed: For instance, when I looked at something nearby, the trees further away disappeared or were simplified in shape.

The visuals became more intense by now.

It was an overcast day, but suddenly, as I looked in the distance, the whole sky was filled with light and beams penetrated all the clouds. I felt the presence of something divine. The whole landscape was illuminated as if it was a sunny day. This lasted what it felt like 10 seconds and was accompanied by intense euphoria and body high. It felt like my chest being pushed back and I had to raise my head. This amazing sensation was repeated another two times.

There were some other people on the viewing platform. A group of tourists with long selfie-sticks, a guy photographing his girlfriend and a mother who was taking pictures of her children. The son asked her what these sticks are for and she replied that it's for taking pictures of themselves. I found that really funny and I thought to myself: 'Why are they not taking pictures of each other, like the guy with his girlfriend.' It seemed so egoistic to me.

I started hiking down the ridge of the mountain which is covered by forest. Behind each turn of the path, it was like an entire new world appeared in front of me. The fractals of the tree branches were still strongly pronounced.

It felt like I was a child again and everything was interesting. Suddenly, I was thinking: Do I need to pee? I couldn't tell. I walked a bit away from the path to pee in the woods. I came across a bench which had a metal sign on it which read 'Bench to relax'. I was laughing, thinking 'what else is a bench for than to relax?'. Certainly not 'Bench to be stressed out'. I went to a tree and peed on it. I thought: There should be a sign on it, reading 'Tree to pee on'.

I came to a branching of the road which had a signpost with the name of small restaurant on it. However, I knew I had to take the other way. After a while, I came to a spot with a great view. Because the mountain ridge was curved, I could see the small restaurant from there. I was flabbergasted: If I went the other way earlier, I would be there at the restaurant now. This seemed unbelievable to me.

I thought: I can decide to go wherever I want. The only thing that's different is the amount of energy needed to go there. Because I can decide to go wherever I want, I am everywhere. Also, everyone else can go wherever they want, so they are everywhere, too. Therefore, I am everybody and everybody is me. The whole world is one. I am. (I was reading 'Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj - I am that' for the past few days, which certainly influenced my thoughts during the trip).

I was standing there, enjoying the painting-like view, with my hands in my pockets. The longer I stood there, the more it felt like my arms were under a blanket, a feeling of warmth and comfort.

I often experienced intense euphoria and had watery eyes. While walking, it felt like I was being pushed forward. Once, I looked up and saw two birds circling. Again, I experienced euphoria and felt connected to the birds. I thought, 'these birds are free and I am free too'.

A came across a sign reading 'Hiking Path'. This made me think of 'Bench to relax' from earlier. I thought: It is just a path, the 'hiking' part seemed redundant to me. From there, I could see the viewing platform in the distance where I started from. I could not fathom that I walked all the way.

On the way down towards the valley, there was a small artificial channel of water next to the path. The sound of the water was quite intense. There was also a tube sticking out of the ground with water flowing out of it. To me it seemed like a blood vessel of the earth. I also felt a strong connection with the trees.

+ 2:45
It was noon, so I thought I might need to eat something. I also had a feeling that I might be hungry, but I couldn't tell for sure. Again, I felt like a child. As I came across a bench ('to relax'), I sat down and started eating a sandwich that I had with me. It felt quite strange to eat and I was distracted by closing my eyes and looking at the colorful patterns.I noticed that the patterns did only change when I turned my head. I would turn and 'look' around with closed eyes until I found the most beautiful pattern.
I started rotating my head from one side to the other in a half circle (looking left, then down, then to the right), gazing at the changing kaleidoscope patterns. At one point I wasn't sure what the position of my head was, whether I was looking down or up.

The open-eyed visuals started to decline a lot. That did not mean the trip was over (even if I thought so at first).
When I closed my eyes, instead of seeing patterns, I now saw colorful afterimages of the object I looked at before closing my eyes. The afterimage wasn't photo-realistic, instead it was like the view Neo has in 'The Matrix', but all colors instead of just green (neon colors, 'electric'). It lasted for about a second. The afterimage even moved correctly when I turned my head right after closing my eyes. It felt like I could see the 'ethereal world'. So, for quite some time I kept closing and opening my eyes.

I came across a signpost. Again, I kept opening and closing my eyes to see the signpost's 'spirit' over and over again. I looked up and suddenly I experienced euphoria and an extreme body high, an orgasmic feeling.

I reached the train station in the valley and went home. At home, I looked at myself in the mirror to see if my pupils were dilated, which they were slightly. I noticed that I could see a face when I closed my eyes. It looked like me. When I rubbed my hand over my face I could see a hand rubbing over the other face as well.

The residual effects were gone after another two hours.

After effects:
In the evening, I was mentally tired and had a slight headache. Lying in bed, eyes closed, I pictured the view from atop of the mountain and suddenly, a saw a kaleidoscope pattern again. I was able to reproduce this about two times.

The next day I felt normal, apart from sore muscles from the hiking.

Positive trip. Oil painting visuals. Intense euphoria. Glowing, Divine. 'Enter the Matrix'- closed eye visuals.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 111503
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27 
Published: Jan 22, 2018Views: 3,672
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4-AcO-MET (711) : First Times (2), Public Space (Museum, Park, etc) (53)

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