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Digital Neon Shadows
by Cipher
Citation:   Cipher. "Digital Neon Shadows: An Experience with 2C-B-Fly (exp111529)". Jan 27, 2018.

T+ 0:00
600 mg oral Smarts - Phenibut
  T+ 0:00 10 mg oral 2C-B-Fly
  T+ 3:10 1 glass oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine


Previous experience: Weed edibles (did not like them), ethylone, some weed smoked, regular ale drinker

Ingested 10mg 2c-b-FLY.
Ingested 600mg of phenibut as an anxiolytic as a precaution
It is around noon.

Given the trip reports I had read in the past, I was expecting a very mild effect. Many individuals appear to be insensitive to the substance. One person took a similar dose and only had one noteworthy observation to report: it made his leg twitch a bit.

The research chemical site where I had purchased it even recommends 20mg or two pellets, as a starting dose. Otherwise, the product page writes, you may as well not bother!

I have my timer open on my phone, and the psychonautwiki on my monitor next to me as I sit up on bed. I like to use my bed as a computer chair, especially in winter, it saves heat. The wiki informs me that this is about the latest point at which the come-up begins for this substance. I lie in bed, and feel as though I can make out some slight changes in my perception of the room. The far corner of the ceiling seems to be further away, and the shadows in the room appear to pop out a bit. Don't read too much into this, though, the difference between this and sober is virtually nil.

“Huh,” I thought. “This is probably as intense as it's going to get.”


I hold out my hands in front of me as I sit on the edge of the bed. They are so warm!

I walk to the window and look out over the bay, and the buildings in the distance. The apartment has a very nice view. I pace back to my room.


I distinctly remember thinking that. I was suddenly exceptionally high.

Before deciding whether to take this substance, I did some research to see if the feeling would be similar to a weed edible. Psychedelic enthusiasts get very offended when you ask if it is “like weed” because of all the 16 year old stoners looking for ways to get high without their mom noticing. However, I found the headspace to be very comparable. Personally, I get racing, highly analytical thoughts and a general feeling of restlessness. However, FLY feels more friendly somehow. In some way, I feel more welcome here. It's a relief.

Sit down. Stand up. Sit down. Stand up. I feel heavy! The mattress feels like it is a tall slope, and if I lean back I will fall.

I notice a profoundly erotic tingling sensation deep within my muscles and joints when I bend them.

Ann Shulgin called this her favorite tripping substance because of how erotic and sensual the experience feels to her. This must be what she meant.

I decided that I can't just stand here and enjoy the way my body feels. Why? Is it awkward and embarrassing? Are you mentally understimulated?

It was as if FLY heeded my whims, and sends me into an anxious philosophical obstacle course in which I am forced to confront the existential questions that bother me, the insecurities in the very back of my mind, and the nature of my relationships with the people closest to me, unrelentingly.

Time dilation makes it feel as though half an hour as passed in these last five minutes. I pace back and forth in my room, stomp over to the window and peer out over the water as if I will find an answer there.

According to Psychonautwiki, I am merely beginning to peak and will be like this for another two hours. The prospect is exhausting.

I experience a great deal of temperature regulation suppression. The wiki tells me this is particularly profound on FLY. I become very annoyed at being unable to get comfortable, constantly taking my hooded sweater off and putting it back on.
I become very annoyed at being unable to get comfortable, constantly taking my hooded sweater off and putting it back on.
So I decide to shower, and this turns out to be a great idea.

The hot jet of water felt like a fiery lash on my body.

I giggled endlessly at the classic phrase “do not drive or operate heavy machinery while under the influence of any substance.” Here I was, so high that I could barely operate a shower hose. Mentally, it felt as though I were driving a giant digging machine.

I saw my glasses lying on the counter and became convinced that none of this is real.

I wrapped the towel around my head and was transported back to my childhood by the scent of fabric.

I jokingly pulled the fabric off, “pshoom! I am reborn!”

I closed my eyes and the pulsing mass of colors took the shape of the face of my deceased grandmother. Half her face paralyzed due to her stroke. I decide to keep my eyes open for this trip.

After the shower was finished, I walk through the shadowy living room to peer out over the water's edge once again. Wonderfully relaxed open-eye visuals have begun. They are pulsating neon shadows, breathing out of any dark and angular shape in my vision. Somehow I was not that impressed at the time. “This is about what I imagined visuals would be like. I wish I could relax now. I want to be normal.”

Profound loneliness has me messaging a bunch of people I know. Even people I have not talked to for months receive surprise messages when my regular friends do not immediately reply. A minute feels like such a long time.

Or is it because I am so terrified of being rejected?

I actually feel like eating something. So I make the mistake of trying some very dark chocolate. It tastes abysmal, like chewing on black tar.

I attempt to make a sandwich, but it seems we're out of everything but white toast slices. I spread one with peanut butter. It looks so pathetic in the harsh halogen kitchen light. It's like something an abusive carer would give a neglected old lady whose brain has degraded too much to say anything. How much misery is there in the world?

It made me very sad, the peanut butter.

Having given up the quest for food, I chew the colorful gum balls I bought to help with jaw clenching. I don't have any jaw clenching but they are nice.

I tell my good friend who knows I am tripping via chat “it made me very sad, the peanut butter.” He thinks it is extremely funny and I am proud that I made him laugh.

I look at a cartoony painting of a mischievous character in a terrifying Lovecraftian theme park setting. I am drawn in, and have to catch myself before the horrible creatures come alive. The grin of the central character reassures me that it is all intended to be playful and I shouldn't worry.

The peak shows no sign of becoming less intense. I am thoroughly tired of feeling so restless, so I crack open a can of strong ale.

I was initially reluctant to do this, because I read reports from other trippers about how drinking during a trip will misalign your chakras and offend Baphomet or something. Or more importantly, result in a bad time. However, I also read positive reports, so I decide to have a drinky.

I feel so much better.

I don't know if it's the brew or the fact that the comedown phase of the trip has begun, or a combination of the two (and the fact that alcohol is potentiated by phenibut). All I know is that I suddenly feel fantastic.

I am so serene, yet thoughtful. I am able to connect so well with my friend whom I'm chatting with. It all just falls into place.

I appreciate the mild visuals that are still happening. The dark shapes at the edge of my computer monitor have these thin neon spirals in them.

I fail to realize that I am still tripping when I look at a video on youtube.

“Hey why is the video waving so much? It's like I'm still tripping right now.”

I realize that the drug has not worn off yet.

end of report

Sleep did not come easy, I ended up staying up until the sun came up. Partially because I didn't feel like I could sleep, but also because I wanted to reflect on the experience and enjoy the afterglow. Somehow the afterglow really sold me on the FLY.

Date: 28 Oktober 2017

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 111529
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 28 
Published: Jan 27, 2018Views: 4,955
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2C-B-Fly (350) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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