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An Unexpectedly Blissful Trip
by Lucy
Citation:   Lucy. "An Unexpectedly Blissful Trip: An Experience with LSD (exp111678)". Mar 6, 2018.

1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
To begin this report, I would like to start by mentioning that my journey into the deep word of psychedelic and mind-expanding substances started at the age of 18. First psychedelic I ever used was LSD, at a dosage far greater than I should've had for a beginner.

In fact, most of my other trips have had a tendency to 'go bad' one way or another, but not inexplicably. It's very apparent to me that all of my bad trips were mostly due to having mixed different substances together, I was in a place I didn't feel safe, I was afraid people would judge me or I would be in an already negative mindset before experiencing the drug(s). Those times really made me figure out things about my psyche and personality that until then were dark, so I really cherish them as a lesson.

But those times are not what this report is meant for. In between when I first tried acid and now I have had several psychedelic experiences and I would safely say that I have grown accustomed to them. Last time I tried it, was by far my favourite. I loved it so much that I wanted to have it written down while it's still fresh in my head and then go through it as many time as I liked.

To get all the important pre-trip background info out of the way, we (me and my boyfriend) tripped inside my house, approximately at 15:00 until about 01:00 when we finally slept, but effects really started to wear out noticeably after 8-9 hours of ingestion. Psychologically my mood was in a calm, happy state, I wasn't worrying about much really, I had accomplished some important life goals and was looking forward for this experience, to enter the psychedelic world after a long time. Before ingesting the tab, we had a warm, relaxing bath and had eaten a bowl of cereal approximately 2 hours before.

When the effects started kick in, my boyfriend was playing video games and I was internet surfing. Gradually I started noticing some changes in the lights, it was as if someone had been messing with the the brightness, turning it higher on. My head felt warm, as if I was sick (I wasn't) and my heart was racing. I also felt very nauseous, but I didn't throw up. Then, I got up from the sofa and started browsing around the house. Body felt heavy and visually I could see light trails, but no distance or size distortion, as in, objects did not seem further, longer etc from what I originally perceived them to be. Colours seemed more vibrant and looking outside the world had an 'electric' feel to it, sometimes my vision would get blurry by all the objects' trails, but in general everything was visually crisper, like my vision jumped to high definition.

Music played a huge part during the whole experience and really helped set the tone. We listened to all kinds of genres, from psychedelic rock classics, lo-fi to classical, but mainly gravitated towards psytrance, minimal electronic beats and funny or psychedelic music videos. The songs all seemed to coincidentally be about tripping, or we were thinking that all the artist that played them were on drugs. That really cheered as up!

The first hours of the trip weren't all that great, nothing 'interesting' was happening and the visuals were just mild, also a constant feeling of uneasiness and fear accompanied me. I was having illogical thoughts, mainly that my trip would go bad like all the other times and that my neighbours could hear everything I was doing/saying. But as I was moving closer towards the peak of the experience, I tried to calm myself and abolish such thoughts, by using reasoning, although that last thought of everyone inside a certain km radius could hear us trip sadly accompanied me all throughout the trip.

The more acute effects hit us simultaneously. Time at moments felt to slow down, music felt pulsing through my body, making me move in a very senseless, deliberate way. I started seeing very distinct hexagonal patterns. At some point, my boyfriend asked me if I felt euphoric, as in if the drug made me feel better and I clearly remember answering that the drug didn't really pushed me into happiness, in a way some stimulants or other psychedelics do. On the contrary, it seemed to enhance what I was already feeling, it expanded on what I was already thinking. It didn't abolish negative thinking, I just had to focus on the bright side or I had to reason my way out of them. I was very in touch with my self, my boyfriend and the world around me, I was more connected to everything than ever. It was easier to see the funny side of many concepts, even death, which I regularly struggle to deal with. It felt so easy to laugh, in fact we were smiling all the way throughout the trip, which is remarkable. I cried so much during this too, out of pure bliss, a state of being that not even the purest MDMA had ever provided. We also teared up because of the extreme pupil dilation.

That state could better be described by moving and dancing than words.
That state could better be described by moving and dancing than words.
So through dance we expressed our blissfulness. We danced to psytrance beats, which felt almost ancient and eternal. We were shuffling, I was doing what I could best describe as happy-walking, while playing with my arms and hands making symbols with my fingers. We were screaming and chanting, hugging, our bodies intertwined. Until we had finally reached a point when we wanted to move/dance but were physically exhausted. I remember feeling that at that moment, the wanting to express more, the will to experience more, more and more! The way our bodies smelled, the heat, the sweat, how we were gasping for air. All of that was the psychedelic experience, that couldn't possibly be reduced to simple wording. It was at that moment were I experienced such heavy visuals that I was 'blinded' of my vision of my surroundings for some seconds, I think my eyes went a little to the back of my head. It was blissful, almost mystical. I sat right across to my boyfriend, this time I chose to close my eyes and let the visions wash over me, for a short time. Sometime we lied across the floor, music still playing, looked at the ceiling and felt as if we were in a festival, but really our house was all we needed. Ohm symbols were reportedly witnessed by the both of us.

What pushed the trip into negative directions at times, was a discomfort I was feeling in my bowels, due to IBS that I was recently diagnosed with. Also the aforementioned fear that my neighbours could hear me trip and the fact that we hadn't eaten anything in several hours. We only drank stupid amounts of water (1.5 litres each). I was fearing food would worsen the cramps I was having at times, also food had never tasted good while on acid before. At around 22:00 my boyfriend could't handle the hunger and made us 2 toasted ham and cheese sandwich. The smell was amazing and toasted cheese tasted otherworldly delicious. That might seem ridiculous, but acid really made me feel 'in the moment', appreciate even the tiniest of sensations, feeling grateful for the simplest of things, in this case eating a ham and cheese sandwich. I could eat so much more but again, I was afraid I'd worsen my condition.

Physical exhaustion finally got the better of us and at around 00:00 we laid in bed, trying to sleep, while still light tripping. My boyfriend didn't have trouble falling asleep, I on the other hand turned to the help of xanax (1 pill) to help me relax. The next morning I realised I should've just been a little more patient with me and not take it, as I felt my head heavier than usual, a sensation not normally felt after a day of acid use, for me.

The following days I experienced an afterglow effect of feeling more connected with the environment and the people I hang out with. The bond I share with my boyfriend also strengthened. For now, I am looking forward to form more psychedelic memories and try to make them as beautiful as this was for me and my significant other, not rushing to the next trip though.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 111678
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Mar 6, 2018Views: 8,159
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