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Body Highs, Lows, Echoes
Citation:   Zirgy. "Body Highs, Lows, Echoes: An Experience with Dronabinol (exp111664)". Mar 5, 2018.

5 mg oral Pharms - Dronabinol (capsule)
DISCLAIMER: Explicit Detail
Jan 29th 2018
I had been preparing for my 3rd Marinol trip. I had researched the effects I felt the previous 2 times to no avail - besides the description of sudden elevated heart rate. Only history of use includes Cannabis and Alcohol. A full meal and plenty of caffeine was consumed hours before dosage. I was of moderately positive headspace - but nervous. A tripsitter was present...

The time was approx. 10:30pm when I administered my dose of one 5mg capsule.
Within 30 minutes I started to get a tingling sensation move up my body with a gentle haze that projected my peripheral vision into a flat detailed outlook. A pressure could be felt behind my eyes and as I stood up - my legs felt flimsy.

45 minutes in - very slight visual 'fuzzies' on the walls, outlines of contrasting objects traced across my vision as I turned my head (similar to basic optical illusions). I checked my heart rate and it stood at 150 bpm. I did not check after that but assumed it would rise further.

Approx. 11:15 - The overall sensations intensified as my vision softly tunnelled. A flow of waves penetrated my body as basic physical stimuli increased in magnitude and perception. I could feel my chest turn to a furnace as I took a deep breath and followed the heat to the roof of my mouth where it seemed to linger. Alternatively deep inhales felt like gasps of winter air. Mundane touch was amplified, I could feel the machine that was my body and all its gears and cranks. Most everything was pleasurable except the pain which was also extremely heightened. The wave seemed to move through my body from head to toe or even in and out of my body perhaps with echoes of past sensations doubling onto one another into perceived infinity.

HEAD: Tunneled vision, Hazy sight, Thought loops, Paranoia, Confusion, Anxiety, Loss of conceptual time.
CHEST: Doubling of perceived heart rate, Warm and fuzzy, Moments of clarity or mistaken sobriety, warm extremities.
LOWER BODY: Tingling in pelvic area, euphoric bodily functions, leg jitters, cold extremities, intense overall high.

Approx. 12:30 (2 hours in) - I started to really enjoy the experience after submitting to the echoes of my bodily energy. I paced around the room falling trance to music that seemed impossibly long and increasingly complex to the point where id imagine full on instrumental pieces in the first 30 seconds of the songs introduction. I got under the covers and wiggled my legs as my girlfriend (the TS) observed me and made sure I was in a positive wave of energy without hindering thought loops or paranoia. She performed subtle sexual acts that seemed like hour long climaxes of epic proportions. She talked to me and reassured me every time I asked her questions, albeit the same 5 ones. (Am I too loud? How long ago did ____ happen, I'm not a time traveler, Am I? Am I scaring you? Am I okay?) A previous bad marinol trip assured me that I'd never go without a trip sitter and proper physical and mental precautions. Everything echoes on this drug, sounds, feelings, thoughts, etc.

Approx 1:45 - Suctions of numbed sensations and outward pulls of super stimulation looped on and on again with euphoric rediscovery in each focused feeling. Moments of slight panic triggered by negative thoughts or fears were quickly cut down by the energy of my gf. About an hour later the heavy hazed comedown started with intense taste reactions, warm calmness, and cloudy but true clarity akin to an organic THC high... A few more notes & examples before I conclude.
- My girlfriend bit my top lip and I felt the bite grow on my face like a mask.
- Each footfall climbed its way to the top of my body.
- I had a wave of emotion as my gf help me in the corner of my room which felt like a whole other room entirely, I felt like I had seen her for the first time ever and her energy hit me as my jaw seemed to melt, and the energetic magma of emotion exploded through my eyes in tears as I felt helplessly cold and drowned behind my own water filled eyes which felt like windows for a short while after.
- I put my head to my girlfriends and attempted to meditate and hum, I felt my vision shoot into her mind as a net of blue membrane across a black blanket weaved in front of me.

In conclusion, it was an amazing trip. Not everyone has this effect it seems. I am in the minority of those affected like this. This drug can make moments of slight euphoria feel like a rocketship of bodily exploration or it can make quick moments of panic cascade into terror driven mania. It was the most intense high I've ever experienced.

The intense effects lasted 4 or so hours while the slight effects continued into the next day, more than 6 hours after I woke up.
Echoes by Pink Floyd took on a whole different meaning that night.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 111664
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Mar 5, 2018Views: 3,724
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Pharms - Dronabinol (225) : Alone (16), General (1)

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