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Past Life, Death, Afterlife, Reincarnation
by Yours Truely
Citation:   Yours Truely. "Past Life, Death, Afterlife, Reincarnation: An Experience with LSD (exp111541)". Jun 4, 2019.

10 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)


Ten strip of really clean, good strong acid. The best I've ever had. Well this trip went on for a long time, and a lot happened. But to me, the most interesting part, the most moving part, is described below.

I am flying over the ocean. Not really in a body, just looking down at the ocean from high above. There's a ship down there. I'm not really paying attention, not too concerned with whatever is happening. Somehow, I know that this is the Pacific Theater of World War II. Somewhere near Japan or the Phillipines. Somehow, I become aware that I am a man on the ship. There is a violent explosion in which I am killed. It is very disturbing, I look away, horrified. It's terrible, terrible. My body is ripped apart. It's awful. I turn away. I'm up in the sky looking down.

Now I am in a dark underground cave. There are many people here. We are all dead. A huge crowd of dead people, standing around, frowning. It feels sketchy here. Not like we are in Hell, but this is not a nice place. I think, 'This is Sheol.' It's like a waiting room. I want to leave.
It's like a waiting room. I want to leave.
But you're not allowed to. There are these monsters guarding us. They look like big disembodied mouths, with snaggly teeth, drooling slime and blood, hovering above the ground.

I go right up to one and assert, 'Angels are real! Angels exist!' I don't know why I said this. I was not raised religious and did not believe in such things. It says something to me in an aside, like it doesn't want anyone else to hear, 'Well I don't doubt it.' And then it stands aside and lets me walk out of there.

Now I am floating, ascending upwards through many red and gold spinning pentagrams. I pop out in a vast open space. There is bright light everywhere, so I can hardly see anything. I feel like everything is totally peachy. I feel great, not scared at all. This is a wonderful place. If I was a Christian I would definitely say I was visiting heaven.

There are creatures here. There are no other human beings, as far as I can tell. The creatures are enormous, the size of a two-storey house. It's hard to tell what they look like, because their flesh is like looking at the sun. They best I can describe is that it was like an enormous lion with wings, but that's not really what it is. It had eyes. I saw its eyes. There was more than one of the creatures. They were very benevolent. They said something to me, to the effect of, 'You can stay here with us forever, if you like. But we want you to go back. We want you to reincarnate. But you don't have to.'

I remember clearly, thinking, 'Ha! You'd really have to have a screw loose to agree to do that!' It felt so good to be there, I would never want to leave. And I certainly wouldn't go back to being a human on Earth! All the fear, confusion and suffering. I'd have to literally be insane to agree to go back there.

And then *click* all of a sudden I was me again, back in my room, sober.
And then *click* all of a sudden I was me again, back in my room, sober.
Guess I agreed.


I was curious about what that ship was, and asked about it later when I was tripping. I saw a man wearing one of those caps that veterans wear, it was blue and it said 'USS ----------'. I looked it up and sure enough, the USS ---------- was a ship in the Pacific Theater in WWII. In the early 1940s there was an explosion in which men were killed. Strangely enough, it happened on my birthday...

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 111541
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30 
Published: Jun 4, 2019Views: 593
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LSD (2) : Unknown Context (20), General (1)

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