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Play With the Technology!
by me
Citation:   me. "Play With the Technology!: An Experience with DMT (exp111538)". Oct 2, 2018.

  vaporized DMT


'Play with the technology!'

I am working in a rural area, doing fire-clearing. That means, cutting down all the saplings and brush with a chainsaw, so if a forest fire comes through, there's nothing to burn. I am not on any medication, prescription or otherwise.

My mindset is: I love being in the woods. It's very peaceful and relaxing. It's hard work, and I'm tired at the end of the day.

My friend had given me a DMT vape pen. I would smoke it in the evenings when I was done working. I found that if I smoked just a little, I could close my eyes, and have very vivid, pleasant daydreams, which I could more or less direct. After a while I would open my eyes and 'wake up'. Then smoke a little more. It was really nice. Very wholesome.

I was doing this, when I accidentally smoked a lot, or still had some in me when I smoked more.

Well I got really high. Everything became very quiet. It was like I suddenly became very sensitive to sound, but the room had become completely silent. Then I started hearing sounds. They are totally the cliche 'drug trip' sounds you would hear in a movie from the 60's when someone is tripping. Tones rising and falling in frequency, echo-y stuff.

I close my eyes, but I don't see anything. I feel like I am not in control of my own mind, which is very unnerving. It's a little scary. Very alien, as in not human, not empathic. I can't feel my own emotions. It feels like they have all gone away, literally up and in a direction pointing away from me.
I can't feel my own emotions. It feels like they have all gone away, literally up and in a direction pointing away from me.
I had felt good and cozy and warm a moment before, but now I feel scared and alone in an emotionally cold environment.

I am aware that there is someone here, and I am trying to communicate with it. Trying to communicate, but not sure if it's working, getting kind of frustrated. Then I say, how about I just give you a hug? And mentally try to hug whatever is out there. That worked really well. They responded well to that! I get overwhelmed by these comforting, lovey-dovey feelings.

Now I start seeing things.

Well I am on a fricking spaceship. Everything is white trimmed with shiny metal. Very technological. I am struggling to regain control of myself, but can't. The things in the room, the instruments, or computers, or whatever they are -- they are not like anything you would see in the space shuttle or an airplane cockpit. It's very unusual. I've never seen anything like it in the real world. For example, there is a stand rising out of the floor with a cylinder on top of it. The cylinder is lying on its side. It has slots in the top. I think you reach your fingers into the slots to operate controls?

Everything looks normal and real. I don't see fractals, or colors or anything.

I am very disoriented. I mean, for example, I go into a bay where there are two people in space suits working on a large machine they are building. It reminds me very much of a photo I saw once in a Boeing magazine, showing a crew working on a communications satellite, prior to launch. I am so disoriented that i ask myself, in all seriousness, 'Do I work here?' Like I thought that I actually might be at work, on a spaceship (and that was totally normal), but had accidentally hit my head or something, and was just coming out of a daze.

I'm in another part of the ship.

They have these toys, like Fisher-Price baby toys, the plastic boxes with different colors and shapes on the surface, and when you press them they light up or make a sound. And they keep presenting them to me, trying to push my face into them, get me to play with them. And I keep pulling away, trying to escape. I say, 'Man, that's kid stuff! That's just a toy for a baby! I want to speak to the captain!'

In retrospect, I wish I had played with the toys.

Some of the toys are Earth-orbit, or solar-system themed. There's one that is the size of a movie poster. It's a picture of the Earth with many little pegs making a circle around it. It's a toy that you play a game with, and in so doing, you learn about the orbits of the planets of the solar-system. They all seem very simple, like they are designed for children.

(Later, when I told my friend about this, he commented, 'Maybe they consider you to be a cosmic infant.')

I am shown the universe at large. I mean, they give me a view of outer space where the Milky Way galaxy is just a tiny dot. There are spaceships and creatures *everywhere* flying hither-thither. It's like downtown New York City. Hella people. And outer space is yellow, instead of black, for some reason. There is a human being here. A black guy. He points out the window, and says to me, 'In the universe, shit is going *down*!'

They give me an arm load full of white binders and put me in a little escape pod and shoot me back down to earth. The binders are some kind of instruction manuals, or technical documents.

I am sitting before some kind of computer interface. There are many buttons, all purple. They are not laid out in a grid, like a keyboard, but are weird shapes. Through windows above I see starry sky. There is a little spaceship flying away, like it had just come to give me something, and now it was leaving. It said, 'Play with the technology!'

They seemed interested in encouraging human technological development. I would liken their attitude to the following: When you're at school, working on a problem with your group, and the teacher comes over to see how you are doing. You ask for help, but the teacher won't just flat out tell you the answer, but she says something like, 'Well what would happen if you did *this*?' Kind of encourages you in the right direction. That was very much the vibe I got from them.

I got the feeling that they considered human technology -- that is, the way human beings put molecules together in a particular order to make a new material, for example -- they see that as an aspect or an extension of biological evolution. Molecules get arranged in news ways inside a cell and give rise to mutations, new life forms. Complex organisms like humans make new kinds of technology. It seems they see both of these as part of the same process.

I guess the way I would describe them is they seemed kind of amused, friendly, and like they wanted me to learn. They wanted me to learn something, but they couldn't just tell me; they were trying to encourage me to figure it out, by playing games, by playing with these weird alien toys.

The next day I had a DMT hangover. My head felt funny, too cerebral. But that only lasted a day. I am fine now.

Since that experience, I have been reading a lot of physics and math papers on the internet. I know this may sound silly, but I feel like the DMT changed my mind somehow -- I feel like it made me more intelligent.

[Reported Dose: "Several long drags off a vape-pen"]

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 111538
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 37 
Published: Oct 2, 2018Views: 1,891
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DMT (18) : Entities / Beings (37), Hangover / Days After (46), General (1), Alone (16)

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