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Lana Del Rey and Zeus
by 5FeetDeep
Citation:   5FeetDeep. "Lana Del Rey and Zeus: An Experience with LSD (exp111579)". Apr 19, 2018.

1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)


[Erowid Note: The term "acid" has been used as a common name for d-LSD since the 1960s. Although confusion associated with newer psychoactive substances has lead some people to use the term "acid" to refer to anything LSD-like or anything psychedelic on blotter or sold in drops, we believe this represents an error and not a useful evolution in language.]

My first experience with acid was October 2017. I had recently became friends with a girl who took interest in it and so did I. I wouldn't say we were the closest of friends but her persona was very intriguing. We planned it out about a week before and I had asked just about everybody where I could buy a tab or two from. Eventually I met this guy who was very sketchy but at the point I didn't care since I had been looking everywhere. It ended up being nbome.

Now to my second experience which was not too long ago. I had received two tabs of pure acid from a guy I was seeing at the time (which weíll call Jayson) and decided to do it with a close friend of mine who I have known for 4 years. We planned to do it at my house and she would sleepover and do half a tab while I did a full tab. They were each 125ug which excited me very much since I had to split a tab the last time I did it. As soon as we got to my house we immediately took it, they had a cute design of purple and blue atoms on it.

I was feeling pretty good and chill so we decided to sit outside, listening to music and talking for a bit. I hadnít really felt any effects but I remember my heart beating fast from the nervousness which later wore off. I decided that we should walk to the store and get food or something and on our way there I distinctly recall looking at the sky and watching the clouds wave in slow motion. I was amused and ecstatic and kept shouting at my friend about how beautiful and HD everything outside is. We got to the store and headed for the back to get chips and it felt like we had been there for a whole day. We kept going back and forth between the candy isle and chip isle and I would repeatedly ask my friend if she wanted chips or not. Eventually we got tortilla chips and salsa which my friend proceeded to drop and I started to get paranoid and it felt like everyone was watching us. We got another jar of salsa and made our way to the register. I unknowingly left my money at home which made us panic and I started to think my friend had stole it since I had seen her previously steal from shops. The cashier let us go with our chips and salsa and then we stopped at Starbucks on our way back.

Once we were seated my friend kept fiddling with her jacket saying it was hot. She would take it off then put it on and this went on for about a minute or two. I started to feel nauseous and hot as well and went outside to wait for her. After another 5 minutes or so she came out with our drinks and suddenly I didnít want my drink anymore. We walked back to my place and grabbed our food and sat outside, it was night by the time we got back and everything looked beautiful. I stared at the stars and it looked like the galaxy was pulling in towards me.

Stars were bigger and brighter, airplanes started to appear out of nowhere and it was just beautiful. I had an old blanket outside on an old couch we used to use and the wind had blown it which made me jump from my seat, thinking there was a cat. We went back inside and up to my room and my door started to shrink so I asked my friend to open it for me. We settled down and I got up and started pacing back and forth. I was sweating a little bit and sort of panicking.

I texted one of my friends and they recommended me to watch Electric Sheep which calmed me down and sent me into a laughing fit. Afterwards I was in a good mood and mostly on my phone talking to my other friend occasionally. My parents didnít want us outside anymore so we were confined to my miniscule hot room. I laid down and looked at my Lana Del Rey poster and her eyes started turning black which freaked me out so I took it down for the time being. I opened up Instagram for the 3rd time and saw a picture of Lana and she looked dead and anorexic which made me sad. I asked my friend if Lana Del Rey was alive and she looked it up just to reassure me that she wasnít dead.

We spent most of the time listening to music, talking, and enjoying our trip.
We spent most of the time listening to music, talking, and enjoying our trip.
I opened up Snapchat to view one of my close friends stories and felt sad and ashamed that I hadnít really been the greatest friend for her. I always saw her rants but never really spoke up and I started to tear up. I apologized to her and told her I would make it up. At this point in the trip is where I realized I need to start being more considerate about my friends and familyís feelings. Sometimes Iíd say some harsh stuff to them without giving it a thought.

I called Jayson to tell him about the big dipper in the sky and how he should go out there and look at it since we both had a thing for the constellation. Previously I had texted him a couple minutes before telling him that I was panicking which did frighten him. We stayed on the phone and I felt so warm and comforted by just talking to him. I kept looking at my friend while I was on the phone and we both kept laughing. She had started to look like an ogre which made me laugh even more.

He recommended that I should just turn off the lights and sit in silence for a minute which I was really hesitant to do since I was a little scared of the dark. I turned off my lamp which left me and my friend in the darkness and I saw little things falling. Sort of like glitter. Once he hung up I listened to some music which for some reason spiked up my anxiety.
I listened to some music which for some reason spiked up my anxiety.
There was a white, vague rectangle above my door and I kept thinking it was a halo. I assumed it came from the cross that hung outside my door since my family are devoted Christians.

During the comedown I felt like a complete tweaker and the only reason I couldnít sleep was because I was worried about my heartbeat. I thought a fast beating heart is better than a weak beating heart. My friend got up and went to the bathroom while I shut my eyes and zoned out. I remember seeing visuals behind my eyelids like glitter again. I talked to Zeus who claimed to be a natural being and I asked him what I needed to do to be successful in the future. He showed me a board that was blank and confusion washed over me. He said to do what I think is best for me.

I thought about Jayson and a skull mountain with water came into the visuals. Zeus said he had to leave and I begged him to stay but he told me heíd be back next time. I opened my eyes and was shocked to find myself still in my bedroom, my friend was still in the bathroom and it felt like she had been in there forever.

The rest of the night/morning I spent trying to sleep which I didnít get until about 5am/6am. I slept until 12pm and woke up the next day feeling weird. I cried a bit and stayed in my room trying to recall everything that happened the night before. That was my second experience with acid and I really want to try it again soon.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 111579
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 16 
Published: Apr 19, 2018Views: 602
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LSD (2) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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