72-Hour Coma
3-MeO-PCP or 4-MeO-PCP
Citation:   Number_88. "72-Hour Coma: An Experience with 3-MeO-PCP or 4-MeO-PCP (exp111700)". Erowid.org. Jan 5, 2019. erowid.org/exp/111700

5-10 mg sublingual 3-MeO-PCP (daily)
  800 mg rectal Unknown  
[Erowid Note: The doses described in this report are potentially life threatening. The amount taken is beyond a heavy dose and could pose serious health risks or result in unwanted, extreme effects. Doses such as this have been known to cause hospitalizations and/or deaths. Sometimes extremely high doses reported are errors rather than actual doses used.]
I purchased 1 gram of 3-meo-pcp from a reputable online vendor. After allergy testing, I proceeded to volumetrically divide my 1 gram into 250 drops of a medicine dropper bottle. After multiple doses, and not feeling anything I did some research, and figured I had received 4-meo-pcp. There were one other incident of someone receiving 4-meo instead of 3-meo at that time, but none about my specific vendor. It was a wild guess, and a dumb one at that. Since my usual dose did not work, I titrated a bit and once I was over the level I would have normally not been able to talk on, frustrated, and underwhelmed, I proceeded to ingest 1/4 of the bottle rectally. But whoops...

The entire bottle was ingested rectally on accident. Not wanting to waste it, I held it in and laid in bed. I assumed the dose of 1 gram of inert "4-meo-pcp" would probably put me out for the night and I'd wake up in the morning feeling beautiful. The assumption was based on very little research since I had hours to figure out what I had received before I ended up overdosing.

I did have to release a fair amount once I was relaxed. What proceeded to happen is a blur to me.

I was in a dream like state, but not a fun time since there weren't many memories, and I'd assume REM sleep happening. My brother found me unconscious in my bed with mucus caked on my cheek. I was under a drug induced coma for 72 hours. While my family was more worried about calling 911 on me in that state, my brother proceeded to keep me hydrated (he used a straw and dripped a cup or two of water on my tongue slowly, and watched to make sure I didn't aspirate the water into my lungs as well), until finally I awoke 3 days later as if nothing had happened. I saw my mom and she looked at me like she saw a ghost.

I believe it was my tolerance that was fooling my sublingual dosing, and when I took way more then I was planning on taking I should have aborted the whole idea.
I believe it was my tolerance that was fooling my sublingual dosing, and when I took way more then I was planning on taking I should have aborted the whole idea.
I would normally take 1 - 3 drops under my tongue and it worked wonderfully. I was dosing daily 5-10 mg sublingual for about 2 months prior to the incident.

I believe this experience is why my short term memory is very bad. It's been a little over 3 years now, and I do not feel any lasting effects except my short term memory is just a bit weaker then before.

I am lucky to be alive, and even luckier to have a nurse in the family. It was not something I would ever try again, and I haven't touched 3-meo, 4-meo, or any pcp analogs since. So maybe it did its job. But the fact I was alive in a self induced coma for 72+ hours; without a life support goes to show how POWERFUL these chemicals really are, and how some of these RC's have medical purposes, if and when used correctly.

[Reported Dose: "about 800 mg"]

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 111700
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Jan 5, 2019Views: 3,615
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