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Magic Carpet Ride
Citation:   Burritoextreme. "Magic Carpet Ride: An Experience with AL-LAD (exp111623)". Mar 7, 2018.

75 ug buccal AL-LAD (blotter / tab)
Allow me to preface by stating that this was my first experience with anything other than marijuana. I’ve felt myself growing as of late, both emotionally and spiritually, and my curiosity was aroused by a documentary on DMT. I found it incredibly fascinating. I had the opportunity to try AL-LAD at an EDM festival and I quite literally jumped at the opportunity to broaden my horizons.

I procured two 150mcg blotters that read “AL LAD” that I cut in half, giving myself approximately 75mcg. This I believed would be more of a gentle foray into this experience. Blotter was placed between my top lip and gums for roughly 20mins. No tastes or flavors that I can recall. I did get a bit of numbness on my upper lip in the spot the blotter rested, but this subsided after another 30 minutes or so.
It is now 8:30pm.

The others along for the ride with my begin to feel slight effect after 20-30 minutes. I have yet to experience anything other than anticipation. At this point I believe it to be their metabolic rate compared to mine.

T+50 or so minutes I begin to get a slight warmth in my feet. I tell myself, “he she comes!”, probably with more elation than I should’ve had, but nevertheless I. Am. Excited. The internal warmth begins to travel North through my legs and into my back, where the warm now feels like I am standing in that sweet spot next to a fire. The sweet spot where you’re not too hot, but not cold. I am immediately in love with the experience thus far. The entire group is then struck with a very powerful case of giggle fits. We move into the crowd, closer to the music.

T+1.5hrs. The build is, by every definition of the word, gradual. Roller coaster like, even. I think to myself “how much more can this build??”
T+1.5hrs. The build is, by every definition of the word, gradual. Roller coaster like, even. I think to myself “how much more can this build??”
I am now have involuntary muscle spasms & contractions in my traps and shoulders. They are soon followed by an “electricity” that runs the length of my body. Head to toe. Now strikes the overwhelming sense of splendor and total loss of ego. The smell inside the hall is incredibly strong to me at this point. A vast array of fragrances. I can easily distinguish what I remember to be at least separate smells. My entire group is grinning from ear to ear, moving to the music. I feel like a dandelion on the breeze, swaying in all directions with no assistance from me. I quite like this.

T+2.5-3hours OEV’s are immense. I feel totally immersed in them. I cannot recall a time in life when I felt this way, such elation. Body high is full blown. I find a small woman who is wearing some sort of furry shouldered top. I begin to run my fingers through the fur. My hands have never touched anything that feels like they do right now. She begins to glide her fingernails along my scalp. It was borderline orgasmic. This continues for 20 minutes? She departs. I reunite with my group. I hear positively capital at this point. I hug every member of my party. I tell them I love them. I blink too long and am overpowered by the CEV’s. I lack the verbiage to accurately describe what I am “seeing”. Perhaps starbursts is what I am trying to say. We move furiously to the music.

T+4 hours. I find myself outdoors with the group. Outside of the 4 feet around me, nothing else exists. I can feel it, hear it, touch it, but I am numb to its existence in the best way possible. A 6 person group has now broken from the larger whole and have formed a circle of laughter and euphoria. OEV’s are less intense, but few as if they are lasting longer. I begin to have tracers. I put on my diffraction goggles. My mind is instantly blown all over the room! The colors! The colors! Time feels as though it has slowed substantially. I pass the goggles around the circle. The laughter and pure love that is the expressed from the wearers is heartwarming. A gentleman strolls up and attempted to sell us cocaine. My friends exclaims “Yes!” Now, at this point I feel like I whispered it, but in actuality it was probably said quite loudly. I tell him “Bro! Don’t buy drugs from that cop.” He then exclaims “No!” And the gentleman walked away.

T+5-5.5hours we sense a “comedown” of sorts. A few of us asked each other “how much longer could this last?” I am no longer receiving CEV’s but the OEV’s now consist of clouds. Lights, the walls, the floor all appear in the shapes of clouds. The body high has picked up a tad. I begin to receive more contractions & spasms in my traps and shoulders again. This time followed by full body shivers. The shivers produce these waves of warmth as they travel down my body. The music is over. We begin to make our way outside of the venue. I am completely coherent and have retained the ability to walk fairly well all night. At this point stairs present a small challenge. I feel myself start come down. It happens quite quickly. I feel it and then it’s just done. I am instantly sober and awake. My body feels more flexible and feels like it moves with less resistance now.

T+6ish hours I consume pizza. It’s terrible pizza. I know it’s terrible pizza, but it is heavenly at this point in time. I go to bed. I wake up feeling as if I’ve just had the best sleep of my life. This feeling continues for about another week. My mood remains elevated and overly positive for the next two weeks.

What a wonderful journey it has been.

Thanks for reading.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 111623
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 32
Published: Mar 7, 2018Views: 2,566
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AL-LAD (603) : First Times (2), Glowing Experiences (4), Rave / Dance Event (18)

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