Light and Bonding
by WG
Citation:   WG. "Light and Bonding: An Experience with AL-LAD (exp111587)". Feb 7, 2018.

150 ug oral AL-LAD
A Light, Bonding Experience 150ug AL-LAD

A bit of background: My girlfriend and I have dated for 9 months. I've done acid and shrooms a handful of times at moderate doses (never more than 150ug of acid or 3.5g of shrooms), but she's only done them a couple of times, always with me, at very underwhelming doses (90ug LSD, 1g shrooms, I always told her to underdose because I was worried for her). Anyways, onto the trip report (this is my first report, so excuse me if it's flawed).

T+0:00: I meet my girlfriend at the metro near her house, and we each take our 150ug tabs of AL-LAD.

T+0:20: We hop on the metro heading to my place as we notice a sensation going through our stomach and chest. It is not exactly pleasant, but it soon becomes ignorable.

T+0:45: We get off the metro and hop on the bus to my house. The come-up is starting to pick up rapidly. The body sensation turns into a strong stimulation. By coincidence, one of our good friends is on the bus. We tell her what we're on and she's intrigued (she does psychedelics too, and I told her I'd be tripping today). Something about running into her makes us laugh so much. It's so funny.

T+1:00: Throughout the 15 minute bus ride, the visuals start and the trip really kicks in. We can't help but laugh hysterically. Unlike acid, I am not overly paranoid about tripping on a bus. Sure, I want to get off fairly soon so we can let go and not worry about others noticing, but I am not utterly paranoid or bad tripping by any means.

T+1:20: We hop off the bus and walk the 2 minutes to my house. While walking, we notice the ice on the ground morphing into beautiful patterns. Although it's winter and things aren't all that colourful, everything looks bright and beautiful. Things are breathing, patterns are forming, colours are brighter/distorted, my girlfriend's skin's texture is coming alive, and she looks so spiritual and gorgeous, like a goddess.

T+1:30: We arrive at my house just as we start completely peaking. I must say, although most say 150ug is underwhelming, I disagree. 150ug had an intense peak and I don't think I would've wanted to do much more. This is where things get beautiful. My girlfriend and I start by simply walking around my bright coloured house, looking at the paintings, the floor, etc., moving and morphing.

T+2:00: At this point, my girlfriend and I are lying on the bed. We cuddle and I start to feel something like never before. We've been dating 9 months, and I can truly say I love her. We've been comfortable with each other for a while, but this makes our connection even deeper. Our souls truly feel connected. We hold each other close as I notice her goddess-like face coming to life, and the shininess in her hair taking on rainbow hues. Both of us start crying out of love. It's beautiful. The only minor annoyance is that the body load, although it is quite warm and stimulating, is so stimulating that we feel very jittery throughout our body.
The only minor annoyance is that the body load, although it is quite warm and stimulating, is so stimulating that we feel very jittery throughout our body.
This doesn't cause a bad trip by any means, though.

T+4:00: Throughout the peak, we talk, cuddle, and observe things throughout my house. We laugh and smile to the point that our jaws are sore, and we make insightful comments which I wish I would've written down. We attempt sex, but sadly, I don't feel the urge, and can't get myself going (I've heard amazing things about psychedelic sex, and look forward to trying it again in the future. Next time, I'll attempt it during the comeup/comedown rather than the peak). She doesn't mind this, and we spend our time being romantic, and connecting like soulmates. The most beautiful part is she is feeling the same way. She feels the connection too. We are at our most vulnerable, yet we aren't scared. We are fully comfortable in this state with each other. The peak, and trip as a whole, is less confusing and introspective than acid, and more giggly and euphoric. I am always able to handle myself during this trip and I don't get into any thought loops, but I do feel I am reaching my limit. Much more and I would've started experiencing a lot of ego dissolution and would likely have started to feel overwhelmed. This felt like the ideal dose for me.

T+4:30: We start coming down and decide to go to our friend's house (the same friend we saw on the bus earlier!). On the way, we still notice the visuals, but they're becoming less and less intense. This part of the trip is amazing. We feel rewarded from the experience, and things are starting to calm down, while the headspace and visuals are still present.

T+5:15: We arrive at my friends house. There are minor visuals, but the trip is close to done. We experience a super nice afterglow effect. We feel like our love has reached a deeper level. Like our fights and recent problems are less relevant, and don't affect our bond. We discuss doing this again (tripping on AL-LAD), and agree to wait a little while, so the novelty and magic doesn't wear off (we plan on doing it again in 2 months, in the spring, when we can spend more time outdoors, perhaps lying in a park for some time, which we couldn't do this time, seeing as Canadian winters are freezing)

T+6:00: My girlfriend has to leave, and a few more friends arrive at our friend's house. I kiss her goodbye and tell her I had an amazing time. I tell my friends about the experience and continue to feel a strong afterglow throughout the evening, although I am practically back to baseline. I text my girlfriend throughout the night and simply feel great.

What a good experience!

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 111587
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 7, 2018Views: 2,776
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AL-LAD (603) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Relationships (44), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1)

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