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One Year On
Citation:   User agent. "One Year On: An Experience with Modafinil (exp111656)". Erowid.org. Mar 5, 2018. erowid.org/exp/111656

100 mg oral Modafinil (pill / tablet)
  1 cup oral Coffee  
BODY WEIGHT: 165.35 lb

About a year ago I stumbled across Modfinil on the internet and thought it sounded too good to be true. After hearing all the wonder stories I wanted to try it for myself, so I started doing my research. I found lots more positive experiences and only a few negative ones.

Of the negative experiences most of them were in conjunction with another drug, overdoses or underlying/exisiting medical issues. Of the underlying/existing medical issues the most common was heart issues. One of the negative experiences was someone experiencing minor headaches and none of the usual benefits of Modafinil, the user had consulted his doctor before and after taking modafinil and his doctor believed that this was due to an allergic reaction.

My heart was in good condition and I wasn't using any other drugs so I felt that none of the negatives (other than the very slight chance of an allergic reaction) would affect me.

Half a week later I mentioned at lunch all the things I had been reading about Modafinil to my boss and she said that a colleague of ours takes it everyday. I was pleased to find somebody that I knew that could tell me about their experiences and somebody that would allow me to try it without me having to buy loads only to find out it doesn't agree with me. He had been taking it for a year and hadn't had any negative side-effects and offered to share some with me.

The following day he brought some into work for me to try. We had already discussed and concluded that taking half a pill to start with was a good idea. Around 10:30am I took 100mg of Provigil with my usual cup of coffee I had had a breakfast of brown toast with jam, no butter.

I have a fast metabolism and usually come up quickly so I wasn't surprised when I started to feel a warm, yet subtle rush, with a slight anxious excitement within ten minutes.

I felt very stimulated, but a more precise stimulated than that of caffeine. For example the level of stimulation was equal to that of two coffees, however I wouldn't feel as focused if I had two coffees, I would feel distracted.

I work as a web developer so most of my work just relies on me focusing and solving problems, I don't have to interact with people that much and it's not uncommon for me to put my headphones on the whole day, so this is what I did. Despite the slight anxious rush I was feeling, I was found that I was able to complete my work quickly and efficiently, the noticeable differences on my first experience (from that of a normal working day) were that I was able to get started more quickly, I didn't feel as easily distracted nor did I want to be distracted, I was able to go from task to task more seamlessly and I found it more enjoyable to complete the task, not the work as such, more the act of 'ticking off the list'.

The rushing feeling levels off after about 40 minutes, and after that the effects are extremely subtle and difficult to describe.

I had heard a mix of stories about peoples experiences with Modafinil and how it affects their social interactions; some noticed no difference, some got very frustrated with other people, some were more social and out going. My usual disposition is social with people that I know already but reserved in new social situations or with acquaintances. I will avoid talking with people that I don't know well where I don't need to. I'm not usually one for idle chit-chat when I am busy. I do enjoy chatting and making jokes with friends and close colleagues.

I found that on Modafinil I felt more confident and I was a bit more outspoken but not in an obtrusive way. I felt as though people enjoyed my company more and found me funnier and wanted to hear my opinion on the topic.

It was a Friday so we went out for a few casual drinks after work. I felt no difference from consuming the alcohol having taken Modafinil that I normally would have. I did feel that I stayed out longer than I usually would have.

I didn't feel any different the following day.


Having felt that the first experience went well I proceeded to purchase my own batch of Modfinil a successful Modafinil online store that closed down last year. I purchased 80 200mg pills of Modvigil by HAB Pharma because this was the one the site recommended for beginners other than Modalert which was currently out of stock. The package took about a week to arrive from India (I believe this is where the manufacturer is located) to Australia.

It had been a couple of weeks since my first experience and I hadn't tried out these specific pills from this specific website before so I erred on the side of caution and took half a pill (100mg). I had the same experience as I had the first time probably with slightly less of an anxious feeling but that is probably due to it no longer being my first time.

The following weeks I proceeded to take half a pill routinely with my coffee after my breakfast. The reason I take it after my breakfast is because I find that I have a much smaller appetite when I take Modafinil and sometimes I would skip breakfast and lunch completely, which isn't at all like me. I have a very high metabolism, and am constantly hungry and never put on any weight. I don't find it difficult to eat when I have taken it, I still enjoy the food, the taste is nice, and when I actually think about how I feel I do feel hungry I just don't have the desire to eat. I also just don't like the idea of ingesting a chemical on an empty stomach as I have had blood in my poo in the past from doing so.

I was feeling as though getting through the working day was a breeze, and I was pushing myself to go above and beyond and was enjoying doing so.

I was coming home and having the motivation to work too, teaching myself Japanese, learning new coding languages.

On the weekends, usually I would wake up around midday and play video games for a few hours and wonder where the day had gone but taking Modafinil drastically reduced my general lethargy the following day. After taking Modafinil, on the same amount (or less) sleep I wake up feeling, so much more awake than I do without it. On weekends I would take it and get all of my chores done, tidying was enjoyable, going to the market to get groceries is an exciting task, I prepare myself for the week ahead by cooking lunches and dinners ahead of time and freezing them, which saved me both time and money in the week. This is a task that I always had meant to do but hardly ever did because I would rather spend that hour playing games, now I was looking up new recipes and cooking more healthily than I had bothered too before.

I felt that my tolerance had increased within about 1 and a half weeks. I had stopped feeling the noticeable rushing feeling which I had grown to enjoy. So I upped my dose to 200mg and stop taking it as regularly. I reduced the frequency of taking it to days where I had more things that I wanted to achieve that day than usual or nights when I needed to stay up later.

Increasing my dose and taking it more sporadically had different results than taking 100mg regularly. I found that on days when I took it I was unable to sleep. On the first day of trying the new dose I went to bed at midnight and was unable to fall asleep, at 4am I got out of bed and started working until 6am when I felt tired. I had work the following day and was dreading it, I often stay up playing video games on work nights until 3/4am and hate myself for doing so when my alarm goes of at 8am. This morning was different, I woke up at exactly 7:59am feeling very alert before my alarm had even gone off. I turned off my alarm before it went off, which would usually be dangerous, but not today, I swung my legs out of bed and got on with it, I took 100mg that day as I was concerned that I would get to midday at work and crash and my day went fine.

I learned that one important thing for me before taking Modafinil if I am not at work is making a list. Modafinil increases my focus on one thing enormously, but it is important that I don't get engrossed in the wrong task otherwise the day is a write off.
Modafinil increases my focus on one thing enormously, but it is important that I don't get engrossed in the wrong task otherwise the day is a write off.
There were a few times that I made the mistake of taking it and telling myself I would play a quick game on my PC before I came up and they ended up being mammoth gaming sessions.
- Make a list
- Prepare your working environment and sit/stand at it
- Then take Modafinil
- Stay at your desk

I also felt as though Modafinil dehydrated me more. I have no idea whether scientifically it actually does but I had a much greater thirst. Usually I will have 1 cup of tea, 1/2 cups of coffee and a bottle of water (500ml) and another cup of tea in the evening. When I take Modafinil I drink the same but 2 extra bottles of water.


I have been using Modafinil for around a year and a half now.

I now take Modvigil which I purchase from a different site, I am happy with both the drug and the service from there.

I have experimented just how far I can comfortably push myself into sleep deficit on Modafinil. Personally I can go about three days in a row on around 2 hours of sleep per night. That is to say I can function normally at work, I don't have any changes in my mood, I don't feel unwell.

I have been self teaching coding for about 12 years at this point but there was a noticeable increase in the speed at which I was learning once I started taking Modafinil. I was retaining what I was learning much more effectively and reading long passages of information or very jargon filled documentation was much easier. I find that I am more easily able to solve complex problems and 'think more laterally', perhaps not really more laterally, but different to how I would have previously problem solved.

I have got myself much better jobs and pay which in part I put down to my use of Modafinil to learn, and work and be more confident. I have started my own successful business, which again I feel is in part down to the motivation provided to me by Modafinil.

I don't get the same buzzy feeling I used to when I take it despite the fact I don't take it that regularly any more 200mg once a week. I don't actively enjoy taking Modafinil anymore, previously I used to look forward to it, now I only enjoy the what it allows me to do.

I feel as though some of the early motivation may have been placebo (I feel as though I should be getting stuff done therefore I will) which doesn't affect me anymore.

I haven't had any affects that I suspect are related to Modafinil whilst not being on Modafinil.

I haven't had any bad experiences.

Exp Year: 2017-2018ExpID: 111656
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 26
Published: Mar 5, 2018Views: 6,976
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